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After Fang Jinxiu finished speaking, she felt Miss Jun give her a look.

A very subtle look.

Fang Jinxiu was annoyed again.

What do you mean by this? Are you going to ask if there is some conspiracy?

Go ahead and ask.

Fang Jinxiu stared at Miss Jun.

Ask me, yell at me to tell you.

Miss Jun’s lips curled, and she set down her veil.

"Let’s go," she said. "I am also tired; Third Sister is very attentive."

Although it was very obvious that Third Miss was just holding her breath to hear her response to the provocation, Miss Jun did not fight with her like she would have done in the past. The servant girls all let out a breath.

Everybody got on their horses and followed Fang Jinxiu forward. Soon they arrived at the restaurant.

This restaurant was out of the way and was not big, but it was decorated cleanly. It was meal time, so there were quite a few people in the small, two-story facility.

Fang Jinxiu had already reserved a room ahead of time. The servant boys went to sit in the main hall, while two servant girls accompanied them into the room.

"You go see what food they have," she instructed the two servant girls. Then she looked at Miss Jun. "Come with me to the washroom."

The two girls hurried to stand up, sputtering.

"Shut up," rebuked Fang Jinxiu before they could talk.

Miss Jun waved a hand at them. She stood up and went out with Fang Jinxiu close behind her.

Miss Jun let Fang Jinxiu lead the way, but Fang Jinxiu did not move.

"Tenth Noble Son Ning wants to see you," she said, her face taught.

Miss Jun raised an eyebrow.

"And?" she said.

And it’s a private meeting, and it’s you, and it’s Noble Son Ning, and it’s me relaying a message for him.

"Are you familiar with him?" Miss Jun asked with a smile.

"The devil would be familiar with him," said Fang Jinxiu, disgruntled.

Only the devil knows why I would be entangled up with him.

Being entangled with Tenth Noble Son Ning was the dream of all the girls in Yangcheng, but such a situation was cursed by Fang Jinxiu. How many girls would wring their hands in frustration if they knew this?

"He said he has something to talk to you about. Whether you meet him or not is up to you," said Fang Jinxiu gloomily.

Miss Jun paused in consideration, then nodded.

"Then I’ll go meet him," she said.

Fang Jinxiu snorted. ‘Paused in consideration’. The previous Jun Zhenzhen broke down doors and climbed through windows, all to no avail to see Ning Yunzhao once. Now the person has come to see her, and she actually did not jump at the chance, but even had to consider it.

She didn’t know whether this was pretend aloofness or not.

Fang Jinxiu didn’t say anything else and walked forward. Miss Jun followed behind her. After a short time, they stopped in front of a room.

Miss Jun was about to go in when Fang Jinxiu stuck out an arm to stop her, then used her other hand to knock on the door.

Fang Jinxiu was not as tall as Miss Jun, but she had almost the same frame. She appeared very slim standing next to the door.

In Miss Jun’s life, there had been many people standing in front of her to protect her. She was not especially moved by any of them because it was a habit, just like eating or drinking.

But at this moment, a girl one year younger than her was standing in front of her. Seeing the arm stuck out in front of her, a warmth flooded Miss Jun’s eyes.

Although Fang Jinxiu had not asked about what had happened at the Jinyun Hall, she definitely could guess that it had something to do with the Ning Family. So for fear that something would happen, something could slip, she went against the rules to send the message.

But she knew that this precautions was inappropriate, so she was the one to take the lead.

Miss Jun did not say anything or step forward. She stood behind Fang Jinxiu, quietly and obediently did not look into the room.


Ning Yunzhao felt like he had already waited here for so long. He stood by the window, motionless, watching the people outside coming and going.

Would she come?

She should come. The dust had settled on what happened at the Jinyun Hall, but she probably had some questions to ask out of suspicion or curiosity or her own private concerns.

But she probably wouldn’t come.

But obviously at the Jinyun Hall she was good enough to appropriately respond to the situation. Even if he hadn’t appeared, or even if the Jinyun Hall hadn’t appeared, the Lin Family would still have made the decision they had now.

