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Chapter 36: To the Capital?


The servants who followed Teng Zi Jing to Danzhou were buying the locally produced special tea. The Count, who was in the Capital, yearned for the taste of the tea back home. Usually, it would be the task of the Old Madam to summon some servants to send some back to the Capital; now that the Count had already sent people over, they might as well handle it themselves.


The Main Manor sent a total of three horse carriages and seven servants, all headed by Teng Zi Jing.


He did not follow the servants of lower status to shop in the streets and continued to wipe his sweat on his body. The weather in Danzhou is hotter than the Capital by a lot. Originally, he is obligated to visit the Count’s Manor to receive the Old Madam’s blessing before he does anything else. However, when he thought about the task this time, he felt slightly guilty, which was why he sent the people under him to get the tea leaves while he composed himself in the Inn.


The second Housekeeper that was sent from the Capital had disappeared without a trace and it was unknown if he was still alive or already dead. Everyone in the Count’s Main manor was all clear that the presence of two manors, one in the Capital and another in Danzhou, was bound to create some friction. Although there was only Fan Xian in Danzhou’s manor, the truth was that many were speculating secretly about how the second Housekeeper was done in.


If it was as how everyone suspected, the House of Fan had to review how they were treating this baseborn. When something happened to the second Housekeeper, Young Master Fan Xian could only have been twelve years old; the only one capable of quietly silencing the second Housekeeper could have only done it under the Old Madam’s orders – this would prove that the Old Madam is on Fan Xian’s side and the days of the Second Mistress are slowly waning.


Teng Zi Jing read the date of the magazine and noticed that this was edition a month ago; he had read this in the Southernland Count’s study before. There was nothing new on the newspaper; the celebrities of the Capital lead relatively quiet lives. There are also no new development eldest  Prince’s campaign in the Western Xi Hu, the scandal of the Prime Minister’s illegitimate daughter has also slowly faded in popularity. At least for the mildly autistic but great Emperor, the youths in the Imperial Palace had not done anything of significance.


The sensationalist piece on the newspaper this time narrated the story of the Director of the EBI’s first love. Although the newspaper came from the Emperor, if that terrifying and insidious person from the EBI was in the Capital, the publisher of the newspaper would never have had the guts to publish this.


It can thus be seen that, for the EBI Director whom the Emperor heavily relies on, his first holiday back to his hometown in twenty years had not ended yet. And the Emperor will absolutely never do anything of great import in his absence.


Teng Zi Jing was puzzled whenever he thought about the Count’s orders. Why is it necessary to fetch this anonymous and statusless Young Master back to the capital before the Director returned to the Capital? Moreover, this matter was deemed really urgent. In order not to delay this, even if it would anger the Old Madam, he had to hurry in sending the Young Master back…… He wiped away his sweat and stood up, hailing his men to bring the carriage over to rush to the Count’s Manor in a corner in Danzhou.


It was rare that the Count’s manor was this lively; all of the servants and servant girls were surrounding the hallway and curiously evaluating the people who were standing in the hall. Everyone knew that these people came from the Main Manor in the Capital from their brilliant and bright green clothing. The distance between the Capital and Danzhou was actually rather far apart and trips between these two Manors were rare; the servant girls were all speculating about what is going to happen for there to be that many people sent from the Capital.


Teng Zi Jing humbly followed his servants and knelt on the floor and kowtowed a few times to greet the Old Madam and wished her well. He spared no time in delivering what the Count had related to him and, afterwards, stood silently to one side to allow the Old Madam to decide.


Teng Zi Jing knew where the Old Madam truly stood in this Household, which was why he even controlled his breathing and was even more courteous than usual. His gaze, however, kept wavering over the Old Madam’s shoulder towards the youth who was standing behind her.


The youth was undoubtedly pretty (Yeah, I know, that’s a rather weird way to describe a male. But hey, that’s what the author decreed ~MCM); luscious eyelashes, rosy lips and a brilliance behind those eyes, he looked exactly like a girl. With a honest and full smile, he exude an aura of amicability.


This youth was naturally Fan Xian.


Teng Zi Jing sighed mentally; the Heavens is really unfair to allow such a precious person to be a statusless baseborn child. Almost as if he was infected by the youth’s radiant smile, Teng Zi began to feel that perhaps it would be better to serve this Young Master compared to the one in the Capital.


Having finished hearing the words of the servant in front of her, the Old Madam slightly closed her eyes and thought for a while before saying, “Understood. Zi Jing, take a rest; the journey is at least a few thousand miles, it must have been difficult…… Si Si, get Old Huang to ready Jing some hot water and a meal.”


The servants all followed her orders and those from the Main Manor said their thanks before obediently leaving the hall. Although Teng Zi Jing was rather anxious because of the deadline given to him by the Count, he did not dare say anything in front of the Old Madam, and could only steal a few glances at the unfamiliar Young Master before leaving the room himself.


The hallway was instantly quiet.


“You heard it as well; your Father wishes for you to go to the Capital.” The Old Madam gently stacked her hand on Fan Xian’s which was on her shoulder and softly patted it a few times. “What do you think?”


Although Fan Xian’s face was smiling, he had already thought about this properly. He was suspicious as to why his Father wanted him to announce his own presence in the Capital right now without any prior indication. Even if this was a ploy to raise his illegitimate child’s status, the Imperial exam period had already started. It would take a month and a bit for him to arrive at the Capital if he leaves now, and by then he would have missed it.


Having heard the Old Madam’s question, he thought about it and smiled bitterly, “I have never been to the Capital and, though I am curious, I am also rather afraid.”


This reply was partly a lie – he was truly curious about the people in the Capital, especially the ones whom his Mother had interacted with when she was alive as well as the places she fought. As for the fear, it was only a momentary unease about the future. (Yeah, this is kinda a crappy translation. Sorry, working on a tight schedule here ~MCM)


“Do you want to go?” The Old Madam smiled gently, almost as if she understood what this youth was truly thinking about.


“Yes.” Fan Xian honestly replied, “I have lived in Danzhou since I was young. I always wished to be able to take a look outside.”


“Oh? You don’t want to spend time with lil’ old me anymore?” The Old Madam quipped.


Fan Xian snickered and reciprocated, “That’s right! And let the ancestors curse me for it.” He continued, “Besides, the Housekeeper had already mentioned that this time, the entire Manor is invited to come along to the Capital. With Granny around, I have nothing to worry about.”


The Old Madam silently shook her head and led him to face her and said softly, “These bones of mine can no longer endure this journey. If you want to go, you should. I will stay behind to take good care of the house.”


Fan Xian was shocked. He did not expect Granny to refuse to return to the Capital and was at a loss for words.

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