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Fang Jinxiu had never thought that the man circling the Fang residence in the middle of the night was someone who knew her.

And it seemed like it was because he wanted to see her?

‘Could it be that my beauty has driven this man crazy?’ she couldn't help but think.

But as one of the people who will be a future manager of the exchange firm, this young woman was wary rather than excited because of some person admiring her beauty.

Although she was beautiful, because of the Fang Family's curse, she knew that she had already lost the chance to be admired so. In order for the continuation of the family, she could not marry out, only take in a son-in-law to bear the bride's' name.

Although Grandmother and others did not tell this to the sisters, but they knew that visiting matchmakers would never happen.

Now, she refused to be angered by these things. You want to use a cheap trick like a private meeting to force me into something?

She was not some delicate young maiden who could only blush and cry.

Fang Jinxiu wrestled away the stick from the guard standing next to her.

"Furtively creeping about in the dead of the night trying to rape or steal, eat my stick!" she shouted, brandishing her wooden stick.

The guards jumped in fright once again. So did Ning Yunzhao.

He should've known that rashly calling on someone would be misunderstood. See, this Miss Fang was misunderstanding him.

He took a step back while taking off his hood.

"Miss Fang, it's me," he said.

You still want to put on a facade that we know each other; I'll hit you until you become familiar with it.

Fang Jinxiu's advance did not stop. Just as her strike was about to go through, she clearly saw the other person's face. Her eyes immediately widened.

"Ai! You!" she blurted out.

Ning Yunzhao grabbed the incoming stick and nodded at her.

What demon? It was actually Tenth Noble Son Ning.

In Yangcheng, many people wanted to meet with Tenth Noble Son Ning. His distinguished style and elegance could appear anywhere in Yangcheng, but this was the Fang Family residence and at the dead of night.

Fang Jinxiu couldn't think of why he would be here.

Could it be because of his once fiancee Jun Zhenzhen?

She would rather believe she saw a ghost than this reason.

"I have something I want to talk about," Ning Yunzhao said again.


He was present for the events of the Jinyun Hall today. Although she didn't know why he was there, they crossed paths.

What happened today was certainly no small matter, whether it be what happened or the identity of the people involved.

To have come calling in the middle of the night indicated that the matter was urgent.

Fang Jinxiu pulled back and yanked the wooden stick out of his hands.

"Stand there," she ordered the guards.

The guards stopped, looking at her without understanding.

"Stop coming over here, and go stand over there," Fang Jinxiu said next, waving the wooden stick.

Surprise and fear renewed on their faces.

So Young Miss really did know this person, and she wanted to avoid them so she could talk to him alone.

What should they do?

Should they first go report this to Old Lady and Lady, or should they stop the affectionate couple first.

The guards didn’t come closer. Fang Jinxiu frowned at Ning Yunzhao. She still hadn’t said anything. He tried to speak first again.

"I want to meet her," he said in a low voice.

Fang Jinxiu was frightened again. She, of course, knew who ‘she’ was. She thought that even if he was proposing marriage to her first, the shock wouldn’t be as big.

If they were an unmarried man and an unmarried woman, at most they would just be jeered at. But meeting with an already married girl  was asking for drowning in a pig-cage [1].

Din’t see her earlier, didn’t see her earlier. Before, he could have seen her at any time, but waited until she became someone else’s wife.

Really, how cheap. Is it because he saw her today, and he felt that her beauty was regretful?

Seeing how the little lady’s stare narrowed, and her facial expression fluctuated, Ning Yunzhao felt like laughing.

See, he knew it. These people were overthinking it.

Ning Yunzhao smiled.

"I wanted to ask about the circumstances of what happened today, so I wanted to talk to her," he said warmly.

"Oh," said Fang Jinxiu.

She thought of saying ‘Tell me what you want to say,’ but then when she thought of how Jun Zhenzhen didn’t talk to her...

If you don’t talk to me, then I don’t care to hear it either.

"Right now?" she asked, her lips curling.

Ning Yunzhao hesitated.

"Is now a suitable time?" he asked.

Don’t you know if now is a suitable time?

Fang Jinxiu stared.

