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In other words, she hated her to the point of dying.

But dislike and hate should not have the same meaning.

Ning Yunzhao knew that his little sister disliked Jun Zhenzhen, and he guessed that the other girls here also disliked her.

For these girls, their worlds were composed of their happiness, ruled by their moods.

Things that they disliked should not exist; all of it was a personal affront, and so should be destroyed and trampled on. The things they disliked should be thrown away, the people they disliked ruined.

As for whether the destroyed things were people or objects, for these young girls, the distinction didn't matter.

Ning Yunzhao knew that people's hearts were frightening and ugly, but could girls' hearts be that way?

And her?

That girl?

For now, he couldn't say whether or not her heart was scary or not. The calm, unreactive demeanor had lured him in,and had turned Miss Lin's plot to harm others onto herself. They were also enough for Miss Lin's father to swallow down his grievances; her conduct was very scary.

"Big Brother, Big Brother," Ning Yunyan shouted, tugging his sleeve.

Ning Yunzhao looked at her.

"She went back," he said.

"Detained by the Lin Family or back to the Fang Family?" Ning Yunyan's eyes glistened. "Right, she must've returned to the Fang Family. Such a shameful thing should be first dealt with by the Fang Family. If the Fang Family can't justify it to the Lin Family, the Lin Family definitely won't let it go. They'll show the Fang Family what kind of daughter-in-law she is."

Ning Yunzhao looked at her, eyes suffused with pity.

"No." He stroked her head. "She went back herself. Lord Lin left with Miss Lin, and they each sat in separate carriages back to their separate houses."

Ning Yunyan was stupefied.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, everything was concluded," Ning Yunzhao said.

"That Jun Zhenzhen? She hurt Lin Jin'er, and i-it's fine?" Ning Yunyan was incredulous.

Had Lord Lin gone mad? Was he not a father?

"Miss Jun did not do any harm to Miss Lin; this was the truth Miss Lin's father admitted," he said. "Miss Lin committed the crime onto herself, so it had nothing to do with Miss Jun. Of course, Miss Jun would return home on her own."

Had nothing to do with Jun Zhenzhen?

Ning Yunyan almost jumped to her feet.

"That's impossible!" she shouted. "How could Lin Jin'er do such a thing to herself. Big Brother, didn't I say that Jun Zhenzhen did this? Lin Jin'er definitely could not have done such a thing."

Ning Yunzhao looked at his little sister.

"Why?" he asked calmly. "Why are you so certain that Miss Lin would not do this kind of thing. How are you certain that Miss Lin and that person didn't love each other? Although it's not any good, passionate rendezvous are in human nature. Only, it lacks propriety."

What passionate rendezvous, what mutual love.

"That's impossible; the one Miss Lin likes is you. She would not madly go do this kind of thing with other people, otherwise how would she…" she said.

When she got here, she stopped violently, almost biting through her tongue.

He stroked her head again.

"What about her?" he asked curiously. "Is it related to me?"

When she had said it was because it was related to another person's reputation, that 'other person' was naturally him.

Ning Yunyan's face filled with alarm.

"Big Brother, h-how could it have anything to do with you?" she blurted out, shaking her head. "The thing that has to do with you is that she liked you so much, she wouldn't look at other people."

He smiled.

"I'm just that good?" he teased.

"Of course," she said, a proud and happy smile on  her face. "My big brother is the best in the whole world."

Her apprehension still showed in her eyes, fear that the best brother in the whole world would continue questioning her and see through her.

Just as well, Ning Yunzhao simply smiled.

"Good, now let's return home," he said.

She let out a breath of relief, fatigue sweeping through her.

Return home, return home. What happened today was much too scary.

Miss Jun's carriage arrived home. Hearing the news, Old Lady Fang sighed in relief.

This time, Miss Jun did not return to her quarters directly, instead going over to Old Lady Fang.

Last time, when she had heard the Jinyiwei's announcement at the teahouse and fought with Ning Yunyan, she didn't want to be scolded, so she downplayed what had happened.

This time, she would consent to being questioned. She was not afraid, naturally, because nothing had happened.

"How was it? Was it fun? Nothing happened?" Old Lady Fang said.

Miss Jun nodded.

"Nothing, it was very fun," she said.

Next to her, Jinchuan's expression was complicated.

But it was true. Nothing really had happened to Jun Zhenzhen, and when one thinks about it, Jun Zhenzhen should be very happy from her playing.

When she heard her say this, Old Lady Fang did not ask anything again.

Although Miss Jun seemed strange now, her conduct was much less impulsive than before.

"Jinxiu, she…" Old Lady Fang started.

Naturally, she knew that Fang JInxiu had also run out.

"Third Sister is fine. We separated when leaving the Jinyun Hall, so she should be back in a few," Miss Jun said.

Old lady fang nodded.

"You must be tired. Go ahead and rest," she said. After saying that, she seemed to think of something. "Will that Miss Lin be coming to find you to play later?"

Miss Jun smiled.

"She shouldn't be."

She wouldn't?

Old Lady Fang's eyes unwillingly shifted to her neck.

Then was the matter resolved?

How was it resolved? Was it tearful, or was it a hateful, or was it a physical altercation so that they would no longer contact each other? Girls resolved their problems like this.

Miss Jun had left already, while Jinchuan remained in the room.

She was Old Lady Fang's servant girl. She was under orders to go out with Miss Jun and now they were back, she would, of course, report what had happened today to Old Lady Fang.

So since Miss Jun did not want to say more, Old Lady Fang would not force her to answer.

"What happened today?" She looked at Jinchuan. "Did nothing really happen to Miss Jun?"

Jinchuan's expression was troubled, but she nodded.

"Nothing really did happen to Miss Jun," she said.

Old Lady Fang felt her hesitation and frowned.

"What is it? What is it?" she asked. "Did she fight with another young miss?"

Fight with another young miss? Today she did not fight with a young miss, but with a young miss' father.

"Today Miss Jun won a sum of money playing pitch-pot," Jinchuan said.


Old Lady Fang undoubtedly knew of this game at the Jinyun Hall. She made an 'en!' sound, not caring whether it was a win or loss. It was no big deal to the Fang Family anyhow.

Indeed, nothing happened.

"She won thirty thousand taels," Jinchuan added.

Old Lady Fang immediately stared, forgetting to swallow the tea in her mouth.

Thirty thousand taels?

That was no small sum, at least, not a sum that a young lady should possess.

How could she win that much money?

"Also, Miss Lin and a man were found embracing each other in the Jinyun Hall," said Jinchuan.

Old Lady Fang spat out her mouthful of tea.

This is nothing?

This is nothing?!

Miss Lin had obviously went there with Jun Zhenzhen, so how could it turn into a private meeting with a man?

Old Lady Fang had eaten more salt than this little girl ate rice [1], so naturally she knew what had happened.

She also knew that if this Jun Zhenzhen hadn't changed, she would have been caught witless against other people's schemes. Now, the things she did were much more frightening.

[1] Have eaten more salt than the other has eaten rice: to be more experienced

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