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sekai Mahou wa Okureteru: Chapter 28 - The thoughts of never giving up for the sake of someone else

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Although the sky seemed clear, seeing as the brightness of the sun and the sky was obstructed by the tall trees, the amount of sunlight that poured into the forest was quite faint.

The future from here on, unlike the faint rays, could be said to hold no worries, so long as one’s outlook was positive. Yet, it would appear that adopting such an outlook was unlikely.

At first glance, their relationship appeared to be fine, uneventful yet definitely not foul. Seeing as nothing that would create discourse between the two had occurred, this was only natural. However, if one were forced to indicate something of interest, one could not deny that there was a subtle interval of space between the two’s walking distance, as well as a gap between each other’s hearts.

Indeed. After that night, it was in no way not awkward.




“Please, go ahead……”

“No, what I want to say isn’t really that important. I’m fine with Suimei-kun speaking first.”



“H-hey. I think it might be best not to head towards Kurand City……don’t you think?”

Because of this, Suimei raised the topic of how they would try to get to Kuranto City. However, whether it was due to having her head in the clouds, Lefille, the other party of the conversation, seemed to be unable to properly grasp the contents of Suimei’s discussion.

Her answer to Suimei’s proposal, more than a step late, was mingled with unheard deception. As her eyes turned into dots, Lefille displayed an uncharacteristic impatience, her head nodding every now and again.

Following this, in order to sort out her emotions, Lefille took a deep breath, and even cleared her throat before she responded to Suimei.

“--yeah, it would seem that the chances of being ambushed are high if we were to continue to proceed in a strictly west direction. If we wanted to make the utmost effort to avoid contact with the Mazoku, it would be best to redirect our route slightly towards the south, or so I believe.”

“An ambush, huh? Well, it does seem probable.”

However, as one would think, this would seem to be an inescapable predicament.

Placing her chin onto her hand, Lefille spoke with a pondering visage, her line of thinking reasonable.

Although humans were no exception to this, even the Mazoku could not continue to keep their troops deployed indefinitely. As time went on, the troops, much like them, would consume food and energy. If their base wasn’t within close proximity, before the troops became completely exhausted, it was highly likely that they would withdraw.


Looking up at the umbrella of trees and foliage-filtered sunlight was the one who agreed with Lefille, Suimei. Even if the Mazoku wanted to assault and bring down the surrounding city, in their perspective, such an act would not be profitable for them.

Certainly, while there would seem to be chances of victory on a microscopic scale, if one were to consider things on the macro level, one could only say that they would be involved in a reckless farce that unnecessarily depleted their military might.

If their commander was a decent one, then such a thing would surely be prohibited.

With that said, their reason for coming all the way here still remained a mystery. If Lefille was not their original goal, then what reason did Rajas have for bringing his troops all the way out here? Even if the situation had devolved into such a disaster, it could be said that this didn’t concern Suimei and Lefille.

“Indeed, that may certainly be the case. Instead of obsessing over us, the possibility of them pulling out before any problems occur seems to be more plausible, huh.”

“Although that’s only true if they don’t enter the forest to come attack us, but……well, they wouldn’t make such movements now, anyway.”

“Do you think that they have no idea about our current whereabouts? I mean, seeing that the only ones who know that we’ve entered the forest are the people with the caravan.”

“Maybe. Normally one wouldn’t think to enter deeper into a forest to escape. That possibility does exist.”

(That’s right. If there’s anything to be worried about, it’s that strange thing that he mentioned…huh.)

Due to the limited amount of speculative material, the two were rendered unable to discuss this concern, resulting in frustration. After all, if they were to simply leave things as they were for a lengthy period of time, they would undoubtedly begin to fall behind.

Shaking off the unnecessarily swelling anxiety was Suimei’s words. And, displaying agreement without uttering a single objection, Lefille’s voice entered Suimei’s ears as the boy pushed the green of the forest to the side.

Just like how future policies begin to pile up, the two’s tread grew somewhat lighter, or so it seemed.

