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When she thought of her master, Miss Jun fell silent.

Since she had been reincarnated, she did her utmost to not think of things or people from the past, but there was one person that she actually missed.

That was her master who could be said to be her father, her friend.

When she saw Miss Jun fall silent, Old Lady Fang exhaled. So she had some self-awareness after all. However, the next moment, Miss Jun was nodding her head.

"Since only Divine Doctor Zhang could save him, then today only I can cure Little Cousin's poison," she said.

These words were a shameless boast, but no one would laugh. This was, perhaps, because of the frustration in her tone.

This frustration in her voice actually made people think that her words were completely reasonable.

Old Lady Fang was stunned again, but also enraged.

"Why?" she asked. "Why can only you do it?"

Because Divine Doctor Zhang was no longer here.

Three years ago, when he had finally found an herb that he needed, its price was him falling off a cliff.

Miss Jun's hands, that had always been resting on her kneecaps, suddenly trembled. She tamped down on the emotions threatening to surge forth.

"... Jun Zhenzhen, what do you mean…what do you take us for…" Old Lady Fang droned on.

A loud bang interrupted Old Lady Fang.

Miss Jun had hit the table.

This motion was indeed very coarse, and they didn't know how to look at this girl. This thought flashed through both Lady Fang and Old Lady Fang's minds, like they thought that this girl had done a very surprising thing.

The real unfathomable mystery was that hadn't Jun Zhenzhen done many crass things before? So why was this surprising?

"I'm not implying anything. Ordering him like he belongs to your Fang Family... If you don't want him treated, then I won't treat him. No need to say anymore," said Miss Jun. Her voice was still as warm as before, but her intonation was clipped. Obviously, she was angry.

Lady Fang couldn't help but feel flustered.

Jun Zhenzhen being angry was not some sort of a rare occurrence. It could actually be said that there were practically no instances in which Jun Zhenzhen wasn't angry in front of them.

Jun Zhenzhen being angry with them was nothing to make a fuss about, but right now, Lady Fang was filled with an indescribable nervousness.

Probably, it was because this was related to her son.

Even if it was a cold, emotionless person, when things involved their children, they would lose all reasoning.

"Zhenzhen, it isn't that we don't want to cure him," she said hurriedly. "But Chengyu's illness is too serious. So many people have said that it couldn't be cured. If you suddenly say you can treat it, then of course it would be surprising."

Miss Jun gave her a look.

"When Aunt fed Little Cousin a curing medicine that turned into a toxin, that would make people surprised," she said.

Lady Fang's face turned white.

Though Miss Jun wasn't noisily sobbing and causing a ruckus like before, the words she said made people breathless from anger.

Lady Fang suddenly thought of what the servant had said when she came back from Beiliu Town, that the Ning Family was cursing Miss Jun as an extorting hoodlum. Logically, no matter what she said, backing out of the marriage was a happy thing for the Ning Family. Why would they be this angry?

Right now, she could faintly guess that it was probably because they were unsettled by this Miss Jun's words.

"No matter how you say it, it is normal for us to be suspicious. There is no need for you to get angry," said Old Lady Fang coolly. "You said that you saw through Chengyu's poison and could cure it, but didn't give us a reason to believe you."

Miss Jun laughed.

"Whether you believe it or not is your problem. Whether I can do it or not is mine. Your life is your own. I can save you right now, but I have no reason to obey you," she said.

"Then by chance you can't save Chengyu…" Lady Fang couldn't help but say.

Miss Jun gave her a look.

"How does it cause a loss for you?" she asked softly.

Fang Chengyu would die anyways.

Lady Fang choked on her words again.

She felt that it would be better if this young lady were to be loud. Her deadpan retorts made people resentful and angry.

Old Lady Fang looked at Miss Jun and muttered to herself for a moment

"What you said is correct. I cannot ask you how you knew of this, or how you can cure him," she began, "but I must ask you why you are doing this."

Miss Jun smiled.

"I thought that only I didn't know, but it seems that Grandmother also doesn't know," she said. Not waiting for Old Lady Fang to ask her again, she continued, "It was because Little Cousin told me that I needed to do this."

Little Cousin? Fang Chengyu?

Old Lady Fang frowned slightly.

