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Fang Jinxiu stared at Ning Yunzhao in front of her, not thinking of whipping him but thinking of yelling.

Yelling for the whole city to come see.

Come see what trash the jade-like noble son you always speak of is.

Fang Jinxiu had a certain resolve against the opposite sex. Naturally, she disdained those other girls who were always so concerned with boys. But she was helpless against the fame of Tenth Noble Son Ning who was labelled a child prodigy since he was six years old.

No matter whether it be studies, looks, or even personality, he met everyone's expectations of perfect.

Despite his illustrious and prosperous background, he was not arrogant and domineering but instead meek and polite and treated others sincerely. His outstanding looks were elegant but not gaudy. He was smart but not full of himself, always striving to learn more of the sea of knowledge.

There really was no way to hate such a young man.

When Jun Zhenzhen came to Yangcheng touting a marriage contract with Tenth Noble Son Ning, Fang Jinxiu believed that the Old Heavenly Father was blind and wasting Tenth Noble Son Ning.

But now, after that midnight meeting with another person's wife, and that wife once having had an engagement with him.

As a gentleman, how could he not know that this was inappropriate?

That instance was passable, considering the pressing circumstances.

But what was going on now?

"Could it be that there was too little time that day, and Tenth Noble Son didn't finish saying what he wanted to say?" Fang Jinxiu asked.

He nodded.


‘You big-headed devil,’ she cursed.

"I wonder if this is a meeting of fate, how long is Tenth Noble Son going to talk," she said with a cold smile.

A meeting of fate.

He felt frustrated upon hearing those four words.

He thought that she and him had a meeting of fate. He never thought that she actually was entangled with him prior.

He also didn't know whether the one he wanted to see was Jun Zhenzhen, the idiot with the marriage contract, or the girl at the Lantern Festival who had faced off against him in a fated meeting.

Whether it be Jun Zhenzhen or her, he could not tell at all.

Why did he, when he happened to catch sight of Fang Jinxiu, call for a servant boy to follow her, and then sent his companions to a restaurant then run after her?

What could he do? Who made him into such a straightforward person?

Ning Yunzhao smiled bitterly, since he seemed to follow his impulses.

"I hope Miss Fang can make this easy," he said politely, but with resolution.

Easy? He knew that this was not easy.

She smirked.

"Tenth Noble Son, you speak so mysteriously," she said. "How am I inconveniencing you? If you want to see her than go and do so; I won't stop you. Now, you blocking my horse from my walk is inconvenient."

He smiled.

"Miss Fang, you know what I mean," he said.

She pulled a face.

"I don't."

This scene seemed similar to a lover’s spat. Even if they weren’t lovers, a man talking to a woman about another girl, any girl would not be pleased.

Especially if the man was the one all the girls liked, Tenth Noble Son Ning.

Ning Yunzhao would definitely not do something impolite, that asked for trouble, but at the moment, faced with Third Miss Fang, whose grimace appeared quite loveable, he did not feel displeased.

Third Miss Fang was not that kind of person.

"I’m not that kind of person, so you can bully me?" she said, put upon.

She really was put upon. Jun Zhenzhen actually agreed to let her accompany her, like she was so sure she wouldn’t cause trouble for her.

It was like an adult looking at a child who was making a fuss about running away. Obviously, the child could not really leave or even open the doors. The adult was just teasing.

This really was too bullying.

Currently, Ning Yunzhao was the same. He obviously knew that Jun Zhenzhen was irrational and an affront to one’s reputation, but he was certain that she wouldn’t throw away the Fang Family to be implicated along with Jun Zhenzhen.

When did she, Fang Jinxiu, become so easy to bully.

She cracked her whip.

"If you want to see her there is a way. She’s by the river outside the city gates," she said. "I won’t stop you or care what you do. Just stop bothering me."

Without waiting for his response, she spurred her horse to speed past him.

Ning Yunzhao looked at her retreating back without following.

The servant boy, scared witless, urged his horse forward.

"Noble son, are we going onward or back now?" he asked cautiously.

He didn’t think that Noble Son would disregard the people sending him off for this young miss.

On the verge of departure, the person you want to see the most is the person most constantly on your mind.

So the person in Noble Son’s thoughts was the Fang Family’s young miss all along.

What to do about this? As Noble Son Ning’s servant boy, this was the first time he encountered such a situation. He really didn’t know what he should do, unlike other servant boys for whom these circumstances were a common occurrence.

Ning Yunzhao peered in the direction of the city.

At present, the sun was close to noon; there were even more people near the city gates. Even if he was careful, it wouldn’t necessarily be easy.

"We will go on," he said, tearing his eyes away.

The servant boy felt very sad because he felt Noble Son’s sadness, but he could not do anything to help.

He resolved himself  to take tips from the other young masters’’ servant boys when he arrived in the capital.

Those young masters were well-versed in ways of romance and had many tricks to use against girls.

A master and servant prompted their horses for a leisurely walk, when they heard the sound of hurried horse hooves behind them.

Ning Yunzhao turned around.

Fang Jinxiu yanked on the reins of her horse and pulled a face.

"Where are you looking?" she said.


Miss Jun exited from an apothecary, and a young servant boy hurried to lead a horse to her.

A servant girl astride a horse rushed forward from the side.

"Third Miss hasn’t returned," she said. "But we should be able to see her. She went along the main road and didn’t stray."

"Young Lady, should we wait for her or go back first?" asked another servant girl hesitantly, but bolstered with courage when she saw Miss Jun smiling.

"Wait for her. She did not run far; she’ll be back soon," Miss Jun said.

The servant girls smiled in response.

"Young Lady, shall we set out a blanket along the riverbanks for sitting?"

"Young Lady, do you want to buy a pinwheel?"

Seeing Miss Jun’s friendly expression, unlike her cold sneer of before, the servants guts ballooned, as if they were accompanying another young miss.

Miss Jun looked at the hawkers peddling pinwheels on the sides of the road. The spring breeze was eye-catching as it fluttered through the spinning arms of the pinwheels.

"Okay," she said. "Buy multiple pinwheels so we can give them to Old Lady and the others when we return."

The servant girls happily dismounted, and in no time, they returned with several pinwheels.

"Young Lady, what do you think of these?"

They lifted them up for her to see.

Miss Jun grabbed one. At the moment, the wind stopped and she lifted up her veil in order to blow into the pinwheel. The tiny pinwheels whirred and the sunlight shone on her fair face, her cherry red lips moist and lovely.

Fang Jinxiu had returned at this moment. Seeing this scene she could not help but feel annoyed for some reason.

When the servants saw her, they waved excitedly.

Fang Jinxiu pulled a face and walked by.

"There is a restaurant ahead; let’s go there and eat," she grumbled.

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