Whatever the case, it was here, with this conversation, that Suimei would eliminate his most pressing concern--

Sweat formed on his brow. In a small, whisper-like voice, Suimei smiled silently as he released a genuine sigh of relief. If he were to continue to remain silent as they had been, wondering what to do without establishing a mutual understanding, there was no doubt that Suimei’s mind would be significantly burdened with anxiety.

This point may have also proved to detail the shallowness of his life experience. This may have been unavoidable, however, due to the fact that he dedicated his all to the study of magic.

However, at the current time, Suimei never expected to hear a reply towards his words of relief.

To think that he would receive a reply to his monologue. As an apologetic voice entered his ear from the side, Suimei made an excessively panicked cry. Whether he he had received a fatal blow, or perhaps was even caught in the throes of death. Whatever the case, as he experienced an extreme, unheard of agitation, Suimei jumped backwards.

In response to this, Lefille, with a mystified expression-

Almost as if she were about to make a “What in the world are you saying” interjection, Lefille’s demeanor began to blur towards amazement in response to Suimei. Now that she mentioned it, this was certainly true. If one were to heave a sigh of relief at this distance, even if one didn’t want to, they would certainly hear it.

Upon seeing her face, Suimei displayed a foolish smile in an attempt to cover up his mistake. However-

What came back was an elegant and naturally feminine laughter.


“No, I was just thinking that Suimei-kun is quite the careless individual.”


“If I recall, on the day that I first went to the Guild--”

“Please don’t bring that up again……”

“You’re surprisingly riddled with openings.”

“He- he-, after all, I’m just a careless individual”

Seeing this, Lefille’s smile only grew brighter. Rather than criticizing it as ridiculous, she enjoyed Suimei’s change in expression.

……however, it was quiet. In such a peaceful atmosphere, the distance between the duo shrunk as the conversation grew reasonably animated. This was, in no way, a bad thing--however, for some reason, the calm winds seemed like the ones that always preceded the larger storm. Although they should have been placed out of their crisis, it was such a frightening calm that, conversely, baseless fears began to spread through their minds.

It was at this time, when Suimei scratched his head whilst feeling unease towards this tranquility.

The thickets behind the two abruptly rustled.

Sensing some kind of presence, Lefille immediately whirled around and shouted out a word of warning. In response, Suimei acted in a rather unexpected manner. Currently, behind her, numerous ghost-like beings had suddenly appeared. Their form seemed to be that of a dog, or perhaps a wolf. It was possible that they were demon beasts, or even Mazoku.

Preparing for the possible threat of being assaulted, as well as fully applying his speculative abilities, Suimei grew vigilant, not even a shred of carelessness remaining in his mind.

The surrounding atmosphere was abruptly filled with an increasing insecurity. As a consequence of the knight and magician’s tension, the atmosphere seemed to birth an innumerable number of thorns. However, what had appeared before the two was something completely different from what they had expected.

The swaying entity emerged from the parted thickets.

A man whose whole body was covered by wounds.

Lefille and Suimei were stunned by the arrival of the individual they had not anticipated. Of course, the one who had entered the scene was a man that held the appearance of an adventurer. With uncertain steps, blank eyes, and ripped clothes that had been dyed with a bright red pigment, lacerations and burns broke out all over the man’s entire body, leaving marks and sores imprinted within the man’s skin. From what their ears could hear, a faint groan reminiscent of an insect’s breath and a “hyu-hyu-” like wheezing resounded through the atmosphere.

A body infested with wounds. In such a state, this man had travelled all the way here.

Due to his wounds, the focal point of the man’s gaze did not meet them. Towards such a man, Lefille immediately rushed over to him.

The man seemed to have come to his senses upon hearing Lefille’s loud voice. Although his still vacant gaze briefly wandered through the air, his focus finally managed to meet Lefille’s face.

It was then that Lefille posed her question once more.

