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Since the marriage contract clearly illustrated that the engagement between the Jun Family and Ning Family was real, no matter how you put it, the Ning Family not acknowledging the marriage was betrayal.

Everyone seemed to have forgotten this, all laughing or blaming Miss Jun. Actually, if Miss Jun were to make trouble, she would be justified.

Only, the difference between Miss Jun and Tenth Noble Son Ning was too great. Their incompatibility made Miss Jun the irrational one in everybody's eyes.

When Miss Jun said this, she looked directly at the Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang. The 'everybody' naturally included the both of them too.

It seemed that Miss Jun was still full of resentment toward her maternal family for not helping her.

Lady Fang sighed.

"Zhenzhen, it isn't that we didn't help. The Ning Family was the one in the wrong first, but Zhenzhen, if you blindly make trouble, it will not be advantageous for you. Whatever you do will become wrong," she said.

Miss Jun shook her head.

"No, what's right is right, what's wrong is wrong. I do not believe that right could become wrong and wrong could become right." She continued, "I believe that the Old Heavenly Father is fair."

Otherwise, why would she not have died? The reason why she could still live was due to the fact that Old Heavenly Father knew injustice and let her live. To obtain justice."

When she heard this, the silent Old Lady Fang scoffed.

"Old Heavenly Father is fair? Just wait around and see if Old Heavenly Father is fair," she said, contempt thick in her voice.

Even if she spoke with a sneer, her expression was mournful. Her lips trembled as she tried to say something else, but she stopped in the end.

Lady Fang patted her shoulder.

"Mother, it is not early anymore. It is time for you to go back and take your medicine," she said in a low tone, her eyes also mournful.

Miss Jun glanced at their expressions.

"I know that sometimes it is hard to see Old Heavenly Father's justice," she started, "but I want to believe that even if I don't believe in it myself, Old Heavenly Father's justice is there."

Old Lady Fang smiled again. She did not say anything and stood up. Miss Jun also stood up.

"I backed out of the marriage with the Ning Family, but that does not make the Ning Family right and me wrong. I will not lower my head to curry favor with the Ning Family and reconcile." She then followed up, "I had said that I had let go of the marriage with the Ning Family. But if it weren't for the fact that they should be grateful to my ancestor, I would have given them the marriage contract without question. However, now they needed to exchange money as was my grandfather's right. I, as his junior, will not let that matter go, and I will not allow them to slander my grandfather."

What did she mean? For her grandfather?

Then wasn't she saying that she hadn't made all this trouble to marry into the Ning Family for a good life, but because of the gratefulness to her grandfather?

Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang's sorrowful expressions disappeared to be replaced with shock.

Talking nonsense?

Old Lady Fang as the senior of the two was able to calm down first. She had undergone many things; these exaggerated statements about justice wouldn't change anything. These little tricks would not be able to confuse her.

"What are you planning to do? You want to cause a commotion with the Ning Family?" she asked directly.

"Grandmother, I said that I had already let go of the marriage contract. Right now, it's not what I'm planning to do, but what the Ning Family is thinking," said Miss Jun softly.

"What do you mean by that?" Lady Fang couldn't help but ask.

Before, Miss Jun had screeched and cried and been noisy, so other people did not understand what she was saying. But right now Miss Jun had spoken softly and calmly from start to finish, so how could she not be understood?

"How do you not understand my family's Young Miss' words? What she means is that if the Ning Family does not provoke her, then she will not care about them." Liu'er snorted. "If they want to provoke our Young Miss, then do not blame our Young Miss for not being polite."


Lady Fang almost laughed.

She really talked big. How did she think she could not be polite to the Ning Family?

Of course, Lady Fang could not ask this question. How could she lower herself to the level of an ignorant child?

"Yes, Zhenzhen, if you think that, then it's good." She pursed her lips, somewhat pleased. "If it's like that, then the well water does not bother the river water [1]. Each will walk their own road."

Miss Jun did not say anything and nodded. Lady Fang lent her arm to Old Lady Fang.

