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It’s good that the children understand now.

This sentence was said very lightly.

Often times when people spoke lightly, it indicated that what they did was very hard to do.

But since she had rubbed her neck and said that she would resolve this issue, till now from the girls she had once celebrated with, one was to be married and couldn’t leave the house, while the other was sent to live in a temple, having come down with an unmentionable illness. Other girls would avoid her when they saw her, showing none of their arrogant and overbearing manner of before. And this had just been in four or five days.

It really was too relaxed.

Old Lady Fang’s expression was complicated. How did she do it?

"Actually, it had always been a matter of little import," said Miss Jun. "Just a squabble between girls, not mortal enemies. So it was resolved cleanly."

These girls were starting to be restrained by their families because their actions threatened their clans.

She had dragged out the Lin Family's secrets, and they had not hesitated in abandoning Lin Jin’er. But what if the one she had threatened wasn’t Lin Jin’er, or if the Lin Family had had another bargaining chip?

A cornered enemy is dangerous; even a rabbit may bite people. Threaten their family, threaten their lineage, then you wouldn’t have a way out. That would be mortal enemies, and either the fish would die or the net would split [1].

Stealing a person from their family, destroying a person’s future now. In the future, woill you want to steal all of the land a person has, or destroy his descendant’s riches?

Nothing can be done so cleanly or so easily.

Miss Jun sighed, face filled with disappointment.

In Old Lady Fang’s view, this was a sigh of fighting a one-sided battle, and she felt somewhat speechless.

Can you stop before you go too far? It’s just a girls’ argument, just a small matter between children. Don’t forget that you are a child. Is it good for a child to do such scary things?

"I just didn’t think that the Ning Family would be so quick with this," she said.

Although Jun Zhenzhen did not explicitly state what happened, Old Lady Fang knew that Lin Jin’er’s actions definitely had to do something with that Ning Family’s young miss.

Miss Jun thought of Ning Yunzhao and his dusty cloak at midnight. A smile upturned the corners of her mouth.

"The Ning Family did good this time," she said.

At least that person was pretty good, a smart person, and had saved her quite a bit of trouble.

"After all, the only ones implicated this time weren’t just us." Old Lady Fang did not feel that the Ning Family had any good points. "The Jinyun Hall, Lin Family, although the Ning Family isn’t scared of them, they wouldn’t want to be bothered by them."

At this, she thought of a pressing matter.

"The person who came to find you that night, what happened?"

It really was vexing. In the middle of the night a person actually stole into the Fang residence and privately met with two girls. When she learned of it the day after, the guards had been very vague.

Who was that person, that Third Miss and Young Lady both knew.

What dogshit was this. The people in charge of watching the courtyard let someone in? If it was a ghost that came in, it would be hard to blame them.

Old Lady Fang punished the guards. She called for Fang Jinxiu. Like a wooden stick, Fang Jinxiu said blankly that she didn’t know, that he was looking for Young Lady, and wanted to ask Jun Zhenzhen something.

Could it because someone is looking for Young lady, you let anyone enter? What do you take the Fang Family for? Imagine the scandal.

"Didn’t you say everyone has to obey Young Lady, if someone wants to find her, how dare I stop her," said Fang Jinxiu boldly.

Old Lady Fang put Fang Jinxiu under house arrest again and sought out Jun Zhenzhen.

"It was about the thing with Miss Lin," Miss Jun answered.

But when Old Lady Fang asked what, Miss Jun didn’t say. Just that she would wait and see.

What the hell was going on. There was nothing Old Lady Fang could do except get irritated.

Right now, it looked like that person who had come was making final arrangements.

Miss Jun nodded.

"He said that the matter would be resolved," she said. "As for what resolution, at the time he didn’t say. So I cannot tell Grandmother."

It seemed like it had something to do with gambling. Old Lady Fang fell silent.

"Was that person from the Jinyun Hall?" she finally asked.

Miss Jun thought about it, then nodded.


Shut in Old Lady Fang’s courtyard, at the moment, Fang Jinxiu who was in the side room saw this scene with great irritation.

She actually lied. Why doesn’t she dare admit it was Ning Yunzhao?

Because he was your fiancé?

But on the other hand, this was saving face. It was definitely possible that it would be misunderstood if she said it outloud.

Fang Jinxiu smiled coldly. What’s there to misunderstand? Could it be that a man and woman spoke of some unmentionable things?

Miss Jun didn’t want to attract misunderstanding, or rather found this unpleasant.

It was an explanation of why Ning Yunzhao was so concerned about what had happened here.

Of course, it wasn’t because he had anything with her. Rather, because Lin Jin’er used Ning Yunzhao as bait back then.

Speaking of that aloud would definitely be not good for Ning Yunzhao, and it will also create a connection between Ning Yunyan’s sudden marriage. And that wouldn’t be good for Ning Yunyan’s reputation.

The Ning Family already warned Ning Yunyan. Obviously they wouldn’t let girls of the Ning Family oppose her again.

As a fair deal, she should also protect this secret, so that everything will stop here.

Old Lady Fang didn’t think much, but nodded lightly. But then she furrowed her brow.

"Just, Jinxiu is too gutsy and the guards are too useless. Could it be that anyone that says there’s a pressing matter would be let in?" she said.

That is because the person that came wasn’t just anyone. It was Ning Yunzhao.

Said Fang Jinxiu and Miss Jun in their heads in unison.

But no matter how it was said, Fang Jinxiu was indeed too reckless.

"She was concerned about me," Miss Jun said. "She was there and knew what had happened and how pressing the situation was. Concern drove her crazy, so Grandmother, do not blame her."

When she heard this, Old Lady Fang was shocked.

Although the two people in question didn’t describe in detail what had happened, from the servant girl’s vague description, Old Lady Fang could tell that Fang Jinxiu went there in a huff, definitely not out of concern for Jun Zhenzhen.

In order for harmonious relations between sisters, Miss Jun decided not to tell on her and actually put in a good word on her behalf.

Really, dying once was worthy of respect.

In the room next door behind the screen, Fang Jinxiu felt humiliated and angry.

The devil would care about you. Really, imagining her love is reciprocated.

"You think that she…" Old Lady Fang could not help but inquire.

Not waiting for the end of her question, Miss Jun smiled.

"Is pretty good. She is very good," she said.

Old Lady Fang understood what this meant. That time, when Fang Yuxiu had returned from accompanying Miss Jun, she had also commented this.

Very good.

No matter whether she was indifferent or wanted to cause trouble, she wasn’t noisy or made a disturbance or bothered her.

This way, she could believe that she was like what the servant had said was a suitable young lady of the Fang Family, getting along well with her sisters.

But couldn’t she say that she didn’t care about whether the sisters of the Fang Family were happy or sad? The things that she did indicated that she didn’t care about the Ning Family’s marriage, didn't care about the land-owning bureaucrats of Yangcheng. Then what did she care about?

"Of course it’s to live a good life," said Miss Jun. "I know what I want and I know what I should do. Anything else should just be forgotten."

At her simple answer, Old Lady Fang smiled.

"I know that you understand manners," she said. "But letting someone else in at night is wrong. I have no choice but to punish you."

Otherwise there would be a disruption to the rules.

Miss Jun made a sound of confirmation.

"Then punish Third Sister. She was the one who called me out; I’m blameless."

What a joke!

Fang Jinxiu glared behind the screen.

You are innocent? You innocent met with your former fiance and just walked on without turning your head? You talked to him for so long.

Too shameless.

[1] Either the fish would die, or the net would split: a life or death struggle

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