These words were the only ones that could be taken from within the man’s faltering speech. Towards Lefille whose face grew grim in the face of the man’s fragmented words, Suimei suddenly realized a certain something, causing him to tap her shoulder.

She suddenly raised her voice in realization. At this moment, it would seem that Lefille had also noticed. Although she couldn’t tell with a single glance thanks to the significant wounds and blood plaguing his body, during the time when Lefille was forced to depart from the caravan, this man was the escort who had caused the most commotion, to the point of outright screaming.

Perhaps after being assaulted by the Mazoku, he took flight and ran here all by himself? Or maybe he came to call for help? While whichever was more likely could not be determined, the fact remains that the current situation was quite bad.

Lefille, the cause of the adventurer’s suffering, was once more plunged into confusion and impatience due to the abruptness of the situation. No, perhaps due to the fact that she paused whilst holding the man in her arms, it might be better to say that her thoughts dulled upon realizing that he was the one who drove her away.

Yet, sure enough, while gathering magical energy into his palm, Suimei issued an order towards the paralyzed girl.

One could not deny that Suimei’s tone was quite blunt. Yet, while it took a moment for Lefille to regain her senses, she soon assessed the situation, returning a weighty nod before quietly lowering the man’s body onto the ground.

To the girl who was walking the path of righteousness with full force, it appeared that not even a trace of resentment remained.

“I’m counting on you.”


It was then that Suimei gave up.

Mid-treatment, while bending downwards slightly, peering at the adventurer without uttering a single word, Suimei quietly lowered his hand which was supplying the therapy.

In the face of this, Lefille could do naught but exhibit her bewilderment. To her, who had been observing Suimei from the side, it was likely that his actions could only be interpreted as an abandonment of the treatment midway.

An expression that blurred the line between confusion and suspicion pierced Suimei’s chest. A betrayal of expectations. No, perhaps if Lefille’s hopeful pupils projected resignation, then he might have become even more frustrated. However, Suimei had no choice but to stop his hand. After all, there was a reason behind his madness.

In the face of the interrogative enquiry she emitted, Suimei’s face bitterly distorted as he conveyed his reason.

It can’t be done. It can’t be healed. It’s impossible. Indeed. However, to Lefille who had witnessed the wounds close, this explanation was likely something that she could not comprehend.

Upon merely seeing the wounds, healed by the treatment, the suspicion and distrust that fostered within Lefille was suddenly bombarded towards Suimei.

‘Doesn’t that mean you can heal him?’ - is most likely what she wanted to say. However, while clenching his teeth bitterly, Suimei shook his head, almost as if to intercept said words.

Seeing this, Lefille’s face grew strained, her expression suggesting that she continued to mull the words “why” in her mind.

The despair that had sunk into the words Lefille spoke was painful. What surged within Suimei’s heart was helplessness. Even if he had subjected the adventurer to his treatment. Even if the other party was but a stranger that he had once held in contempt. He could not stop this bitterness.

On the other hand, however, Lefille suspected that this resignation was caused by a different reason.

Anticipating the life pulse that would be extinguished like a fleeting shadow, Lefille was at a loss for words. Towards this girl in such a state, Suimei began to inform her, almost as if he were spitting out his regrets.

In response to Suimei’s assertion, Lefille tightly clenched her teeth as her shoulders dropped, seemingly slumping over. To look at someone who is dying, no matter who they were, it was something quite painful to experience. To Lefille, seeing that the cause of this death was the Mazoku that she had been struggling against, the endless nature of this emotion would most likely seem more intense than to anyone else.

……as the two were in the midst of being tormented by despair, the man opened his mouth without warning.

As Lefille asked in surprise, the man answered her question in spite of his painful breathing.

Even though Lefille’s responded with a question, an answer was not returned.

“……the others are in the mountains, right?”



“……Oi, Lefille?”

“Sorry. Suimei-kun.”

“Sorry? What’s the big idea? Why are you facing that way?”

“Suimei-kun. That is a foolish question.”

“Foolish, you say……”

“Suimei-kun. I’m going to go save everyone from the caravan.”

