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(The fat young master’s image is very unsightly, is it not? I do not deliberately debase him, for twenty years ago that would have been me… Ah! Pitiful me.)

Fan Xian sat down while ignoring the boy. After his younger sister was seated, he smiled while asking, “Who is this boy?” He had naturally guessed who the little fatty was but deliberately chose not to point it out.

“I am Fan Si Zhe, the Fan manors young master.” The fat juvenile looked him in the eyes and with a snort continued to say, “So you’re the bastard.”

Fan Xian detected a small pang sound. Out of the corner of his eye he searched for Ms. Liu but it seemed as though she had long since left for no reason. He didn’t know where she had gone to but it seemed that she had deliberately let her son make a scene in order to destroy Fan Xian’s calm appearance. In any case if he acted not according to decorum, there was the pretext that Zhe er* was still young and not often sensible.

(*er loving way of saying name/son)

A trace of a sly smile appeared on the corner of Fan Xian’s mouth. In Port Danzhou he already knew that this young master genuinely had a large temper as well as being rude and unreasonable. For his father’s sake, with the purpose of preventing Fan manors tragic end on account of this youngster committing an offense against a high ranking official, Fan Xian resolved to pull time out of his busy schedule and personally…educate this “younger brother.”

However the following matter; stemmed from his expectation completely.*

(*went beyond his expectations/was different from what he expected)

An ice cold voice spoke up, and actually came from Fan Ruo-Ruo’s thin lips, “Extend your hands.”  After speaking this sentence, the Fan family’s young lady unhurriedly took out the long disciplinary ruler from beneath the table.*

(*She had the ruler on her I suppose)

“Why?” Fan Si Zhe muttered, a look of fear appeared on his face, but he still obediently held out his hand.

Bang, bang. Two red impressions appeared on Fan Si Zhe’s hand. His eyes began to tear but he still clenched his teeth and endured, only then did he scold, “Older sister, because of this outsider…”

“Outsider” before he could finish the word- Fan Ruo-Ruo’s face became wooden* and once again the heavy discipline ruler, whipped against the young fatty’s hand.


At this time Fan Xian discovered that the indifference between his younger sisters forehead, was in the eyes of average people, very oppressive.

“First, you are not allowed to say elder brother’s given name. Second, you must understand our relationship, don’t ever say these impudent remarks!  * Third, directly disrespecting elder brother naturally demands punishment.” Fan Ruo-Ruo said dismissively, while holding the disciplinary ruler.


It made Fan Xian associate that weak and cute appearance on the surface to be incomparable to those fierce kindergarten aunts.

Fan Si Zhe glared at Fan Xian maliciously as though slapped in the face, he ran towards the back courtyard.

“Each time he runs crying to his mother.” Fan Ruo-Ruo sighed.

“I am very curious, as to what word Si Zhe was going to say*”


“Consideration [Si] will cause one to stagnate like a pig, oppression is a means to keep the wheel on track [Zhe]”*

(*I guess she is being tyrannical so that she can save him from stagnating in character, she is also changing the topic*idk -思慮凝滯如豬,橫行霸道留轍)

“The name that is so elegantly taught, and the way in which these two words were solved by younger sister, is actually funny.”*

(*refers to the above play on names and shimming the title of the chapter)

“How stubborn of elder brother to say the joke was funny.*”

“Why do you have a disciplinary ruler?”

“My father gave me the power to discipline him.”

“It seems my original analysis of this world is somewhat inconsistent”

“Is there an issue of male authority?”

“En*, furthermore the Empress holds the authority over her home by distributing problems.”

(*En-sign of agreement/approval/groan/what?/ok-an interjection)

“At present I only obtained a little bit of authority.”

“But don’t forget that your authority is totally dependent on that man’s likes and dislikes. ”

“Elder brother, do not forget, you said that man was our father.”

Like a rapid artillery cannon, as though it were normal they asked and replied until they screeched to a stop. Fan Xian and Fan Ruo-Ruo looked at each other- and laughed. In this moment there were no outsiders present, Fan Ruo-Ruo also no longer maintained her earlier manners as a smile spread out on her face. She could no longer guard her thoughts as her happiness was too difficult to restrain.

Fan Xian often exchanged letters with his younger sister, which is how they could adept frequently and have a logical discussion.  Moreover they began to exchange letters when Fan Ruo-Ruo was still very young- when her view of the world, her view of life, was greatly influenced by Fan Xian’s subtle influences.

