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Port Danzhou was located east of the celebrated Qing Empire. Although a city by the sea, due to the completion of several ports in southern Qing, it had begun to decline. As the Empires center of trade had been moved to the south, where there had always existed a channel connecting the south to the western countries. Soon the gradual decline could be seen at this Port. For in its former days, several years prior, it had been bustling with noise and excitement but now it was quiet.

The Seagulls were now free to soar in the skies, without fear of harassment from those repulsive seamen.

The immediate residents of Port Danzhou felt no large changes to their livelihood. Even though their income had been reduced, the Emperor had already exempted taxes several years prior. As a result the days were past well.  In addition this seaport was very beautiful, nowadays it had transformed into a quiet area that was naturally more suitable for the residents

Therefore, occasionally important people chose to build manors in this place.

However as a result of the extreme distance from the capital to such a remote area, many officials reluctantly left and those who remained were not many. Such that the only one was in the west side of the city, the Old Madam residing in a manor.

It was said that the esteemed mother of Count Southern-land, chose to live out her retirement in Port Danzhou. The city’s residents were all aware that the Count had received His Majesty, The Emperor’s recognition. For the Count was made a legal exception and was directly assigned in the Capital to the Ministry of Finance.  Therefore the city residents would be respectful and express sufficient manners towards the manor.

However, children could not understand this.

It was a beautiful sunny day. The adults were seated at the local tavern, enjoying the salty sea breeze with their preserved plums and cups of wine.

There was also another gathering in the west. A gathering of more than a dozen excited teenagers surrounded the back gate of Count Southern-land’s Manor outdoor steps.  Just what were they doing all densely packed?

If one were to go closer, they would discover an absolutely interesting scene. As it turns out, these teenagers were all gathered around to listen to the speech of a four or five year old speak.

The small boy was very pretty, with picturesque eyebrows* that enhanced his matchless two crystal clear eyes. Though his voice was still that of a baby, the manner in which he told his stories were with the seriousness of a senior.

(*as if drawn on)

By merely listening to him one would sigh in awe at his manner of expression. His tiny arms wildly gestured as he spoke, “It is said that Truman found the boundary and discovered there was a staircase. Therefore, one step at time he finally reached a door at the end. Truman pushes open the door and leaves …”

“After that?”

“After that? Afterwards…naturally he returns to the real world.” The small boy pouts impatiently, he seems wary to associate with the older teenager who can ask such a retarded question.

“It can’t be? Don’t tell me that it’s unlikely he’ll seek out that Hanny person…”

“Harris.” corrected another teenager.

“Right, shouldn’t Truman find that one, Harris, to beat him up and vent his anger? He was locked in for so many years.”

The small boy just shrugs his shoulders, “doesn’t happen.”

“Bah! It was really boring, young master Fan Xian. Today’s story wasn’t as good as the ones before.”

“Then what stories did you like?”

“A Dreamy Journey to the Far, Far Away*!”

“The Story of a Charming Wanderer*!”

(*popular internet novels)

“Bah!” shouted Fan Xian, showing his middle finger to the surrounding teenagers, “fighting and killing is unhealthy, to dig everywhere for treasure is also not good for the environment!”

From the manor an extremely angry voice shouts out, “Young master! Where have you* been?”

(*informal you你(o.O)

He looks at the circle of teenagers sticking out their middle fingers at him, such a large number of children left a spectacular sight as they shouted in unison, “Bah!” Then they laughingly scattered.

Fan Xian stood up dusting his pants before he turned and ran into the yard. But just before he closed the gate those crystal clear eyes stared across at the grocery store whose owner was a blind youth.  On his face appeared mixed emotions not consistent with his age, and then he gently shut the gate.


This is the fourth year since Fan Shen arrived in this world. In these years, he finally came to the realization that it was not a dream.That he really came to an unknown world and even though it seemed the same it was also very different.

Through eavesdropping on the manors servant’s gossip, he finally understood his own status. He was the illegitimate child of Count Southern-land.

It immediately appeared like an aristocratic drama where due to him being a base born* son he would face the grievances and evil schemes of his great aunt, and second aunt. He was his father’s only supposed heir, so in order to extend the Counts of bloodline, he was sent very far away from the Capital to the remote Danzhou.


Over the years, he was gradually getting used to his identity. Although it could be said that he had an adults soul trapped in a child’s body. It was a completely different experience both physically and mentally. If it were a normal person they would have already gone crazy. Fan Shen had myasthenia gravis in his past life, where he lain immobile in bed for many years. Compared to his previous miserable situation this is not so bad. Therefore even though he temporarily resides in this young body he was still able to adept.

What he couldn’t adept to, was his present day name. When he had been one year old, the honorable Count in the capital entrusted a letter naming him Fan Xian, with a middle name Anzhi.

This name was not a good name, as it sounded like a curse word from his previous world , where Fan Xian meant having nothing better to do.

However since he appeared as a child, it was impossible to voice his objection.

When he was previously in the hospital, during the early stages of treating his illness, he was still able to turn his head around. Therefore he would frequently implore that cute nurse to buy a few pirated dvd’s and books for him

He had lived in the Count’s manor for a long period of time, he could tell that the Old Madam was only cold in appearances. He understood her and that she loved him dearly. Due to his status as a base born son, the manors servants did not regard him with any special treatment. However not having people to share his pain left him in somewhat in a bad mood.

Could he tell the maidservants that he was actually from another world? Could he tell his teacher that he actually already knew all the characters in the books?

Therefore, he often secretly slips away from the Counts Manor, through a side gate. For entertainment he would play with the commoners’ children on the street. His favorite activity was to tell them stories, stories from movies and novels from his own world.

It was as though he wanted to keep reminding himself about something, that he did not belong to this world. The world he truly belonged to had movies, the Internet, and YY novels*[6].

Today he didn’t know why he told the story of the movie “The Truman Show”*. The plot of the movie was plain; besides, there was no lovable Jim Carrey, so he should have clearly known that these teenagers of Port Danzhou would not enjoy it.

(*A show about a man whose whole life is scripted and he lives in a world that is actually a studio-the ultimate reality show- only the MC doesn’t know about it)

But he still told it.

It was because deep down he had always felt a sense of absurdity. He was obviously dying. Why did  he suddenly reincarnate into this body? He couldn’t help but think of that movie … … Perhaps, these streets in front of him, these people, these seagulls flying in the sky, are all being arranged?

Just like the Truman show.

Truman eventually discovered the falsity of the world he was in, so he resolutely took the ship and found the exit.

.  But Fan Shen, no, he should be called Fan Xian now … knew that he was not Truman, and this world truly existed. It was not just a huge movie studio.

So he found himself telling stories every day to remind himself that he is from another world, which was ridiculous in its own way.

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