“Going to save- are you serious?”

“Yes. I did not intend it as a joke.”

“Even though you don’t know the exact location of the caravan!?”

“It’s probably that they’re following the mountain road. Even if this estimate is wrong, the error won’t amount to much.”

“You don’t even know if they’re still alive!?”

“Yeah. There’s a possibility that they may still be alive. That’s why--”

“Don’t you understand!? This is a trap by the Mazoku intended to lure you in, Lefille!”

“A trap, huh?”

“That’s right! They’re the type of guys who would indiscriminately attack humans once they see them, you know? There’s no way that they’d leave an injured escape before their very own eyes! Surely Rajas will be waiting for you up ahead!”


“Probably, she says……Lefille, even you must be aware, right!?.”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s just like you said. Even I know that this is reckless.”


“But-!! ……! Even so, I’m going to go help them! It’s my fault that things have come to this! Everything! That’s why!”

“Like I said before, Lefille, it’s not your……”

“No, the fault lies entirely with me. You said it yourself, right? The reason why this man appeared is because the Mazoku devised a plan to trap me. Because they didn’t know my whereabouts, they resorted to using such a measure.”

“That’s……but even so, you’re just going to be heading to your death, you know!?”

“Lefille! Think it over! Calm down and think about it one more time!”

“Lefill!! Look at me!! You should know better than anyone else!”


“Lefille!! You can’t afford to die, right!? In order to not exhaust the spirit’s power! Then this place--”



“You don’t know anything about me-!!”


“Are you trying to tell me to avert my eyes from this!? Telling me to abandon people who are important to me!? Telling me to desert even my family!? Are you telling me to forsake those who were put in danger because of me!?”


“How long do I have to run away!? How long do I have to abandon those I want to save!? All just so I can regret my own life! All while my meager feelings merely cost others their lives! That…..I’ve already had enough of it!”

“……sorry. It was short, but thank you for your help.”

“Lefille!? Don’t go!! Wait!!”

Lefille, not hearing Suimei’s voice of restraint, travelled across the path she had used with extraordinary speed, perhaps thanks to the power of the Red Spirit.

Left behind, Suimei’s stunned murmur echoed through the forest depths. Lefille’s speed was just that fierce, to the point where, no matter how loudly Suimei raised his voice, he would not reach her.

Stopping his foot that attempted to chase after her, Suimei stood still.

She was gone. In order to save the ones who she swore to save, the very same people who cast her aside. In order to pursue her entire path. The girl who was tormented by curse and misfortune. Looking towards a battle that she had no hope of winning, she left.

Faced with this truth, Suimei grit his teeth.

Was he alright with letting her leave like this? Towards a battle that held only despair? In such a state, all by herself?

If not, then he should chase after her, just like he had done before.


Since when did you become so afraid of something like death? Since when did you fear something that will eventually come for you, to the point where you’d hesitate and second guess yourself? Since when did you cut out your spine and embrace such cowardice that those without power cling onto?

So right now, think about it once more.

What is it that you hold? What you have desperately learned ever since you were young, was it not the magic techniques that was superior to anyone and everyone? Cutting apart all difficulties, it was for this reason that this enigma exists, no? You have a panacea that will never allow you to lose those whom you want to save, don’t you?

Yes, at the present time, your heart sways in the face of conflict. In actuality, you already know that there is only once choice to make here. Even if you are self-conflicted, even if your sense of danger continues to send alarms ringing within your head, even if your calculations force you to weigh your chances of victory and defeat . After all-

--to that end, you swore to yourself on that day.

As if he were monologuing, Suimei recited these instructions. He chanted in verification, trying to ensure that his own ideals were grounded once more. It was a modest ceremony, performed In order to regain what he had sought once more.

And it was during this instance when a new incident occurred.

Suimei’s mouth momentarily closed, his pupils narrowed as they grew frosty.

Presumably, he was charged with delivering a blow to Lefille when she had her guard down in front of the deceased.


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