"Little Cousin said that when he died, the Fang Family would only have Grandmother and Aunt supporting it. If I wait for Grandmother and Aunt to die, the Fang Family will be finished. I already depend on the Fang Family for my living. Without the Fang Family, my days would not be so easy," said Miss Jun. She sighed lightly. "Both of my parents had died, and afterwards my days were not very good. I would not want my future to be even worse. So, if Little Cousin doesn't die, then the Fang Family will not fall."

Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang wore strange expressions.

This was the reason?

They had already interrogated Fang Chengyu's servant many times for every word spoken between Fang Chengyu and Jun Zhenzhen in the garden. Naturally, they knew that Fang Chengyu had really said such a thing.

Though this was really superficial, it was the truth. However, it was not just Fang Chengyu who had said it. When Jun Zhenzhen came to Yangcheng, because of the marriage of the Ning Family, the Ning Family had insulted her for involving herself with the lower caste. Fang Jinxiu had also said similar words to Fang Jinxiu, and even Old Lady Fang had patiently explained this to her.

Then how come she didn't think of this then?

"Because at that time, the Fang Family was only a temporary relative," said Miss Jun gently. Her voice did not contain the slightest hint of impatience. It seemed that she felt that she had spoken a very simple reason, and was patiently explaining it to Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang.

Impatience, patience. Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang sensed these words because that girl's words were something obvious that anyone would think of. For them to ask such an obvious thing was truly laughable.

Of course, Miss Jun did not consider the Fang Family as relatives and someone to rely on.

"I whole-heartedly wanted to leave your family, and you also wanted to wholeheartedly throw me away," she said.

These words gave Old Lady Fang a very familiar feeling.

Not long ago, when she had heard that this girl had a marriage contract and had asked her why she hadn't brought it out, the girl had asked in return whether bringing it out would have made a difference.

'You do not like me, I know.'

That was the cold, ruthless, and cruel reality. She knew that and accepted it calmly.

Old Lady Fang had been cursed for half her life by her family members for being cold, ruthless, and without any shame. But right now, she felt her eartips turn slightly red.

Throwing away this girl, making her feel that there was no point to acting, she felt somewhat embarrassed.

It was probably because this had to do with the life and death of her grandson. Whenever someone cared about something, they would become soft, and soft meant it was easier for them to be lenient.

She suddenly felt that if this young lady were to cry loudly, it would feel more pleasant.

Old Lady Fang quickly schooled her emotions. She did not say anything, but calmly waited for the girl's next words.

"But right now, I do not have a place to go. The Fang Family is the only one I can rely on; I would not want my support to topple," said Miss Jun.

Old Lady Fang smiled.

"So it was like this," she said. "You and Chengyu are still young. It is easy for you to take a small matter and think of it as something huge. Actually, there is no point being like this."

When she said this, she sighed.

"When your grandfather died, I also thought that the sky had collapsed, and the Fang Family would fall. But it didn't. Afterwards, your uncle died and once more I thought the sky had collapsed, that the Fang Family was finished this time. But as you see, everybody is still fine."

She pursed her lips and looked at Miss Jun.

"Even if Chengyu dies, our Fang Family will not fall. You can relax. We had wanted you to leave before because you wanted to leave. Since you don't want to leave, but to stay, then of course you can stay. You don't need to say that you will save Chengyu."

Miss Jun shook her head.

"I don't believe that," she said.

Old Lady Fang smiled.

"I am your grandmother. If I, who has let you stay at the Fang Family peacefully, cannot be believed, then there is no one in the Fang Family who could be believed."

Miss Jun shook her head once more.

"Grandmother, it isn't that I don't believe what you say. I just don't believe that you can prevent the Fang Family from collapsing," she said softly. "You see, your enemy has already managed to kill Grandfather and Uncle, and Little Cousins is about to lose his life, while you don't even know who he or she is. You don't think that this a human disaster, but a natural one, and you still wonder why I don't believe you."

When she said this, she looked at the dumbstruck Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang with a somewhat awkward expression.

"Obviously, the Fang Family is a mouse being played with by a cat. You think you can escape, but in reality the cat is just playing tricks on you. Grandmother, you said that I could relax and rely on your family, but I have a hard time believing that."

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