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Chapter 19: At the Summit


Housekeeper Zhou was sprawled wretchedly on the floor, his cheeks flushed a scarlet red and he spat out a few broken teeth. He was still in a semi-conscious state, staring at Fan Xian with eyes filled with fear and horror.


“I really don’t get what you lot are thinking. Did you honestly believe I wouldn’t dare to hit you? You seem to forget your own place here. Sure there are some cultured masters who would never lay a hand on their servants; unfortunately for you, I am not one of them. (The actual sentence was “unfortunately, I hit you.” But this fits better. ~MCM) Do you think you could hit me back? What’s done is done; you can only endure it submissively and maybe even laugh about it. Or, I suppose you could seek the Old Madam or someone from the Capital to complain about it… but… never, ever come to the back garden again. I do not want to see your face,” he said softly.


Having finished saying those words, he dusted his pants, turned around and climbed up the steps. After quietly informing the dazed Si Si about wanting to go out, he left the Manor.


Behind him, the servants were all wearing fearful expressions. None of them could imagine that such a kind and adorable boy had such a violent side to him. This contrast in behavior shocked everyone and made the scene even more terrifying.


At about this time, the Old Madam was already in the back garden looking at the Housekeeper who was moaning in pain on the floor. While she was thinking about the child, her eyes betrayed a hint of smile involuntarily.


Chasing the Eldest servant girl out of the Manor last year, even slapping Housekeeper Zhou silly today – The twelve year old Fan Xian has finally established his own authority in the Count’s Manor.






Ten miles along the beach of Danzhou port was a dangerous cluster of rocks. The ocean gales would brush the blue waters towards the beach, breaking the waves against the solid cliffs, creating a spray of dense white mist.


On the eastern side was a narrow path in a strange rock that was occasionally not visible. Fan Xian appeared from the path and turned around, his back towards the ocean. Listening to the deafening thunder behind him, he lifted his head to gaze upwards.


In front of him was a sheer cliff. This mountain beside the ocean appeared naturally, forged from the elements. Behind it was an ancient forest and swamp that stretched a few hundred miles, which cut off any other routes towards the summit. If anyone wanted to reach the top, the only way one could get there was to climb up the cliff.


Fan Xian eyed the face of the cliff and creased his brow slightly. He instantly mapped out the route he usually took to climb the vertical path in his mind. The only issue was that, due to the stronger gusts of ocean winds lately, the natural protruding rocks which he had used as foothold were getting loose. He must be careful in climbing today.


The waves behind him crashed against the black rocks but were unable to pass over the rocks’ cold and hard barrier. Only a few splashes managed to get onto the beach, making the sand here wetter than the other places. His foot sunk into the sand, soaking his shoes and making his soles really uncomfortable.


Removing his shoes, he placed them in a dry and clean hole in the cliff. Rubbing some dry sand on his palm, he began to regulate the inner energy in his body. When he was ready, he gripped his right hand tightly on an insignificant protrusion on the rock face. Pushing gently, his entire body was sent flying lightly upwards as he climbed.


He climbed with an inhuman speed, his body sticking closely towards the cliff face the entire time. Looking up, it resembles a strange animal that was adapted to climbing – every exploration of his hand and pushing of the leg was done in a fluid and relaxed motion. It looked effortless.

After a little effort, he was already nearing the peak. The ocean breeze eddied around his body, wafting away the heat and sweat from his body’s exertion, making him rather comfortable.


“I think even Brother Jing will not be able to climb as fast as me. But, that blind one at the top is even more ruthless than Ma Yu……” ( ~MCM)


Fan Xian remembered what happened in the Manor’s garden while he climbed. Something felt strange about it; the Second Mistress’s trusted Housekeeper has already been honest for more than a year. Why would he slip up today and give him a chance to do this?


The ocean breeze was moist, which was why the rocks near the top of the cliff which were exposed were slippery. Because Fan Xian began to relax as he saw the summit and was also thinking about what happened at home, he lost his focus for a second. His right hand slipped and he fell.


Although the situation seemed dire, Fan Xian was not flustered. Concentrating the potent inner energy into his left hand, he dug three fingers tightly into the corner of a rock. His slightly trembling fingers seemed to embed deeply into the rock.


A wooden stick descended from above his head, motioning for him to grab on.


Fan Xian seemed to want to avoid the rod. Not even looking at it, he swung his body and pushed off from the cliff face with a kick, borrowing the upward momentum to leap upwards. He arrived on the peak with much difficulty.


“If you don’t concentrate, you’ll lose your life.”

At the top of the cliff was Five-Bamboo, who was garbed in clothes of coarse cloth. He stood motionless as he enjoyed the ocean breeze, the sable piece of cloth veiling his eyes as always.


Ignoring him, Fan Xian proceeded to rest by kneeling down. After a while, he stood up and recounted what happened in the Count’s Manor today as well as what his own suspicion, hoping to gain a definite answer from Five-Bamboo.


Five-Bamboo merely said coldly, “Do you believe that your slap would make the Housekeeper more submissive?”


“Yes, as long as Grandma stands by my side.” Fan Xian bowed his head. Although he did not use any inner energy back then, the strength contained within his thin and weak body was of a tremendous and terrifying amount. More importantly, the somber temperament he had displayed back then was truly horrifying.


“Then that’s alright.” Five-Bamboo seemed reluctant to dwell into this topic.


“My only concern is why the Housekeeper would cause trouble today. He has already been subdued for a year and a half now. Under normal circumstances, there would really be no reason for him to reveal his ugliness this time. Unless…… he feels that he had endured enough and something big will happen in Danzhou soon. In his opinion, I no longer pose any threat towards the little master in the Capital, which was why he does not find it necessary to pander to me anymore.”


Fan Xian’s self-deprecating smile floated across his tender young face. The look did not seem to fit.


It was strange, while Fei Jie carried a hint of suspicion and horror towards Fan Xian’s early maturing, Five-Bamboo was unconcerned with such a thing. Even if Fan Xian suddenly became an ancient tree demon, as long as it was Fan Xian, Five-Bamboo would not have a single reaction.


Fan Xian supposed that perhaps it was because the other person was blind, which was why the latter could not see the involuntary expressions he have usually. Those expressions did not belong on a child’s face.


“This is a small matter,” Five-Bamboo said out of nowhere. He obviously felt that Fan Xian’s analysis of the matter was overly grim.


“My guess is someone will be sent to kill me. Is that also a small matter?” Fan Xian snickered.

Five-Bamboo coldly replied, “Fei Jie and I have already taught you so many things. It would only be a big issue if you are unable to handle such a small matter.


Fan Xian thought about it seriously and decided that was true. He understood that Uncle Five-Bamboo will not handle this matter for him.


“Let’s begin.”








After some time, at the secluded peak of the cliff, Fan Xian ** his upper body (I don’t know why he did this ~MCM), pathetically groaning out, “Again……”


A split second after the words drifted from the cliff, a wooden stick descended from the sky out of nowhere, savagely thrusting into his back, producing a muffled thud. (Heh heh, oh myyyy ~MCM)

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