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"Jun Zhenzhen, stop there," shouted out Fang Jinxiu after Miss Jun who was leaving.

Miss Jun stopped and turned around.

"Aren’t you under house arrest?" she asked.

If she really was under house arrest, Grandmother wouldn’t have let her stay in the neighboring room to eavesdrop. Obviously she wanted to see what they would do.

"Cut the crap," she said with a glare. "Why did you say I was concerned about you? How am I concerned about you?"

Miss Jun thought about it.

"Then was it me who was concerned about you?" she said.

Fang Jinxiu spat.

"Stop playing dumb." Then, more quietly, she added, "I just did it for the Fang Family’s reputation. Otherwise there might have been big trouble outside with that boy. You might not be scared of losing face, but I am."

Miss Jun laughed.

"How is he that type of person?" she asked with a laugh.

Fang Jinxiu smirked.

"Aiyo, how could you know that he was that kind of person."

Miss Jun smiled again and shook her head. She walked forward, as if she no longer wanted to play with a child.

Fang Jinxiu glared and caught up with her.

"And how are you blameless?" she said through gritted teeth, checking that no servant girl was following them. "If you are blameless, then what were you doing talking to him? Don’t think that I didn’t see you give him something?"

Miss Jun’s lips curled into a smile and she gave her a look.

"Guess," she said.

This girl!

Compared to her cursing and fighting, her laughing face was much more loathsome.

"Guess? Jun Zhenzhen, you should guess whether or not I’ll go and tell Grandmother who came in right now," she whispered furiously.

Miss Jun smiled but didn’t say anything and continued on forward. Fang Jinxiu angrily stomped her foot, when Fang Yunxiu’s voice came from the side.

"Third Sister."

Fang Jinxiu stopped and saw Fang Yunxiu and Fang Yuxiu together. Miss Jun also looked over when she heard the voice.

"Young Lady," Fang Yunxiu greeted.

This was the appellation that Fang Yunxiu used after deliberation. After all, she was now married to Chengyu. Calling her Miss Jun would be too inappropriate, and she was afraid that calling her sister would make Miss Jun feel it didn’t suit her status.

Fang Yuxiu did not say anything, but lowered her head in greeting.

Miss Jun smiled and returned the greeting to the two with a nod. She didn’t say anything and continued walking forward.

Fang Jinxiu couldn’t pursue her anymore as she was held onto by Fang Yuxiu and Fang Yunxiu.

"Where do you think you’re going? Didn’t Grandmother put you under house arrest?" asked Fang Yunxiu.

"This isn’t my first time under house arrest. I wasn’t going to leave the house," Fang Jinxiu said carelessly.

Fang Yuxiu examined her carefully.

"Why are you under house arrest?" she asked.

The matter of Ning Yunzhao coming in at night had been covered up. Besides the people there and Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang, no one else knew.

But there was another reason for Fang Jinxiu’s house arrest. Naturally because she had secretly gone out on March 3rd.

That was the reason that everyone knew, so when Fang Yuxiu suddenly asked that question, Fang Yunxiu didn’t really understand. Fang Jinxiu rubbed her nose.

"Second Sister, why are you asking a question you already know the answer to," she retorted.

Fang Yuxiu looked at her with a smile.

"Does Miss Lin suddenly having an unmentionable illness after the day at the Jinyun Hall have anything to do with it?"

Of course, what happened on March 3rd had been concealed, but there is no wall that the wind cannot pass through. The news trickled out slowly these few days. Although the Jinyun Hall and the Lin Family made arrangements to beautify the situation, it was still quite hard to say out loud.

Besides what happened to Miss Lin, word of something shocking that the young misses of the Fang Family did also leaked.

Fang Jinxiu gave a hollow laugh.

"It’s probably shock from Jun Zhenzhen earning that much money," she said.

Fang Yuxiu saw her smile but didn’t say anything.

"Is she really that amazing? Did she really sweep them clean? Earn that much money?" Fang Yunxiu asked curiously.