"Mother, everything has been made clear. You can relax," she said. "Zhenzhen hasn't eaten yet, and you should take your medicine."

Old Lady Fang looked at Miss Jun, her expression complicated. However, she did not say anything more and left.

Miss Jun respectfully sent them off, and watched them leave through the courtyard entrance.

Old Lady Fang walked quickly, but her steps paused for a moment. She turned to look at Lady Fang.

"Mother." Lady Fang listened to her respectfully.

Old Lady Fang's expression was somewhat strange. She wanted to say something, then paused.

"Find a doctor to see her," she said softly, gesturing behind her.

That was the direction where Miss Jun was living.

She was healthy, so what was she looking for?

Lady Fang did not understand it, but she didn't show that in her expression. She nodded without hesitation and made a sound of agreement.

"Although she said that hanging herself was a trick, for a child, whether it was light or serious, it would be best to get her checked out," she said.

Old Lady Fang shook her head, and pointed to her head.

"The other parts don't matter. This is the most important thing the doctor should look at," she said. "Checking whether she has a head injury or not."

Lady Fang couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"Mother, what are you thinking?" she asked.

Old Lady Fang frowned.

"Don't you think that she was strange just now?" she asked.

"Mother, Zhenzhen has always been unpredictable," said Lady Fang sweet-temperedly.

Yes, this was not the first time she had been surprised by this girl.

Old Lady Fang had been looking forward to welcoming her granddaughter and had felt happiness and sorrow at seeing this girl that resembled her daughter so much. But then, she was shocked dumb by that girl's vulgar, mannerless, as well as heartless attitude.

She could not understand why this granddaughter had been raised to be like that. It could only be that her brain was broken.

Old Lady Fang was silent.

For that brain-broken person to do strange things was very curious. Who knew what she was planning.

"Get a doctor to look at her, as is our duty," she said. "The Ning Family will need some more consideration."

Do not mention Jun Zhenzhen again.

Lady Fang made a sound of agreement, and then arranged for someone to help Old Lady to go.

"Delaying Young Miss' meal, the food is now cold. It will need to be made again."

Liu'er complained, and the servant girls took back the food.

Miss Jun sat in the study, flipping through some books on the shelves. These books were new, obviously bought for Miss Jun by the Fang Family, but they hadn't been opened for a long time.

"Young Miss, what are you looking for?" asked Liu'er when she entered the room.

"I am not looking for anything, just thinking over some things," said Miss Jun. She set down the book.

"Is Young Miss thinking about Tenth Noble Son Ning?" Liu'er asked in concern.

Tenth Noble Son Ning.

A clear picture of the young man floated in Miss Jun's mind's eye.

He was eighteen or nineteen years old, tall and slender. He had outstanding looks, and when she saw him, he wore a white robe, his cuffs embroidered with orchids.

This was the memory lingering from the glimpse she had caught at the Yangcheng Lantern Festival on August 15. She actually even remembered what was embroidered on his clothes.

This child had such a deep and detailed impression toward an outsider male, but was a total blank when it came to her own maternal family.

"No, I will not think of him from now on," she said. "I was thinking about my maternal grandfather and uncle."

Liu'er made an 'oh' sound.

"What's there to think about; they're dead," she said, not caring at all.

"How did they die?" asked Miss Jun.

Liu'er rubbed her nose.

"I don't know. Anyway, they're dead," she said.

There are many ways for someone to die. Miss Jun felt a bit helpless.

"Young Miss, did you want to know about this?" Liu'er hurried to ask.

"Yes, go and ask around," Miss Jun ordered.

Liu'er smiled.

"What do you need to ask around for," she asked, turning to call out for some people outside. Giggling, she said, "Young Miss, if you want to know something, then just ask."

Miss Jun couldn't help but break into laughter as she looked at the two serving girls beckoned by the call.

That's right. Miss Jun did not need to be timid and overcautious in the Fang Family. If she wanted to know something, she would just have to ask.

[1] Well water does not bother the river water: it means that the two parties involved do not get into each other's way and mind their own businesses.

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