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Though the voice was gentle, Lord Lin did not feel any warmth, only cold and anxiety.

A voice like this, a person like this, you could never know what she was feeling, nor see her confidence.

A hand extended warmly out to you, but at the last moment, used to whip your face.

Lord Lin buried his face in his hands.

"Miss Jun, I must consider this carefully. This is simply, simply the Lin Family's shame. I have no face," he choked out.

"Lord Lin does not need to think so," Miss Jun said, her expression pitying again.

"Thank you very much for Miss Jun's generosity," he replied. When he lifted his head, he was resolute. "But I must give Miss Jun an explanation."

"There is no need for that. It is no good for anyone," Miss Jun said. "I did say she was still young. They want what they want, destroy what they don't like, don't know the consequences of what they did. That is ignorant and fearless, so I taught them a lesson, teaching them respect, teaching them what cannot be done, so that they will not commit the mistake again."

After Miss Jun stopped, Lord Lin spoke again.

"It was I who was too lenient with her, letting her make such a serious mistake," he said, painfully.

Miss Jun did not say anything. He didn't dare say anything else, the silence choking.

"I just wanted to tell Lord Lin the truth. Now that Lord Lin knows…" she said after a moment of silence.

"I know what to do," Lord Lin answered. "Please do not worry, Miss Jun."

The room fell silent again, like they were talking about superficial things.

"That ledger, Lord Lin shouldn't keep."

Just as Lord Lin's heart was jumped into his throat, she spoke again.

"How I know this, you need not ask. There are insurmountable walls in the world. No matter if it is found out by other people, or you personally hand it over in the future, it will do no good for Lord Lin. It has already passed, so there is no need to bring it up again," she said.

In other words, she would not bring it up. This was a suggestion and a guarantee.

Lord Lin's heart gradually sank.

"Thank you so much, Miss Jun, thank you so much," he choked out.

"And as for the Jinyun Hall and Noble Son Ning…" she began.

"I will explain, I will explain to them. Miss Jun needs not do anything," he hastily answered.

She smiled.

"Good. It has been some time since I went out, and something happened in the Jinyun Hall. My family might be worried when they hear this, so I will take my leave first," she said.

Lord Lin hurriedly complied.

"Yes yes, Miss Jun must go back soon, everybody must be shocked," he said anxiously, personally opening the door for her.

She stepped to the side with a smile.

"Please, Lord Lin," she said.

He was an official and a senior. Logically, he should be the first to exit.

Lord Lin was somewhat embarrassed, but he was full of regret and gratitude. Composing himself, he knew that his attitude was inappropriate, but he did not dare stop. He strode out of the door.

On this side, Fang Jinxiu was already waiting impatiently. She had thought of taking advantage of Lord Lin not being here and running out, but the Lin Family servants were glaring at her like vicious tigers. Running would not be easy.

So she could only worry about Jun Zhenzhen in the other room.

"She's so stupidly gutsy, not just fighting with us, but also being unafraid of officials," she muttered to Jinchuan.

Just as their restlessness was reaching its height, Lord Lin and Miss Jun walked out.

Everyone in the room looked at them, Ning Yunzhao's gaze going straight to Miss Jun.

Miss Jun sensed his eyes and looked back at him.

This sudden meeting of gazes made Ning Yunzhao feel like he had been set alight, and he shifted his eyes.

Miss Jun looked over from him to the pitch-pot director next to him, and smiled at him.

The director was still apprehensive.

This girl's calm countenance and smile were useless. She was always like this, so no one could know what had happened.

"So, to this matter I will defer to Third Master," Lord Lin suddenly said.

Surprise bloomed on the director's face. Not looking at Lord Lin but at Miss Jun.

What happened?


Lord Lin ignored the director's lack of response, then looked at Ning Yunzhao.

"Noble Son Ning, this matter has given your sister a shock. You should go back. As for these girls' reputations, I will negotiate a guarantee with the Jinyun Hall."

This time, shock bloomed across Ning Yunzhao's face.

What happened?

Lord Lin did not give them the chance to speak, and spoke to the servants in the room.

The servants' faces suffused with astonishment, but under Lord Lin's stare, they hurried to comply. The carried away Miss Lin as well as the sobbing, paralyzed Xianglan away.

"Where is Third Master? Please lead the way," Lord Lin asked the director.

The director did not stay in his trance. Lord Lin personally wanted to see Third Master, with an apologetic attitude. In other words, he wanted to discuss with the Jinyun Hall how to handle the situation, or hear about the Jinyun Hall's thoughts on the matter.

This was beyond expectation, but their Jinyun Hall's most desired ending.

The director told an attendant to lead the way.

Lord Lin, as expected, did not hesitate to leave with the attendant.

The atmosphere in the room turned strange.

The director was going to personally lead Lord Lin there, but he saw that Miss Jun had not made a move.

"Many thanks," she said to him courteously and seriously.

"I dare not accept that honor, we did not help you at all." The director looked at Miss Jun with a perplexed expression.

"No, if you did not come to protect me, I would have been taken away by Lord Lin," she said. "I wouldn't have had the chance to have this talk.

After that, she thanked him again.

"No, no," the director said with a smile. "This is what we should have done."

At this, he paused.

"Young Miss, feel free to do as you wish. No need to see me out."

Miss Jun smiled, and the director left after saying his goodbyes.

When the director left, the rest of the attendants immediately left. The bustling room suddenly felt empty. Only Miss Jun, Fang Jinxiu, Jinchuan, and Ning Yunzhao were left.

"Wh-what happened?" Fang Jinxiu had still not gotten an answer and could not comprehend the sudden turn of events. "They left, so what about us?"

"If you don't want to go but play more, we can still go play?" Miss Jun looked at her seriously.

When she said this, someone laughed.

The laugh was very sudden and then immediately stopped. Obviously, it was involuntary.

Fang Jinxiu and Miss Jun looked over to the source. The smile had already fallen from Ning Yunzhao's face, and he was looking at them.

The room fell silent again.

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