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This kind of thing, annoys her?

What kind of thing?

Ning Yunzhao looked at Miss Jun.

The Ning Family's precautions, girls’ jealousy, repeated schemes.

"I know that this marriage made very many people unhappy, but I already let go, so I hope that this thing could end here," Miss Jun said. "These things won't hurt me, just as you said, I know their intentions so I can avoid them. But I dodged once, dodged twice, could it be I’ll always have to avoid them?

"I have very many things I want to do and my future is long ahead of me. Noble Son Ning, I am annoyed. I wanted to teach them a lesson, so that they know doing bad things has a price, so they back down. It's good for me and good for them. They are still young, they have many more things that they will do."

This was the first time he had seen such malicious words spoken so honestly, and it even sounded very reasonable.

As he looked at this girl, he suddenly wanted to smile.

Just like in that Go match, she seemed gentle but her attacks were penetrating, no inches given.

She was just that kind of person.

He felt that everything he wanted to say had already been said.

He was quite a direct person.

"They will have a lesson soon. You will see," he said. "Farewell."

After speaking, he turned around.

"Noble Son Ning," she said.

He stopped, and turned his head.

She stuck out a hand to him, a very small pear resting in her palm.

"I didn’t know a guest was coming so I didn’t prepare any tea. I was eating pears, so I grabbed one and forgot to put it down," she explained. "Noble Son Ning has been in a rush and it’s late. Since it’d be inconvenient to prepare tea or a meal, I’ll substitute it with a pear."

The past has already been settled, from now on we would have no relationship, we all bid our farewells, and you suddenly pull out a pear. What are you doing.

You keep on saying that over people are overthinking it and that you don’t, but your conduct really is… not too reserved.

He reached out with a long arm and grabbed it. Without a word, he turned and strode out, disappearing into the night.

After a brief moment, the man came back.

"I must trouble you to open the door," he said.

This wasn’t the wilderness or the street. It was the middle of the night in someone’s residence, so he couldn’t just flip his sleeves and slink off.

Miss Jun shouted for her third sister.

Fang Jinxiu jumped in fright.

"What are you shouting for, quiet down," she grumbled.

"Have someone send off Noble Son Ning."

Fang Jinxiu exhaled, then waved at the guards flitting around in the background.

"Send him off," she said quietly, looking at the two guards coming. Then with a warning, "Don’t babble nonsense, meddling in other people’s business."

This was meddling in other people’s business?

They, as guards, just watched young miss bring in a man in the dead of the night, then gave him to Young Lady for a private meeting. Was not asking anything right?

They weren’t letting Young Master down?

"You just don’t understand. Tomorrow, I will talk about it to Mother and Grandmother," she gritted out red-faced. "You-you just do your duty!"

The meaning of ‘do your duty’ could be used this way.

They should report this, but the details could be vague.

Would this be neglecting one’s duty, but what else could they do? A Third Miss and a Young Lady couldn’t be provoked.

Ning Yunzhao had already put back his hood and cloak that obscured his face. The guards didn’t dare see who he was, lowering their heads as they led him out.

Over here, Fang Jinxiu seemed like she had been whipped dumb.

She thought over again about what had happened this time. It was just like a dream, or even more bizarre than a dream.

"Thank you very much, Third Sister," said Miss Jun.

"You should thank me," Fang Jinxiu grumbled. "There probably isn’t another sister-in-law like me who would help her sister-in-law and some other man meet privately."

Miss jun smiled.

"You know what I’m thanking you for. Don’t make jokes," she said.

Thank you for your concern.

Today, something big had happened. Fang Jinxiu did not speak the care she held in her heart, so when Ning Yunzhao came to visit, against reason, she hadn’t hesitated to let him in, in case it was something urgent.

Fang Jinxiu’s expression was wooden.

"Don’t imagine your love is reciprocated," she said. "Right now we are locusts tied together to the same boat. It wasn’t for you; it was for our Fang Family."

After saying this she stamped away.

Miss Jun smiled at the lantern in her hand.

In this world, not all people were malicious. Even those who were initially malicious would slowly become non malicious.

But Fang Jinxiu changing was reasonable. Afterall, right now everybody was on the same boat. But why was Tenth Noble Son Ning like this?

Did he actually not loathe Jun Zhenzhen? To actually investigate the truth, well that was nothing, but he actually went to tell her.

This was probably the airs of a gentleman.

She found it hard to blame Jun Zhenzhen for liking him. Indeed, he was quite a good young man.

Pity there was no fate for them.


In the spring night, the silence of the street was broken by horse hooves, and by the chatter of the city guards on night watch.

Ning Yunzhao took of his hood so they could take a clear look at his face, and showed them his pass to open the gates.

The city gate guards obviously knew him.

"It’s already so late. Wouldn’t it be better for Tenth Noble Son to stay in the city?" they suggested while opening the gates.

"I haven’t been able to sleep for a while. Better to go back home and freshen up for dawn," he said with a smile.

The behavior of these young noble sons was normally strange, like visiting the lake in the rain or touring the mountains in snow. Going on the road in the middle of the night was not something rare.

The city gates shut behind him. With a torch in hand, he prompted his horse forward.

At night, horses couldn’t go fast. He didn’t urge it to go quickly, leisurely traveling forward. He didn’t even grip the reins because his other hand was holding a pear.

The pear was not big, but it was cool in his hands.

‘She was eating such cold food late at night?’ h

He thought. He couldn’t help but raise it up to his face, then take a bite. Icy and sweet.

This flavor should belong to a pear from the northern area.

His lips were moistened by pear juices. The dry and hoarse feeling immediately disappeared and his throat’s burning was relieved.

Ning Yunzhao thought of when she was studying him. It was probably because she saw the exhaustion and his dry lips.

She was a very attentive person.

Of course she was a very attentive person. Otherwise she couldn’t have made the people who wanted to harm her fall in such a situation. The spear that targeted her fell in the end on the Lin Family, as well as the Ning Family.

Ning Yunzhao stopped halfway through biting the pear.

She was also a very ferocious person.

Lin Jin’er and those girls could be said to have only thoughts that they wanted someone they hated to disappear and then acted on them, while they actually did not really understand how to do it as well as the consequences of their actions. But Jun Zhenzhen was different. She didn’t have that many thoughts, and she wouldn’t do that many boring things. If she was angry, she had only one thought, destruction. She would carry out her action decisively, a sure hit.

Destruction, after all it was because of hate.

Repay small kindnesses, but don’t retaliate against small evils.

For Ning Yunzhao, this was certainly not a behavior worthy of admiration. Moreover, he also was affected by her attack.

He slowly swallowed his current bite and took another one. The crisp sound paired well with horse hooves.

He should think of something, but he hadn’t had any ideas from beginning to end.

He should be somewhat angry. Afterall, because of her he had suffered these two months.

That was all shit.

What business did he have with her.

He forcefully bit another mouthful of the pear.

It wasn’t related to her, and from now on, they would have even less of a relationship. The past was the past.

In several more bites he finished eating the pear, then threw the core into the night.

When he went back, he would also throw away that lantern.

Don’t overthink it. Not thinking that much, if she could do it, then why couldn’t he?

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