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Status?Is That Something Delicious?

“Hah hah hah, I, I thought I was done for……”

And just like this, I arrived at the town before I know it.
Un, it indeed feels like the streets of a fantasy world. There’s probably no need for in-depth description.

“By the way, I’ve totally forgotten about it but, I got transferred to a different world, doesn’t that mean I have some special abilities?”

The standard for times like this would be the modern person who’s transferred should have some kind of privilege.

“Erm, how do I display the status?”

I tried shouting ‘Status’ and ‘Skill’ but, nothing happened.
Hmm, I wonder if in this world I can’t view the status unless I visit the people from the guild?
That being the case, I quickly find the guild and enter.

“Erm, your name is Himuro・Kyouji-sama, am I right. Did you come to register with our guild?”

“For the time being, can I take a look at my status”

“Yes, that’ll be 1000G for one appraisal. What is your preferred payment method?”

Ah. Damn. I have no money.

“Erm, then can I put it on my tab?”

“No can do♪”

I got chased out.
Well, as far as it goes, I did register with the guild.

But, this is troubling. I can’t fight if I don’t know my own attribute points or skills.
And the more troubling thing is, I have no money now.
No, if it’s the money made on Earth then I have about 3 thousand yen in my wallet but, I can’t use it in this world!
Therefore, I have not a single cent on me.
If this continues on, I’ll probably starve to death. I have to hunt some monsters and earn some money before that happens.

I’m a little uneasy but, it’ll be faster to go out and fight monsters instead of moping around here.
I might have surprisingly high combat capabilities or some skill that activates during combat!
Alright, I shall show you the workings of the cheat ability in a different world!

Conclusion. It was impossible.
I am just ordinarily weak. I was close to death from getting pecked by the kiwi.
I also don’t have any specific skill. Magic didn’t activate as well.
Isn’t this, checkmate?

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