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Fang Jinxiu ran into Fang Chengyu's quarters without a word. She sat down and continued crying.

"Third Sister, I haven't died yet; you're crying too early," said Fang Chengyu with interest. He was reading a book at the moment.

Fang Jinxiu's crying worsened.

Fang Chengyu pinched a handkerchief and tossed it to Fang JInxiu. He did not say anything more and simply watched her cry.

Fang Jinxiu grabbed the handkerchief and rubbed her face itensely.

"Do you know?" she choked out.

Fang Chengyu smiled.

"I know. Isn't Third Sister congratulating me?" he quipped.

When she saw Fang Chengyu, who was calm enough to joke around, Fang Jinxiu was angry and sad.

"Stop teasing. When you're like this, I am even sadder," she said. "It really is too bullying."

Fang Chengyu smiled.

"For someone like me to marry a wife like Miss Jun, everybody would say that we are the ones bullying her," he said.

"Someone like her? What is she worth? Little Brother, if it weren't… for this sickness, in terms of talent and status, you would be one of the best in all of Yangcheng," said Fang Jinxiu. "Even with this sickness, you are an amazing person. All she has is her status left behind by her father. She is completely worthless."

But he was sick.

Fang Chengyu did not say anything.

"Chengyu, she came up with this marrying you scheme obviously in order to marry into our family so she could dominate it," continued Fang Jinxiu. "Outsiders don't know, but who in our family wouldn't."

When she said this, she couldn't stop her tears.

"Since everybody knows why she is doing this, then it isn't too bad," said Fang Chengyu. "With mother at your side, there's nothing to worry about. It's just funny."

That is, Jun Zhenzhen was this sort of person doing this sort of thing. Even if Old Lady Fang protected her for a time, could she be protected for her whole life?

Did she really believe that she would become the master of the Fang Family just by marrying Chengyu?

It really was funny.

A smile broke through her tears as she wrung her handkerchief.

"What saddens me is Grandmother's bias," she said. "What does she take you for."

"Of course, she considers me her grandson. Even if it is an obviously preposterous suggestion, she will try it to save my life," said Fang Chengyu. "Third Sister, do not blame Grandmother. The front and back of the hand are both made of flesh [1]. What she is doing is reasonable and fair."

Fang Jinxiu used the handkerchief to rub at her eyes.

"Everyone thinks this is a good arrangement. Grandmother also has good reason, but no one is thinking of you, Little Brother," she said quietly. "Not thinking of your wishes, not thinking of how you're feeling."

Fang Chengyu did not say anything, but clenched his hands on his knees.

To think of him. Everyone had the qualifications to consider him, except himself.

His existence was everyone's sorrow. To assuage this sorrow, everybody tried all sorts of things. As for what he wanted, what cares did a person about to blink out of existence could have.

Getting married.

He had never thought that he would get married. A person who could count on his fingers to the end of his life, was already not truly a person, let alone a man.

He had read many books. Occasionally, he would imagine that there was a woman, gentle as water, exquisite as a flower, refined as jade in this world.

But that woman definitely was not Jun Zhenzhen.

While Fang JInxiu was crying her heart out, Miss Jun's quarters were also filled with sobs.

"Young Miss, how can you marry that cripple." Liu'er's face was streaked with tears. "Heaven, their Fang Family is actually degrading you so, bullying you, an orphan girl. To be married to that dying cripple, turning you into a widow."

The little servant girl grabbed at Miss Jun's sleeve while on her knees.

"Young Miss, let us go to the authorities, to the authorities."

Miss Jun smiled, wiping Liu'er's nose.

"It's fake," she said.

Liu'er was stunned.

"What's fake?" she asked.

"Of course, the marriage is fake," said Miss Jun. "It's in order to fool them."

Liu'er was dumbfounded for a moment, and then was hit with a realization.

That's right! How could Young Miss hold the dying cripple in her regards.

"Young Miss, you want to fool them?" she asked quietly. She sighed in relief, but still did not quite understand.

Liu'er's 'them' was obviously the Fang Family, but Miss Jun's 'them' was not the Fang Family, but their unknown enemy that they needed to be protected against. Miss Jun smiled, however, there was no point in saying too much to the little servant girl.

She pet Liu'er's head.

"For money," she said.


Liu'er thought of how Young Miss had used the marriage contract to exchange for money with the Ning Family. Right now, she was also using marriage to trick the Fang Family for money.

"Young Miss, do you really need money?" she asked.

Before, Young Miss did not care a whit about such plebian things.

"Yes, in order to do things, you need both money and people," said Miss Jun.

"What does Young Miss want to do?" asked Liu'er, not comprehending.

Miss Jun was silent for a moment.

"Go to the capital," she said, not looking at the little girl.

Keeping the idea of her goal to herself was much too confining. It was nice to have someone to talk to.

Liu'er was not surprised because she remembered that Miss Jun had said as much before, when she was bartering the marriage contract for money with the Ning Family.

So Young Miss wanted to go to the capital.

That was so. This Yangcheng was truly a painful place. There was nothing holding them back here. On the other hand, the capital was a flourishing place; it would be good to go there.

"Young Miss, so we are acquiring money so that we can go to the capital and live out happy days and make them..." she said, pointing outside. "Get rid of them."

Miss Jun was amused by her.

Going to the capital was not for the good life. In fact, it would probably be even sadder there.

"Yes," she nodded with a smile, not continuing on this vein. "Remember to keep this secret. Don't tell others."

Knowing that Young Miss wasn't really going to marry that cripple and become a widow, Liu'er was once again in high-spirits. She wiped her tears and stood up. She hit her chest.

"Young Miss, you don't have to worry."

Fang Jinxiu believed that Miss Jun was doing this in order to tyrannize the Fang Family. The servant girl Liu'er thought that Young Miss was doing this for money. But Ning Yunyan, far away in Beiliu Town, had a different take on things.

"She is doing this to stay in Yangcheng," she said with anger.

She had heard from Eldest Madam Ning a more detailed version of the news, confirming that the Fang Family really intended to marry Jun Zhenzhen.

"To drive away bad luck." Ning Yunyan smiled coldly. "This definitely was Jun Zhenzhen's scheme."

"Why is she staying in Yangcheng?" asked a sister. "Doesn't she want to avoid losing face?"

Ning Yunyan's expression was contemptuous.

"Of course it is to deal with our Ning Family," she said.

The sisters exchanged a look.

"Would it really be that? Not to mention her, but even the Fang Family is nothing in the face of our family." Everybody laughed.

"What is she? She's dogsh*t," said Ning Yunyan coldly. "Undeserving of life. How disgusting."

Several of the girls used handkerchiefs to disguise their disgusted expressions.

"Just think. She stays in Yangcheng and becomes the lady of the Fang Family. Once the cripple dies, she can show off, bluster around." Ning Yunyan laughed coldly. "She would definitely do this. When the time comes, she will tell people of the matter between her and our Ning Family. Perhaps she will make it like she and Tenth Brother were in a harmonious relationship but were forcefully broken apart. In short, Jun Zhenzhen is a shameless woman who can stoop to any action."

Jun Zhenzhen was the type of person who could do such a thing. The sisters exchanged looks.

Jun Zhenzhen did not know the word 'shameful'.

The girls were uneasy.

"Then what can we do? The Fang Family wants to marry Jun Zhenzhen in, so who can stop them," they said.

Ning Yunyan's expression was frigid. She tightened her grip around the arrow.

"She and the Fang Family are due for a rude awakening," she said, throwing the arrow. "I will go there."

[1] Front and back of the hand are both made of flesh: it means that both parts are of equal value.

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