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Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9: Sorry, I’m Not Joining
>>Part 2<<

Two taxis passed through Zhonghe City and got to Yonghe City. Not long later, they stopped in front of an office building. Everyone got off the cars and behind Ye Weishan and Lai Yixin’s leads, walked towards the downwards spiraling stairs on the left side of the building.

This type of building was designed to purposefully build one floor half a story higher. Thus, to get to the first floor you must climb up half a staircase and vice-versa to get to the base floor you also have to climb down half a staircase. Due to this, the entrance to the base floor was higher than the pavement by a half.

Like this, it increased the amount of shop fronts, allowing the base floor to also become a business shop front with a spacious entrance. However, the place Ye Weishan brought everyone to didn’t seem to be a place that did business. Although the metal roll-up door outside was rolled up, but there were no signboards nearby and that dark-colored large glass entrance which blocked the view of the inside completely lacked any welcoming flavor. Looks like this was the destination.

Ye Weishan took out a key and opened the glass door, letting everyone enter. Behind the door was a wood-separated, long and narrow empty room similar to an entrance hall. Everyone followed Ye and Lai through a wood door. Inside was a wide expanse of space. Stone tiles were laid out on the ground and in the deepest area, there was a long wooden stage that looked like a lecture platform.

This spacious large hall was only lit by a few wall lamps so it was rather dark. Just as everyone was looking around, the stage lights in front suddenly lit up. The entire room brightened up and it was only at this instant that everyone noticed that on the platform not far away, stood a man and a woman.

The man was a forty or so robust man leaving his hair in a short business man’s cut. He wore a refined well-fitting black silk blended fabric Tang suit, on his upper lips was the rarely seen 八(eight) shaped mustache. On his face was a good-natured smile and he nodded to everyone.

The woman seemed like a young woman about twenty or so. She wore a short-sleeve white blouse that seemed to imitate a cheongsam and a tight fitting skirt that reached to her knees. Her long hair was parted and draped over her shoulders. A few large rolls spiraled in front of her chest, hanging down to her waist area. This woman’s face only had on light makeup. On the corners of her mouth hung a mild smile. She seemed like a very warm and gentle big sister.

For the male, just let it be. This big sister is also quite pretty. Chen Luonian sized her up while thinking, this sect seems like it purposefully accepts beautiful girls. Could it be that Sect Leader has the same passion as him?

Ye Weishan and Lai Yixin turned around and sent a meaningful glance towards everyone, then bowed as they said: “Sect Leader, Big Brother Huang.”

The hell!? The Sect Leader is actually this Big Sis? Isn’t she way too young? Chen Luonian and the rest were shocked for a moment before they hurriedly followed to bow and greet the people.

“Hello everyone.” The Sect Leader’s voice was soft and gentle, causing people that heard it to feel very at ease. She looked at everyone and smiled: “Which two were the ones that went yesterday?”

“Sect Leader, it was them two.” Ye Weishan turned back, pointing at Huang Zongru and Chen Luonian as she introduced: “Chen Luonian, Huang Zongru.”

The Sect Leader’s gaze stopped on Chen Luonian for quite a while before she spoke a bit doubt

ingly: “You’re Luonian? It doesn’t look like you have injuries?”

“That injury wasn’t anything serious.” Chen Luonian didn’t know how perceptive the opposite party was and couldn’t help but feel a bit lacking in confidence.

“If you’re fine then it’s good.” The Sect Leader slightly smiled, then looked at the four as she said: “My name is Bai Xuanlan, I’m the second generation Sect Leader of Bai Sect. This is my husband, he’s called Huang Qi and is also a member of Bai Sect…… You guys probably know that the reason I called you guys here today is because I’m planning to conduct the induction ceremony earlier than planned…… And might also conduct the Bian Ti while at it.”

“Bian Ti? This soon?” Ye Weishan was surprised.

“But we still haven’t collected enough monster essence yet?” Lai Yixin also said.

“No everyone will necessarily join, isn’t that so?” Bai Xuanlan said, smiling faintly.

Everyone blanked and fell silent. Could it be they still need to take tests?

