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Liu'er was standing in the bookroom, looking at the banknote Miss Jun passed to her and shouting excitedly.

"Young Miss, you really are too amazing."

Miss Jun's smile intensified, none of the indifference from the Jinyun Hall left.

"Yes," she said in a small but satisfied voice.

"Of course you are." Liu'er's face was worshipful as she raised up the banknote, then pressed it to her chest. "We just threw away five thousand taels, and have exchanged it for over ten thousand. There is no one under heavens more fearsome than Young Miss. Young Miss is a treasure bowl of wealth."

Miss Jun laughed heartily.

Although it was a bit impolite, she also thought that she was very amazing.

She could not help but think of that person who had defeated her Go lantern and wonder if they would dare compete with her in pitch-pot.

Of course, she could not show such an expression in the Jinyun Hall. These small joys could only be in front of this little servant girl, otherwise it would be too impolite.

"Young Miss, Young Miss, since  we earned so much money at the Jinyun Hall , we should go more often," Liu'er said.

Miss Jun lightly knocked on her head.

"Greedy," she admonished. "Other people are no fools. Moreover, there is no certainty of a hundred victories from a hundred battles. If we win even more, when we lose, the losses will be even bigger. This wasn't for money, so it can be done occasionally, but we cannot indulge too much."

It was not for earning money?

Liu'er did not understand.

Miss Jun was also pensive, looking at the bank-note Liu'er was holding.

"Of course, it was also for earning money," she said with a laugh.

It really was joyous that she had won money. Afterall, earning money was for her. All that had happened with Miss Lin was for Jun Zhenzhen.

"Old Lady is here," announced a servant girl from outside.

Liu'er and Miss Jun looked over at the entrance and saw that Old Lady was already right in front of the study.

"Zhenzhen, what happened? You won money…" she said directly.

Liu'er quickly hid the note behind her and cut her off.

"What are you gonna do? This is our young miss' money," she said with a glare.

Lady Fang did not bother with this muddle-headed servant girl.

"Why didn't you speak of such a big issue?" she asked.

"This is my own matter, no need to say it," Miss Jun said. Then, respectfully: "The money is also my money, I have already taken out the family's money that I used to bet."

Against the master-and-servant pair's guarded attitudes against someone taking their money, Old Lady Fang had no words.

This duo was just the same as before. Their focus was totally different from ordinary people's. What they should care about they didn't, and what they shouldn't care about they foolishly did.

"Who would value your money," she said impolitely. "What exactly happened?"

Miss Jun's lips curled into a smile. She told Liu'er to put the money away.

"So it's about that," she answered.

Jinchuan had told Old Lady Fang all about what had transpired. While listening, Old Lady Fang's heart had been beating out of her chest. Even now, she was still dripping with cold sweat. Seeing Miss Jun's lazy attitude, she didn't know what she should say.

"That was nothing big, just a tiff between children. I already guarded my heart, so nothing could happen," Miss Jun said.

Miss Lin's trap was indeed targeted against Jun Zhenzhen's weakness, but it was all made with the previous Jun Zhenzhen in mind. It would have been elaborate enough for her.

But now that the people had changed, especially her who was a guarded person, this trap was too clumsy.

When she thought this, Old Lady Fang's heart jumped. Her eyes were drawn to Miss Jun.

"I warned her," Miss Jun said, meeting her eyes. "I said that I was different from before, that when I hanged myself and died, I realized many things. I did not deliberately deceive her."

It was like a child explaining that it was not them who had made the first move after provoking a disaster.

Old Lady Fang was speechless again, but she also wanted to smile. The weird feeling from before disappeared.

And what of the person who moved first? Could it be that Lin Jin'er should not be hit back?

Lin Jin'er's machinations were a plot such as this. Falling into her own hole was what she deserved.

"I'm not here to ask you why you didn't just avoid her, and did some shit like hurting her," said Old Lady Fang. "I just wanted to say that this was still too dangerous."

Miss Jun looked at her with a smile.

"I was well prepared."

"Being well-prepared is a no-go too. There is no such thing as certainty in this world," said Old Lady Fang resolutely. "At that place you were facing those people, Jinchuan said that Jinyiwei had also appeared. One small mistake, and today you would not have come back because of Lin Jin'er. That would've been not worth it."

Yes, what happened today was almost unfortunate.

Miss Jun nodded.

"But Grandmother, you said that there is nothing certain in this world," she said. "Since it is like that, you should do what you must. If you keep doubting yourself, many things would never be done."

That was also true.

Old Lady Fang did not want to agree. She wanted to give her suggestions, but this girl acted before speaking, or even acted and didn't speak. She wouldn't listen to anything she had to say.

"Zhenzhen, being a bit more careful is good for you. We don't want you to meet with an accident," she said. "After all, life is very important. Moreover, the Fang Family is in such a situation."

"I was careful, that's why what happened was all me. I didn't implicate the Fang Family," Miss Jun assured.

Old Lady Fang went blank. She wanted to say that she wasn't afraid of her implicating the Fang Family, but she felt that was not necessary.

Sometimes other people would think what they like. There was no point in explaining.

She felt it pointless to say anything.

"Do I need to deal with the Jinyun Hall or Lord Lin?" she asked directly.

"No need. Lord Lin is dealing with it all himself," Miss Jun said.

Lord Lin would deal with it himself.

Old Lady Fang thought of how Jinchuan had described it.

"Zhenzhen, what did you use to threaten Lord Lin?" she asked.

"It wasn't a threat. It was a transaction," Miss Jun responded. She halted Lady Fang's further queries with a raised hand. "I have already made the deal with Lord Lin. There is no need to bring it up again."

What kind of deal did she and Lord Lin reach? What agreement could make  Lord Lin accept his daughter's destruction?

Old Lady Fang was surprised, to say the least.

"This was a connection my father left to me," Miss Jun said. "Father always warned me not to agitate a certain lord, so forgive me for not telling you, Grandmother. Just don't worry. That lord is very reliable; Lord Lin also abstains from bothering that Lord, so the matter is solved."

A connection.

Old Lady Fang did not know much about Jun Yingwen and family, but his predecessors were doctors. They garnered an engagement with the Ning Family, so getting to know much more impressive officials wasn't impossible. Jun Yingwen was an official himself. Although he was not a big  power, but he was definitely communicating with other officials.

This explanation was much more reasonable than what Jinchuan had said.

Miss Jun and Old Lady Fang smiled and nodded at each other.

The Ning Family of Beiliu. Eldest Madam Ning smiled at her daughter who was coming in.

"Did you have fun?" she asked.

"No," Ning Yunyan pouted.

"Who provoked you?" Eldest Madam Ning smiled.

"Anyways, it was not happy at all," Ning Yunyan repeated herself. "My big brother will not let me tell you. He wants to tell you."

Yunzhao's instructions?

It seems that there was a fight.

Eldest Madam Ning smiled unconcernedly and looked out.

"Your brother?" she asked.

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