So actually, there was no need for her to come.

But wasn’t it said that she liked him? She had once exhausted every possible method to meet with him. Now that he was extending his own invitation to meet, she should come without an ounce of hesitation.

But that kind of her was not the her that he wanted to meet.

Did he want that kind of girl to come here, or not?

He sighed at the window. Then he saw two girls appear on the floor below, leading a graceful girl wearing a veiled hat and riding on a horse.

Ning Yunzhao couldn’t help but exhale sharply. He watched her get off the horse, enter the building. Then he heard a light knock on his door before it opened. He turned around but didn’t see her face.

Fang Jinxiu was peering into the room, her expression wary.

Ning Yunzhao smiled but did not say anything, allowing her to size him up.

After her careful inspection, she got out of the way.

Ning Yunzhao watched Miss Jun step in, taking off her veiled hat to reveal her both familiar and strange face.

Fang Jinxiu pulled the door and left.

‘If Ning Yunzhao behaved inappropriately, the one who would suffer would not be Jun Zhenzhen,’ mused Fang Jinxiu thoughtfully while quietly standing outside the door.

A silence settled in the room.

Finally Miss Jun spoke. "Thank you for your sincerity, Noble Son Ning. I have seen it myself."

This was a very fitting opening line. Ning Yunzhao smiled, but he didn’t know what to say.

The room was silent again.

Miss Jun felt somewhat embarrassed. She thought that Ning Yunzhao wanted to talk about what had happened to Ning Yunyan. After all, that was their only point of connection.

But actually there was no need to make a special visit for that issue. It was not something worth contacting each other for. Everybody should be well aware of what should be done. Could it be he wanted her to praise them on their good job, on lecturing their children?

Do not lose face. She could not be reckless to that extent.

The Ning Family were not masochists. Hitting their children and hurting their woman, logic was logic and emotions were emotions. No one could truly be happy to punish their child.

If she could understand this reasoning, then how could Tenth Noble Son Ning not? So why did he come see her? Miss Jun couldn’t understand.

When he saw her misgivings, he felt an indescribable irritation.

"On the matter of the engagement, I am blameless," he said suddenly.

Miss Jun blanked out.

"Although it is said we should not reject the gifts our seniors bestowed us, I have always thought of myself as an independent person. Especially in terms of engagement, I should have the right to decide my own future." Ning Yunzhao continued, "So I won’t acknowledge an engagement another person arranged for me. This had nothing to do with your family background, and nothing to do with you, so I hope that Miss Jun can understand."

Miss Jun smiled.

"Yes, I can understand," she said. "In reality, I approve of Noble Son Ning’s way of thinking. A person’s future should be decided on their own."

She smiled at him again.

"What I don’t approve of is your family’s way of dealing with the engagement, not your family’s decision or your decision, so I hope that Noble Son Ning can understand."

Her answer was straight to the point, neither servile nor overbearing.

Ning Yunzhao fell silent for a moment.

"So can we just call it finished where we are now?" he asked.

Miss Jun smiled.

"After your family gave me the silver for the marriage contract, it was already finished," she said. "Noble Son Ning, since then everything was in your hands. It was just you who seemed like you could never believe it, nor did you want to."

Ning Yunzhao smiled and looked at the girl before him.

"Now we believe it," he said.

Miss Jun looked at him and smiled.

"I believe Noble Son Ning," she said.

The atmosphere in the room became much cheerier. Ning Yunzhao put his hands togethers.

"I came today to explain this to Miss Jun. I hope that Miss Jun won’t resent me," he said. Without waiting for her answer, he tacked on, "It seems I was overanxious."

Miss Jun smiled and nodded.

"Noble Son Ning was indeed overanxious," she said.

‘The chat can end here,’ thought Ning Yunzhao. He always had been a straightforward person. He raised his hands in a formal send off.

"Since it’s like that, thank you very much for seeing me, Miss Jun. I will take my leave."

She returned the gesture.

He had taken several steps to the door and was right in front of her when he stopped for some reason.

"I will go to the capital today," he blurted out.

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