Ye Weishan said: “Sect Leader, what you mean is……”

“Nowadays, it’s no longer the same as the past……” Bai Xuanlan said: “As long as you pass the moral conduct investigation and is willing to join, we’re willing to accept. But are you guys really willing to join?”

The four looked at each other. If they weren’t willing to join what did they come here for?

“You guys come with me.” Bai Xuanlan led everyone towards the side and walked into one of the rows of seats arranged in a small hall. A projector that had already started to play was hanging above. White light hit the cloth surface in front and continuously flickered.

“Sit.” Bai Xuanlan indicated for everyone to sit down as she continued: “Before you guys make your decision, we have a video for you guys to watch…… This is a video we got only today afternoon, even Weishan and Yixin have not seen it before.”

No wonder the two of them also had puzzled looks on their faces. Chen Luonian and the others sat down and stared at the large screen.

“This film is probably from about a month ago…… the seventh month and fifteenth day by the lunar calendar. It was filmed using a camera with special optical fiber and long camera lenses. It’s only a few minutes long. It’ll be starting soon.” Bai Xuanlan stood next to the screen and explained. Her husband Huang Qi walked behind everyone to close the lights, then he started the video player.

Immediately following that the screen flashed and a spacious underground cave appeared on the screen. Following the swiveling camera angle, it could be seen that powerful halogen searchlights were hung high above in the cave all around, lighting the cave up so that it was bright as day. In the space stood a circle of ten or so men and women. They were each wearing different types of clothing but in everyone’s hands was a slender dagger. They silently moved together into a circle, not a single one of them spoke.

“Li Sect’s?” Ye Weishan asked, surprised.

“No.” Bai Xuanlan said: “The guard of the dagger isn’t in a straight line but curves slightly downwards. They’re from He Sect.”

Only after Bai Xuanlan said this did everyone notice that the guard of the dagger really did curve downwards, which was quite different from Li Sect’s standard handguards.

“Didn’t we, because He Sect and our way of thinking is different…… have very little contact with them?” Ye Weishan asked.

“En, look at it first. It’s almost about to start.” Bai Xuanlan said.

Everyone’s attention focused onto the video again only to see that out of that group of people eight walked out and stood at eight different positions. They simultaneously lifted their daggers and pointed them downwards, slightly facing each other. Chen Luonian was not unfamiliar with this motion. Yesterday night the two from Li Sect also started with this motion.

Then that means, this place is also a place capable of ‘monster appearance’? But last night just three people casting techniques in addition to himself already managed to shake out that troublesome tusked monster. Right here eight people were casting the technique at the same time, what kind of monster would be summoned? If these people’s skills were on par with those two from Li Sect, then afraid the results would be far from good.

When Chen Luonian thought to here, he couldn’t help but cast a glance at Ye Weishan. Seeing her grave expression with her brows slightly knitted, it seems she was also a bit worried.

After those eight stopped their movements, the next step was probably just to wait. In a period of silence, all that came through the video was the hum of the electricity generator. From the screen the transformation of qixi also couldn’t be seen so it was actually quite boring. Chen Luonian and Huang Zongru still knew roughly what they were probably doing, but Hou Tianliang and Zhang Zhiwen became a bit impatient. The two shifted here and there on their seats, but didn’t dare to complain.

Suddenly the surrounding lights flickered and there was the sound of an air explosion. An ash gray wolf-like giant creature suddenly appeared in the center of the scene. This creature’s body was about four, five meters long. Its enormous head was probably half the height of a person. He continuously moved under the lights, seeming a bit at a loss. It looked in all four directions, a bit confused as to what was going on.

Following precisely, that group of people from He Sect shouted and all of them simultaneously lifted their daggers and sent attacks towards that creature. That creature suffered a few strikes, its fur fluttered and it lowered its head, seemingly astonished, looking down at the people below it. Suddenly, it leaped forward and chomped the upper half of a middle-aged man’s body. With a twist of its head, the person’s body was torn in half and blood flew in all directions.

Everyone around was shocked and started crying out in alarm and retreated. Some people rose up vigorously and attacked, but their attack power didn’t seem to be strong enough to cause the creature much damage. The creature completely ignored it. Raising its head, it chewed that half of the body. Only sudden splatters of blood could be seen splashing out from the corners of that creature’s mouth.

