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Chapter 37
Chapter 37: To the Capital?

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The servants that had come to Danzhou Harbor with Teng Zijing were currently shopping for the specialty tea of Danzhou Harbor. As Count Sinan lived in the capital, he missed the taste of his hometown tea. In the previous years, the Countess of the mansion would order people to buy the tea and send it to the capital, but since Count Sinan was sending people over this year, they could simply pick it up themselves.

In total, three carriages and seven people arrived from Count Sinan’s mansion, with Teng Zijing leading the entire thing.

Although he hadn’t wandered around the street with the servants, he was still sweating like a pig and had to constantly wipe away his sweat. The weather in Danzhou Harbor was indeed hotter than in the capital. He had originally planned to greet the Countess as soon as he arrived in Danzhou Harbor, but upon remembering his mission he immediately felt guilty. Instead, he sent the servants to buy tea while he sat in a bar and tried to get a hold of his emotions.

They had not heard from the second housekeeper they had sent to Danzhou some years ago, and they weren’t even sure if he was dead or alive. All the people of Count Sinan’s house were clear on the fact there was conflict between house of Danzhou and the capital, and they figured that even though Fan Xian was on his own, something had happened to the second housekeeper.

If this was true, then the people of Count Sinan’s house had to reevaluate their views on the illegitimate son; after all, Fan Xian was only twelve when the second housekeeper went missing. The only way that the second housekeeper could have disappeared so quietly was if it was by order of the Countess, which proved that the Countess was on Fan Xian’s side and that it was likely second wife was in store for hard times.

Zeng Zijing noticed that the newspaper on the wall was dated last month, which meant that he had already read it before in Count Sinan’s study. There were no intriguing articles, as the lives of the officials in the capital were peaceful for now. There were no updates on the battle between the eldest prince and Xihu, and news of the chancellor’s illegitimate daughter had died down, as the young people of the censorate had not pursued anything further even though they had the cover of the mighty emperor.

There were side articles about the Director of the Overwatch Council and his first love. Even though the paper was backed by the emperor, the editors would never have dared to post these articles if the absolutely horrifying and blood-chilling director had been in the capital.

It was obvious from this that Director Chen had taken his first vacation in twenty years and had gone to visit his hometown. As the emperor was especially reliant on him, there would be no major activities during his absence.

Teng Zijing thought of Count Sinan’s orders and could not understand exactly why it was an absolute priority that he ensured the young master with no identity was rushed to the capital before the Director returned, nor would he delay things, even if it meant going against an angry Countess. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, gathered the servants, and headed for the corner of Danzhou where Count Sinan’s estate was located.

The liveliness in Count Sinan’s estate was a rare sight. All of the servant stood outside the hall and took in the people standing in the middle of the hall. Everyone knew that these people were from the estate in the capital, so to them, it was no wonder that they looked energetic even in pale green clothing. Since Danzhou and the capital were far from each other, the two estates didn’t interact th

at much. As it was unusual for such a large number of people to be sent from the capital's estate, the maids were trying to guess their motives.

Leading the servants, Ten Zijing knelt down conscientiously in front of the Countess and performed several deep bows in respect and as a greeting. Afterwards, he passed on the message Count Sinan sent and stepped quietly aside to wait for her response.

Teng Zijing was aware of her place in the Fan Family, so he breathed as quietly as possible to show his deepest respects. He glanced at the young boy who was currently massaging the Countess’s shoulders.

The young boy was pretty. He had long eyelashes, full red lips, and eyes that sparkled softly. In general, he looked like a girl. The wide smile on his face made him seem amiable and friendly.

This was, of course, Fan Xian.

Teng Zijing sighed to himself. He thought it was unfair that this beautiful child was an illegitimate son with no identity. Perhaps it was because he was infected by the warm smile, Teng Zijing began to question whether this young master was easier to serve than the one in the capital.

After hearing what this person in front of her needed to say, The Countess cast her eyes down in thought before she spoke in a low voice, "I understand. Zijing, you may rest now, since you have worked so hard and have travelled over 1,000 miles...Sisi, please ask Lao Huangtou to prepare some hot water and food."

The servants collectively acknowledged her request ,and the servants from the capital thanked her before exiting the hall. Although Teng Zijing was on a tight schedule from Count Sinan, he didn’t dare to bring it up. He glanced at the foreign young master one last time instead and left.

The hall became quiet.

"Well, you heard. Your father wants you to go to the capital." The old lady gently patted Fan Xian’s hands, which sat on her shoulder. "What do you think?"

Although Fan Xian was smiling widely, his mind was calculating. He was suspicious as to why his father had called him to the capital all of a sudden without warning. Perhaps he was preparing a career for his illegitimate son, but the spring imperial examinations had already begun, and he would never be able to make it in time, as it took at least a month to travel to the capital.

Upon hearing The Countess’s words, Fan Xian smiled wryly and answered, "I’ve never been to the capital. I’m quite curious, and scared at the same time."

His answer was only half true- the truth being that he really was curious about the people who lived there and of the city where his mother and lived and fought battles. However, he was not scared at all, more frustrated at his own lack of knowledge.

"Would you like to go?" The Countess smiled; it was as if she could see through his thoughts.

"Yes." Fan Xian answered honestly, "I’ve always lived in Danzhou and have always wanted to get out and see the world."

"Oh, you no longer wish to keep your old grandma company?" the Countess joked.

Fan Xian giggled, "Oh, yeah! And you can go ahead and punish me for that." He continued, "Anyways, the man said so himself; father has prepared for us all to move to the capital, so I have nothing to worry about really, as I would be at my grandma’s side at all times."

The Countess shook her head gently, and holding his hands, she pulled him in front of her and spoke softly. "My old bag of bones would not be able to tolerate the journey. If you wish to go, then go ahead. I will look after the house in Danzhou."

Fan Xian was thrown off guard. He had not expected his grandmother to reject the journey to the capital and he was at a loss for words.

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