She wanted to ask Fang Jinxiu this early, but she couldn’t because on March 3rd Fang Jinxiu had returned home late and didn’t say anything. In these two days, Fang Jinxiu was also house arrest in Old Lady Fang’s rooms.

Fang Jinxiu made a sound of confirmation, unhappiness plain on her face.

"I didn’t see it all, but probably. As for how much money she earned, that Liu’er isn’t boasting about it everyday, so it probably isn’t fake."

Fang Yuxiu clapped her hands together.

"So it looks like she isn’t that uncapable," she said with a sigh. "Uncle and Aunt still raised her with care."

"They didn’t raise her in the right places," said Fang Jinxiu with a snort.

"Okay, you go back to Grandmother’s place. Don’t make her angry," rebuked Fang Yunxiu.

Fang Jinxiu said ‘en, en’ and left.

Fang Yuxiu watched her retreating figure with a smile.

"Really amazing. She went out with her once and now they’re this close," she said with a smile. "I wanted to ask how she got you to like her."

Fang Yunxiu didn’t understand.


Fang Yuxiu grabbed her hand.

"Right now it seems it cannot be said. Eldest Sister, don’t worry, it’s nothing bad," she said.

The three sisters, besides learning business, had different preferences because of their personalities. Jinxiu was very bold, so she was responsible for dealing with things outside. Yuxiu was meticulous and a deep thinker, so she was responsible for planning, and Yunxiu was impartial and very sincere and considerate of others, so she specialized in an assortment of tasks for the exchange firm.

Towards other people’s secrets, Fang Yunxiu would not spend much time on. When she heard Fang Yuxiu say not to worry about it, she nodded and didn’t ask anything else.

The two sisters slowly walked back through the courtyard. They hadn’t gone far when they heard a clamor, followed by a girl’s sobs.

"Forgive me, Big Sister Liu’er!"

"Don’t sell me!"

"I didn’t do it on purpose!"

Fang Yunxiu and Fang Yuxiu stopped and looked ahead. They saw several maids who were supporting two girls walking out. Behind them was Liu’er.

"It’s too late for you to know fear now," Liu’er said viciously. To the people around her she stated, "Watch well. This is what happens when you don’t listen and carelessly enter Young Lady’s courtyard."

All of the maidservants and servant girls lowered their heads. The ones carrying the sobbing girls increased their pace.

When Liu’er saw Fang Yunxiu and Fang Yuxiu, she snorted impolitely. Swinging her arms, she lifted her head and continued on.

"What is happening here?" Fang Yunxiu asked with a frown.

"Eldest Miss, Miss Liu’er said that these two girls were not allowed to enter Young Lady’s rooms, so now they have to be sold," said one of the servants standing on the side.

"What Young Lady’s room? Isn’t that Chengyu’s room? Aren’t the servants supposed to go there and take care of Chengyu?" Fang Yunxiu said.

The servant nodded.

"Yes, yes, but Liu’er didn’t allow these servants to go in. She said that the servants who went to wait on Young Master were thieves. You saw that they were caught. Liu’er said she would really sell them," she said. "Eldest Miss, Second Miss, this is too inconceivable to be coming from Young Master."

Fang Yunxiu frowned.

"We will go and see."

She waved her hand to dismiss the servant than spoke to Fang Yuxiu quietly.

Fang Yuxiu looked over to where Liu’er was leaving pensively. Fang Chengyu’s and Jun Zhenzhen’s courtyard was in sight.

"Eldest Sister, don’t you think that there are more people than usual around that courtyard?"

There are more people? There are?

Fang Yunxiu looked over.

That courtyard was in a very nice location in the residence. Chengyu had always stayed there. For Chengyu’s cooperation and because he liked quiet, except for the people needed to wait on him, the others were told not to walk there.

At the moment, just as Fang Yuxiu had said, Fang Yunxiu also felt that there were more people there than before. People were continuously walking by the road. Sweeping the leaves, watering the plants, there were servants there. It was somewhat busy.

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