Oh shit! Is that guy eating a steamed dumpling? Chen Luonian stared at the scene, flames rushing to his head. If it weren’t for the fact that he wasn’t on scene, he probably would have rushed up again.

Then, the creature started to agilely jump around everywhere. Its claws strike and its mouth chomped. The people fell one by one. Not even three minutes later, the entire cave was completely stained by blood, the casualties were disastrous. At this time, the camera had already randomly rolled onto the floor. In its lens only a sea of blood and some indistinguishable corpse parts and flesh could be seen. And from the surrounding blood-curdling screams and cries continuously reverberated. It was not hard to imagine what was happening.

Suddenly, the screen turned black. The video had ended. After a few seconds, Huang Qi opened the lights and silently walked to Bai Xuanlan’s side.

At this time, the facial color of the six were not pretty. Honestly speaking, if this was a movie, based on the degree of blood and violence it would definitely be classified as R-rated. These six teenagers that haven’t even fully turned eighteen wouldn’t even have the qualification to watch it.

“Last night, after Ye Weishan told me what happened yesterday, I passed on this news to Li Sect and He Sect. And today I received this rare to come by video file.” Bai Xuanlan said: “The creature in this video doesn’t seem to really have the same appearance as what Weishan described, but I still wanted to let you guys to verify it with your own eyes. Is it indeed different? Weishan?”

Ye Weishan slowly shook her head as she replied: “It’s not the same. The dog monster from last night was much bigger. Several times bigger. This one looks like a wolf. The one from last night didn’t really look like that, it looks more like….. more like a……”

“Fox!” Chen Luonian could not help but interrupt. Otherwise, if Ye Weishan continued to keep calling her a big dog monster, if Huai Zhen heard, Ye Weishan might meet with a bad end.

“Right.” Ye Weishan’s eyes lit up and she nodded towards Chen Luonian: “Its head was more like that of a fox, but the luxurious fur on its body…… Its still more like a dog.”

It’s still a dog? I’ve already done my best. Chen Luonian blinked his eyes and didn’t say anymore.

“The color was different too. The one from last night was much prettier, it was snow white.” Huang Zongru actually only saw half a glance, but still could tell that the two were not the same being.

“I also felt like they were different.” Chen Luonian also supplemented a sentence. He was actually the one most clear. The original form of that guy Huai Zhen was much more frightening than that of that wolf monster’s just now. That wolf monster’s head was just half the height of a person. Huai Zhen’s head was even bigger than a car. When this wolf monster wanted to eat someone, it still had to bite it into two halves and chew a couple bites. Huai Zhen just lifted her head and stretched her throat and she was able to swallow down that tall Chisel Tooth. Not to mention based on the speed Huai Zhen showed when she charged out yesterday, the camera probably couldn’t even capture her shadow. The two were completely not of the same class.

Anyway, bringing the point back. How in the world does Huai Zhen’s body transform bigger and smaller? Is it like blowing a balloon? Or is it that even the physical body can be transformed out from nothing? Next time he has to find her and ask.

“Since you guys all say that, then it probably is a different monster……” Bai Xuanlan turned around: “Qi ge*, help me send the reply. Say it really is a different one…… I believe Li Sect’s side probably gave the same reply.”

She calls him by his name and ge which means big brother. It’s often used by childhood sweethearts when the girl used to be the ‘little sister’ of the guy and they eventually get together but some girls just like to call their boyfriends that.

“En.” Huang Qi’s voice was very low. He nodded to Bai Xuanlan and gently smiled before walking out.

Bai Xuanlan turned back around to fix the six, a bitter smile appearing on her face: ‘When He Sect sent the picture over, they mentioned several things. In this incident, twenty people died and four were injured. They lost more than half of their elites and they lost the tracks of this wolf-like monster afterwards…… the Leader of He Sect originally suspected that the one you guys saw last night was this one.”

“After experiencing this, the Leader of He Sect…… is still alive?” Ye Weishan asked hesitantly.


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