Two people who have not seen each other for ten years should be unfamiliar, but previously an outsider would have perceived the emotions in the dialogue between the two talented individuals. The rapid play brought their minds closer**, as though the older brother (younger sister*) sitting before them was very familiar, as though they had not been separated for ten years. Rather they were good friends who spent everyday shoulder to shoulder in the courtyard reading a book***.

(*() was in raws**Mental distance ***studying/reading)

In this relationship, Fan Ruo-Ruo admires Fan Xian as a general, as a teacher, and Fan Xian actually regards his younger sister as a student, perhaps to the younger generation this kind of psychology is very subtle.

Fan Xian smiled at her and whispered, “Seeing you inside of the official residence, you seem to be doing pretty good, I no longer need to worry.”

“Oh?” Fan Xian shyly smiled, don’t tell me that the previous incarnation works chapter that I wrote is having an effect? With merely this sentence it would not be good to directly ask.

“Quite recently Liu was made content.” Fan Ruo-Ruo unenthusiastically added, she called her father’s concubine Liu, granted that at this moment in the reception hall there were only Fan Xian and herself but she still seemed completely unconcerned.

After Fan Xian deliberated he then said, “Although I was in the remote Danzhou, but I also know that the Liu family status in the capital is very high, do not slight her.”

“Unlikely.” Fan Ruo-Ruo lowered her eyes, seeing her eyelashes against her fair skin- she was absolutely beautiful.

Fan Xian smiles at her, to discover someone in this world who is capable of “knowing” him so well, it really is a happy thing even though this person was taught by himself.

He said softly, “Did you receive my letter?”

“Um.” Fan Ruo-Ruo smiled, the frost on her face had disappeared without a trace, “the night before yesterday I saw the letter in my room. It frightened me enough to jump; I really thought it came from an unprincipled person. Then I saw the handwriting on the letter and knew it was from you.”

Fan Xian shrugs, while thinking to himself that to rely on Five Bamboo’s abilities to deliver a letter is truly wasteful to his talents.

Within the reception hall nobody comes to disturb the two people speaking. On this point Fan Xian is very satisfied. He drinks a sip of tea before sternly asking, “I presume you are still unaware of the second reason that brought me into the capital?”

Fan Ruo-Ruo lifts up her face, with a smile yet not a smile* looking at her elder brother.

(* idiom似笑非笑)

Fan Xian meets her gaze somewhat embarrassed, mumbling, “What ?”

A teasing sigh was heard, as the young lady smiled and said,, “ The reason why you have come to the capital, probably many people already know, moreover they are inquisitive about the famous family’s younger generation as they believe that since the illegitimate child of Count Southernland is in the capital, there must be some big plans.

“Ah?” startled Fan Xian asks, “I was under the impression father letting me enter the capital was a very secretive matter, could it be that many people know?….but in the capital not many people know who I am, how would they then be curious about my affairs?”

“Because at this time you have entered the Capital with the intention to get married.” Fan Ruo-Ruo laughingly smiled, “father made preparations so that the female you are to marry is very famous.”

Fan Xian frowns, although he may not marry her, nevertheless he was still concerned with the character of the woman he might marry, and so asked, “Do you know that young lady?”

“My future sister-in-law is of the Lin family.” A flash of brilliance appears in Fan Ruo-Ruo’s eyes, “not only do I know her; I am convinced the entire Capital knows who she is.”

(*Lin means woods/forest)

“Which Lin family? Why is this female so well known?” Fan Xain raises his eyebrows.

“Elder brother, although you are far away in the remote Danzhou, but I know that the Imperial palace office have stamped a letter. Grandma should have a copy.” Fan Ruo-Ruo laughed.

Fan Xian suddenly recalled, he hits his forehead  as he realises, “ Could it be that Lin family, precisely prime minister Lin Ruo Fu? Was that young lady the protagonist of that noisy event some time ago about the Prime Ministers illegitimate daughter?


Fan Si Zhe or Si Che, 思轍 (si-to think/consider) che (remove/withdraw zhe – rut, way), interesting thing is when I was trying to figure out the name I found 范思哲 fan si zhe – versace, I decided to go with Si Zhe even though to remove thought (Si Che) goes with Fan Xians name- idle…

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