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Chapter 132: Wholly Astonishing Words
Young Master was tired from sitting for so long. Lying down was much more comfortable.
The servant, Lingzhi, hurried to agree. She first arranged the pillows well, then pushed the wheelchair over to the bed. When she turned around to call people to help, Fang Chengyu grabbed her arm.
"No need," he said. "It should be fine with just you."
Although Fang Chengyu was of slight built, Lingzhi couldn’t move him on her own. Afterall, she couldn’t move him like a burlap sack.
But if Young Master said it, Lingzhi would not dare to contradict. She closed her mouth and reached for Fang Chengyu.
He rested one hand against the bed and the other on Lingzhi. By applying force, he maneuvered himself to sit on the bed.
‘It feels easier than when two people were helping to move Young Master before,’ thought Lingzhi.
What was going on? It seemed like there was some strength in Young Master’s lower body.
"Come, you sit too," he ordered, pointing at the bed.
Lingzhi shook off her perplexing thoughts.
Sitting next to Young Master wasn’t forbidden. They sat next to him when they fed him medicine.
Lingzhi arranged the pillows again, then after she was sure Fang Chengyu had settled down properly, she sat down next to him.
"Young Master, where is the book?" she asked.
Fang Chengyu did not say anything, but reached underneath the bedding to grab a book.
The cover of the book was dark and dull. The book looked to be smaller than the book Young Master was reading before.
"What sort of book is it? What kind of story?" she asked curiously.
Fang Chengyu did not say anything, but slowly opened the book.
Lingzhi peered over when suddenly drawings of seductive women filled her view.
She could not stop her yelp of shock as she covered her eyes.

The sound of alarm transmitted to the outside.
The usual hustle and bustle of the morning had passed, and the people who swept the courtyard were gone. It was quiet and peaceful.
Two servant girls carrying baskets were walking by the courtyard gates when they were startled by the yelp.
"What happened?" one of them asked, looking in.
The other girl followed her eyes.
"Should we go look?" she asked quietly.
The first hesitated, and looked at the once again quiet courtyard.
"There’s no reason to go in," she said.
The other looked at the basket they were carrying, and her eyes sparkled.
"We can go in and pick some flowers for a gift," she suggested.
This was a good idea. Yesterday, flowers were sent and that servant girl Liu’er had some people go in.
The two immediately headed for the greenhouse.
The courtyard was once again silent, but in the room, the bed curtains were trembling despite there being no wind.
The bed curtain blocked the light, casting the two people on the bed in darkness. They were both tense, and their breath was coming rushed.
Fang Chengyu slowly turned to the next page.
The pictures on the page made a blush bloom across Lingzhi’s face. She thought of moving her eyes away, but she felt like she was stuck in place.
No one said anything. Only the images changed slowly.
Lingzhi’s gaze fell on that hand turning the pages of the book.
It was tender and slender, fair as it brushed along the pages of the book. The hand resting on Lingzhi’s knee squeezed.
Lingzhi felt light headed, but she couldn’t move.
That hand moved upwards, tracing along her arm.
Girls loved to be beautiful, and the Fang Family was rich. Their servant girls ate and dressed more sumptuously than the other outside women.
She was wearing the most popular spring clothing design. Through the clothing, he could feel her skin in detail.
"Y-young Master…" came the soft, whimpering voice from inside the bed curtains.

me see," Fang Chengyu said softly, looking at the servant girl.
See what?
Lingzhi’s heart beat wildly. Her eyes fell on the book, on a woman’s spread out body, her fair arms spread out wide.
She couldn’t help but close her arms around her chest, when she felt a sudden warm sensation that made her open up.
"Lingzhi, do you want this?" he asked again.
Want this?
Want to serve Young Master?
Of course she wanted to. She wanted to stay by Young Master’s side her whole life.
Although Young Master would not live her whole life, even if he were to die tomorrow, she would not want to leave today.
Although she was waiting upon a paralyzed person, her days were spent quite happily. Otherwise, why would everyone be so scared of being sold?
If Young Master died, as his servant girl, she would gradually be forgotten.
But if she became Young Master’s… other person, she would be loved by Old Lady and Lady who love and cherish Young Master.
Of course she wanted it.
But because of Young Master’s crippled body he couldn’t do anything. Naturally, she wouldn’t dream of it.
If Young Master wanted it...
Lingzhi did not move. She simply watched that hand run from her arm to her shoulder, then from her smooth shoulder slide into her lapels.
Lingzhi squeaked, and like a tender flower that could not bear the weight, she flopped onto the bed.

