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Silent, but not stupefied.

Since he left the Jinyun Hall, he had consoled his sister and brought her home, then interrogated his sister’s servant girl, discussed his uncle’s plans for impeachment with his father, and also proposed a better solution.

Who could see and think that actually his mind was always empty?

Since he had heard someone call her Jun Zhenzhen, and the moment that girl turned around, he had become like this.

Empty was not stupefied, because there was still one question left in his mind.

What happened.

He wanted to find out what exactly had occurred. Right now, he knew what his sister had done and what Miss Lin had done. The only questions left were related to her.

Ning Yunzhao raised his head and gazed at the street lit by lanterns.

The fragrance of food in the air had disappeared without a trace, and the city gates were closed.

He had been constantly on the move in Yangcheng and Beiliu and had had nothing to eat or drink. Two meals down, he was thirsty and hungry.

But he did not stop, rather continuing with great assuredness in a particular direction.

He was going to see her.


When Miss Jun entered the room, the servant girls lowered their heads and retreated.

"Are you very happy today?" asked Fang Chengyu with a smile from his wheelchair.

This awkward child was actually greeting her first today?

What sort of ill intentions did he have.

But she wouldn’t strike a smiling person. And also, Miss Jun was in a very good mood today.

"Yes, I won money," she said with a smile.

"No wonder I heard you laughing outside." Fang Chengyu asked curiously, "Where did you win?"

Miss Jun started to push his wheelchair.

"At the Jinyun Hall. Do you know about it?"

Asking this made Miss Jun somewhat uneasy.

She hadn’t meant it as humiliation. After all, Fang Chengyu could not go out, and describing a beautiful, fun activity was hard to bear for someone who could not go out. She thought that Fang Family probably did not describe it to him.

But the thoughts of children were hard to pin down. They could always twist your words into strange meanings.

"I know it." He nodded, still smiling. "Was it pitch-pot?"

Miss Jun poked her head from behind the wheelchair to look at him.

"How come you’re not saying that ‘All people know the Jinyun Hall, could it be that in Elder Cousin's’ eyes I, a cripple, is not a person’?" she asked.

He rolled his eyes.

"Does Elder Cousin feel she’s not used to us going a day without arguing?" he asked.

Miss Jun smiled, somewhat embarrassed.

"I was just curious," she said, though she didn’t know whether she was curious about why Fang Chengyu wasn’t sneering at her or if she was curious about whether or not Fang Chengyu knew about the Jinyun Hall.

She never interacted much with others, and even less so considered other people’s feelings when she was interacting. That was other people’s problems.

Because she was so happy today, she couldn’t help being a little naughty.

Fang Chengyu didn’t say anything more. Miss Jun had pushed him into the bathroom.

"You can put me by the side of the bath; I can take off my clothes myself," Fang Chengyu said.

Really, today...

Miss Jun couldn’t stop herself from giving him another look.

"I feel that my body is doing well," he told her. "So it seems like you really were treating me, so I will comply with treatment."

She felt his pulse.

"It should be good with time," she said with a smile.

So this was the so-called ‘facts speak louder than words.’

She carried him over to the side of the bath. Taking the initiative, he took off his shirt himself and slid into the water.

She did not turn around. Since he was being very clear-minded and cooperative, she would not stare at him in the water like before.

She was a kid, but she was still fourteen years old. Just one year younger than her past self.

"Was the Jinyun Hall very busy?" came Fang Chengyu’s voice from behind her.

"Yes, very busy. There were so many people," she answered, studying the needle box on top of the dresser. "But because there was some other things this time, I didn’t look around very well. When you are better and can walk, we can go see it together."

Fang Chengyu looked at the girl whose back was to him, and a smile turned up his mouth.

Really, very alluring.

But he didn’t say anything. He slowly sank into the bath. Now the medicinal liquid was much stronger, and the scent was enough to make one sick and more intensely tickled his mouth and nose.

Very soon, he fell unconscious.

When Miss Jun no longer heard someone talking behind her, she turned around to see that only the tip of Fang Chengyu’s head was poking out. She grabbed him, checked if he was unconscious, and let out a breath.

It was funny. It seemed she really was not used to Fang Chengyu talking such sweet words, but according to what everyone in the Fang Family said, he was a good child who talked pleasantly and sweetly to all people.

How has her little brother grown up?

Three years after leaving the imperial palace to follow Master, her little brother was born.

At that time she was already thirteen, an older kid, and not like Big Sister who stayed by their parents. She did not know how to interact with an infant. She only came back once a year. The change in a small infant’s appearance was shocking and bewildering to her.

But Little Brother was very good to her, willingly giving her half  a sweet, giving her the toy that imperial grandfather had given him. Every time she left, he would cry and hug her and not let go.

After she married, he thought that she was suffering and viciously bit a mouthful of Lu Yunqi.

At that time, a lot of people were there in Prince Huai's mansion. As the owner of the mansion, although he was six, people would think that doing this would make the emperor unhappy.

It was good that Lu Yunqi hid it.

Miss Jun lowered her gaze, taking Fang Chengyu out of his bath.

After getting married, Lu Yunqi had found Jiurong a teacher. She had seen him personally. Although he wasn’t very versatile and erudite, he had a gentle and lax temperament. His lectures were also very interesting.

Elder Sister said that the teacher was very suitable. After all, Little Brother did not need to be trained in military arts. He only needed to be a cultured and refined and satisfied with his lot prince.

Though they were content with what they had, someone else wasn't.

There would always be people who were dissatisfied.

Miss Jun flipped Fang Chengyu over and dried him. She flipped him over again, and stuck a long acupuncture needle into his neck.

Young Lady Fang's courtyard was quiet. Occasionally some servants would pass by outside, but no one would dare snoop.

Standing outside the door was servant girl Liu'er, who would really dare sell servants who did not please her.

The world outside of the Fang Family's residence had also sunk into the silence of night. Red lanterns illuminated the gate, flickering in the March breeze.

Ning Yunzhao stopped under the flickering light.

He had arrived in front of her door, but how should he call on her?

It was already dark. He was a young man and she a young woman.

Moreover, she was not just the girl he had met by chance at the Lantern Festival, but also Jun Zhenzhen.

Even if Jun Zhenzhen had a marriage contract with him, seeing each other at night was not proper.

And now Jun Zhenzhen was Young Lady Fang. Meeting with him was even more inconceivable.

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