"Although my brother and his wife are resting, if Noble Son Ning says it's urgent, I can go call her," she said through gritted teeth.

He fell silent.

There was nothing wrong with that sentence. That girl was indeed married, she was someone else’s wife, she had her own husband. Since they were husband and wife, naturally, they would sleep on the same pillow.

But he didn’t know why he felt a bit uncomfortable.

Perhaps because something so big happened; you just destroyed a girl’s life and you can still sleep?

He lifted his head to look at Fang Jinxiu.

"Okay," he said.

Fang Jinxiu was stunned.

Was this something the rumored educated and well-balanced Tenth Noble Son Ning would say?

Moreover, her woman’s intuition made her feel that his answer was somewhat annoyed?

Annoyed? Over what?

Fang Jinxiu could not help but study the young man in front of her. In the dark of night, his face was impassive and unchanging.

Or is this thing really urgent?

"That should be fine," she answered.

Actually, she felt regretful saying it. When she stood in front of Fang Chengyu and Jun Zhenzhen’s courtyard, she felt even more inclined to slap her own face.

What was she caring about other people’s business for. Really, the emperor is not anxious when the eunuchs are. Jun Zhenzhen did not even say anything to her, so it was somewhat not appropriate for her to be worrying over this.

Even more annoying was, she was going to help her own sister-in-law meet up privately with some other man in the middle of the night?

Fang Jinxiu turned around and started to walk away. She hadn’t made it two steps when she stomped her feet and whipped back around, then knocked on the courtyard gate.


"Young Miss, look what time is it, rushing into your little brother’s room in the middle of the night is shameless," Ling’er said with a glare, blocking the entry way with her hands on her waist.

The other servant girl on night duty was timidly lowering her head, itching to get away.

Fang Jinxiu did not hold anything back and grabbed Liu’er.

"You little servant girl, I haven’t sold you, so can’t I hit you?" she said through gritted teeth. "After I hit you, could it be you think that you, a servant, could hit me, a young miss?"

Liu’er was not afraid in the least.

"Go ahead. If you dare hit me, I dare hit you. Anyway, no one would dare sell me!" she retorted.

This stupid servant! Fang Jinxiu angrily ground her teeth together. She raised her hand to slap her, when a slight cough came over from the room.

"What is it?" Miss Jun asked.

Fang Jinxiu looked over and saw Jun Zhenzhen walk out.

"Young Miss, she woke you up," Liu’er immediately said, angry.

"I wasn’t sleeping," Miss Jun said.

Usually after giving Fang Chengyu acupuncture, she would be tired enough to go to sleep, but today because she was thinking about her little brother, her mood was fluctuating, so until now she hadn’t slept.

"You were looking for me?" she asked Fang Jinxiu.

The devil find you! The one looking for you is a devil!

Fang Jinxiu ground her teeth together, then made a vague ‘en!’ sound, and left.

"Young Miss, ignore her," Liu’er said.

Miss Jun rubbed her head.

"Guard the courtyard well, I will go see," she said with a smile.

Liu’er, who was about to follow her, stopped and nodded.

"Then I’ll let someone else accompany Young Miss," she added.

Miss shook her hand, indicating there was no need for that, before exiting the courtyard.

In the middle of the night, Fang Jinxiu led the way without saying anything, a lantern raised high. She headed for the outside.

The outside?

Miss Jun knitted her brows, but didn’t ask or stop. She followed Fang Jinxiu onto a small path with many turns, until they were at a remote corner gate.

"What is it?" Miss Jun asked, after seeing her stop.

Fang Jinxiu turned around.

"Tenth Noble Son Ning wants to see you."

Miss Jun stared blankly. Earlier today, there was a girl who had said the same thing and been promptly ruined.

She believed that after this lesson, she wouldn’t hear such a sentence again. She didn’t imagine that she would hear it so soon.

As this thought flashed through her mind, the sound of footsteps came from the corner gate. Miss Jun looked over there to see a man come from the shrubbery.

This time it was true.

Miss Jun’s expression showed her surprise as she saw the person approaching in the haze of night.

[1] Drowning in a pig-cage: penalty for adultery

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