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Published at 27th of January 2019 04:44:55 PM

Chapter 3.2
3: When you’ve started a challenge in a game within the game, it’s seriously hard to stop . PART 2

It was now the break time before fourth period on Monday . Just like always, I headed to the library .

「Hello . 」

「Hey . 」

I responded to her almost whispered greeting that resembled the rustling of a large phantom tree that wrapped up the world, and our reading circle commenced .

As the two of us sat side by side reading our books much in the same way we had a week ago, Kikuchi-san suddenly spoke to me .

「It’s a little serious……don’t you think?」

「Hm? Serious? What is?」

「Um, the student council election……」

Kikuchi-san turned her gaze towards me as she spoke, a dark night descending upon the forests of her pupils . I wonder what the matter is .

「Nanami-san…… she said she was standing for election, didn’t she? I was just wondering why……」

A surprising topic .

「Well, she herself did joke around talking about getting it on her school record, though………」

「Yes . But I imagine that’s……not the real reason . 」

Kikuchi-san slowly shook her head . Her now almost completely hidden pupils were like waxing crescent moons, giving the impression of a mystical night sky .

「Well, you’re probably right . Perhaps it’s ‘I want to change the school’, or ‘I want to change myself’’ . Something along those lines . 」

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「Is that…… so?」

Kikuchi-san began to ponder, gently placing a long, pale finger on her cheek . It felt like if she were to simply hold it out, a small bird would come and alight on it . Seeing her speak less formally once in a while like this felt pleasant, and was a sign she was opening up to me . [1]

「But, I too have that feeling of wanting to change myself……so I think I might understand . 」

「Eh? Is that so? You want to change, meaning?」

I tried asking what she meant in a casual tone of voice . However .

「……Um . S-Secret!」

「Eh . 」

Glancing at her, through the gaps in those beautiful strands of hair that hung gently and mystically, I could see her reddened cheeks, their beauty reminiscent of the forbidden fruit consumed by Adam and Eve . It took my breath away .

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H-hm, I wonder what Kikuchi-san wants to change .

「……Are you okay?」

「Y-Yes, I’m fine . It’s……nothing . 」

The sounds of her somewhat sensual *suu*’s and *haa*s as she breathed in and out were accompanied by the rise and fall of her thin, delicate, almost glasswork-like shoulders . Shortly thereafter, Kikuchi-san raised her head . Intricate tremors filled her moist eyes, like a miraculous spring shining in seven colours only once a year . It seemed like by moving just a little closer, I would easily fall in .

「Umm, alright . 」

「……Un . 」

With a mystical expression, Kikuchi-san gazed at me . No matter how you looked at it, this space with just the two of us belonged to the extraordinary .

To the extent that one would be able to clearly see the the individual grains of sand falling from an hourglass, time flowed ever so slowly .

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「B…bye then……!」

The first to break free of this flow of time as it coiled about endlessly was Kikuchi-san, who hurriedly picked up her book and left in a half run .

「P-Phew . 」

And so I was left behind in this space that had now returned to normal .  ‘For now let’s just read this book, yeah’, I thought . What does she mean, ‘secret’?! And ‘I want to change’?! What’s with that girl?! A real enchantress!


Translator Notes:

[1] Uhh couldn’t find any decent way to TL this, but basically her previous line was spoken slightly less formally than usual . Recall that she speaks… rather… politely, even when talking to her classmates of the same age .

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