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Volume 2 Chapter 5 Secrets within the palace


“Very good, you’re finally angry.” Count Sutherland’s lips curl, his smiling expression slowly unfolding as he speaks softer, “I have been listening to news form Danzhou. I still believe you are an individual unlikely to get angry with people. Child, you are after all only sixteen, hiding your emotions within your heart can be a very painful affair.”

‘Is that so?’ Fan Xian watches his father with a peculiar expression and decides in his heart, “there is something I must tell father beforehand.”

“What is it?”

‘I…am not an easy person to control.’ Fan Xian speaks very bluntly.

“I also did not think to control you…even though you…are my son.” Count Sutherland, Fan Jian coldly gazed at the youngster’s eyes, apparently believing that Fan Xian’s calm eyes would become frenetic for a moment, “however the marriage between the Prime Ministers family has already been prepared, this is non-negotiable.”

Fan Xian lowered his head in thought, and then looked up with a smile stating, ‘you can give it a try.’ Only this smile was brimming with confidence and perseverance.

Count Sutherland appeared somewhat angry; his hand clenched around the armrest, blue veins looming. After a long time he constrains his anger, with a bitter smile he speaks, “how could you as a child understand? That young lady from the Lin family is gentle and considerate as well as educated and well balanced . In reality this match is good…Besides, nowadays the Fan family does not need to rely on their children to marry for a stable position? Insignificant Lin Ruo Fu, is he really worth our regard?”

Fan Xian feels slightly surprised, he could sense that his father’s affectionate attitude was not fake. But… if relations with the Grand Prime Minister was not regarded as important, why is it so important for himself and Miss Lin to get married? Could it really be because Miss Lin is so outstanding? With such Reasoning, Fan Xian would hardly be convinced.

‘Why should I have to marry her?’ Fan Xian asks with a frown.

Count Sutherland, Fan Jian humbly laughs as he reasons, “Because of Miss Lin’s mother, who is presently Princess Chang. His Majesty’s own flesh and blood, his younger sister.  But this Princess Chang has never been married, but the Imperial family has been managing this business in the dark, by continuously providing money from the Qing Nation and the Imperial household.”

Fan Xian is completely stunned, to think that the young woman he was to marry was actually the Princess Chang’s daughter! Wouldn’t that mean that the Prime Minister had an affair with the Princess …Even many affairs .? It’s no wonder that the prime minister, over the last few years climbed his way to the top so smoothly… He originally walked the route of a handsome man .

This secret, only a few people know. If not for his father’s relationship between his Majesty growing up it would certainly be impossible to detect. Fan Xian suddenly realized that originally his father should not have told him such a deep secret.

Count Sutherland smiles, “ You also ought to understand, you cannot speak of this outside, those who know will die. Therefore this is a conversation that hasn’t passed your ears. The reason why I told you this secret of the royal family was in order to prepare you, for the future when you are together with Miss Lin, so that you will not lose your standing”

Fan Xian suddenly recalls Uncle Five Bamboo previously speak about fathers matter, his expression becomes somewhat dispirited, speaking with a sigh, ‘Princess Chang manages the Imperial households business…is this or is it not the original Ye family matter?’

“Not bad”, a trace of tender affection passes through Count Sutherland’s eyes, as he watches the youngster with praise. To summarize, he felt startled that the small guy would actually see where the real problem lies.

‘Princess Chang, her highness only has a daughter, and His Majesty already decided to give the Imperial Households business to Princess Chang to command. A vascular management, therefore  whoever marries Miss Lin, will become Her highness Princess Chang’s son- in- law with the advantage of the possibility of becoming, in the future the master of the Imperial Households business.

After speaking so much, Count Sutherland feels tired, but deep in his heart he feels somewhat excited. Pressing down against the armrests he springs up. Watching Fan Xian attentively he states, “That family business originally belonged to your mother, therefore you merely seize back what was originally yours!”

Deathly silence.


‘Father has deep plans and distant thoughts , this child admires you’ Fan Xian stands on ceremony to ask, ‘ although the other person  at fault is a Princess, but she has status from the Imperial Household, do you think in this manner we will be able to seize mothers family property? This type of idea I feel is somewhat arrogant.’

“Naturally I have the subsequent party, do not forget your father is the  Ministry of Revenue assistant manager, it’s just a matter of silver money,” Fan Jian smiles as he increasingly appreciates the presence this youngsters calm mind and bearing. “ There is something else I want to tell you, that thief Lin Ruofu although he doesn’t have much say in the matter, but there are still doubts, therefore I hope that in the shortest time possible you display yourself better in the Capital.”

“Why?” Fan Xian was somewhat doubtful, although Lin Ruofu is a noble Prime Minister, head of the civil officials, but he himself is very clear about the Fan family’s position in the Capital which is as deep as a lake. In this case, the receiving party ought to be happy to be able to make powerful friends. Why would they be against it? If one considers status, he and that young lady seems to be the same, their births were not particularly glorious.

“Everyone has their own standing, different factions shall consider different matters.” Fan Jian indifferently explained, “The Fan Clan is a large and influential family in the Capital, Lin Ruofu is head of the civil officials. For the two families to secretly join by marriage is a big affair. Lin Ruofu reasons why he still hesitates are; one his fear that His Majesty suspects his motives, secondly he fears his subordinates affiliated to the civil official system will hit the nail on the head, this matter will make those youthful people  give birth to two hearts .”

Fan Xian sighs and continues with a self-deprecating chuckle, “Luckily I too considered many things. Originally this was as simple as having one’s head shaved of burdens, but this is merely Fan family’s’ unilateral train of thought.’

“Yes, therefore you must find a way to gain Miss Lin’s approval of you.” Fan Jian smiles only slightly puzzled, “to have one’s head shaved of burdens …what does that sentence mean?”

“I spoke incorrectly.’ Fan Xian smiles not giving a further explanation but rather asks, ‘Father, there is something I have been curious about, I do not know if I can ask.’

“Just ask.”

‘Forget about it. It is already very late, this child will go rest early.’ Unknowingly why Fan Xian holds his tongue, and instead asks, ‘I am not familiar with the Capital please allow Teng Zi Jing to follow after me?’

“Teng Zi Jing was very capable during the journey, but he is only a fourth rank expert…” Fan Jian’s eyebrows crease into a frown, “I will arrange a bodyguard, the water in the Capital is very deep.”
Fan Xian smiled, ‘There is no need, we have gone through great difficulties together and are familiar, there is no need to exchange people.’

Father and son both speak several idle sentences. When the night is already dark, only then does Fan Xian salute and ask to be excused. Outside the maidservant from earlier was already waiting to guide him through the complex corridors to his bedroom.
(AN: The first several chapters will be more oppressive/depressing, later it will be more relaxed, I like it relaxed, ha-ha ……Please vote. 前幾章會壓抑一些,后面就輕松了,我喜歡輕松,呵呵……請投票。 )

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