The two girls carrying baskets arrived in front of the courtyard gate.
This time, their baskets were filled with flowers, while two servant girls blocked their way.
This was Fang Chengyu’s servant girls, Maidong and Baishao.
The four people knew each other and were conversing merrily.
"Luzhi, Big Sister Hongye, aren't’ you working at Lady’s place. What are you doing here?" asked Baishao.
The servant girl named Luzhi smiled and passed over her basket of flowers.
"We came to deliver these flowers to Young Lady," she said.
But Maidong and Baishao shook their heads.
"You’ll have to wait till Miss Liu’er comes back. We don’t dare let you in," they said.
Vexation passed through Luzhi’s eyes.
"We will deliver the message to Lady when we go back, but it would be better to give these flowers first. The medicinal stench here is really strong; Miss Liu’er definitely needs flowers," added on Hongye.
Baishao and Maidong were hesitant, then firmly shook their heads.
"You still need to wait. Miss Liu’er will be back soon," they said.
It would be horrible if that detestable door deity came back.
Luzhi and Hongye felt anxious when suddenly Hongye thought of the cry that came from the room before.
"Miss Liu’er has not returned?" she asked in surprise. "I just saw someone go in."
Baishao and Maidong exchanged glances.
"Big Sister Lingzhi is in the room attending to Young Master," they said.
Hongye shook her head.
"Not her. We saw a servant girl looking sneaky go in," she said, somewhat panicked.
Looking sneaky?
They exchanged glances again.
"What’s sneaky?"
Liu’er’s voice came from next to them.
The four girls snapped around to see Liu’er swaying over to them.
"What are you doing around the entrance?" she glared and demanded.
Now that it had come to this, they could only square up and face it.
"Big Sister Liu’er, we just saw a servant girl sneak into Young Master’s rooms," Lingzhi said.
"Then so be it. It couldn’t be that I have to go wait on him." Liu’er snorted.
"No, she was dressed very seductively…" Hongye added.
Liu’er barked out a laugh.
"Dressed? She should strip naked for a blind person," she said.
This stupid servant girl really was just as horrible as her master. Luzhi ground her teeth together.
"Big Sister, you should go and see in case she steals something from Young Lady…" she added, tempering herself.
That’s true. Young Master’s stuff was Young Lady’s stuff.
"I’ll go look then."
She stamped off.
Luzhi and Hongye happily followed after. Because they were behind Liu’er, Baishao and Maidong did not stop them. They watched the two go in.
They heard a shriek from Young Master’s rooms.
That was Liu’er’s shriek.
Hongye and Luzhi immediately burst in. Liu’er was standing next to the bed in the inner chamber, grasping the bed curtains.
One side of the bed curtains was lifted to expose the naked man and woman pressed together.
Shrieks began to fill the entire room.
Maidong and Baishao were scared stupid. For a moment, they couldn’t move.
But even if they didn’t move, the once quiet courtyard gate was shaken.
Many people came pouring in.
The maidservants carrying their brooms, servant girls with flower baskets, older servants holding boxes of food and pots.
It was like they suddenly poured out from the ground, like they had appeared from behind the trees.
Maidong and Baishao were dumbstruck.
Liu’er killed the chicken to warn the monkey, mercilessly selling several servant girls. On top of that, Old Lady and Lady were indulgent and did not ask questions, turning this courtyard into a restricted zone.
But right now, this did not seem to be the case. Or else, how could this many people so coincidentally appear to be passing by.
"What happened?"
"What’s going on?"
Asked the people who poured in chaotically, heading for the courtyard.
Was this arranged by Old Lady and Lady? So they actually were still worried about Young Master.
Baishao and Maidong stumbled from getting hit. Unable to stop everyone, they could only watch as they ran into the courtyard, headed straight for Young Master’s room.
Shrieks and shouts once again overturned the roof.

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