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Expectation from an unexpected place

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Immediately after Lefille went to confirm the presence of mazoku. At that moment in the silent surrounding an angry voice could be heard.

「―Suimei was used as a decoy!!」

That was the angry shout of Reiji as if bursting open.

There is no need to worry.After those words which followed from Gregori’s mouth was really an unbelieveable story. After listening to this Reiji quick goes and grabs his collar

There is no sign of the respect towards the knight that was expressed a little while ago.

Seeing the angry expression of the person who is called the hero, Gregori freezes up in fear.


「Is it true!」

「Wa、Ha! Everything as I’ve said」

「Wha……!」(「なっ、……っ!」if anyone has an idea please help)
Reiji is at a loss for words listening to the words wihich are not even worth becoming a joke to be the   truth

He is been biting his lips almost from the time he grabbed the knight’s collar.

Untill now an absent minded Titania, surprised came to stop Reiji.

「Please calm down Reiji sama!」


「Gregory was still in the middle of his story. Let’s listen to him until he finishes……」

「……All right」

There were some logic to Titania’s words. As she said, certainly Gregory was in the middle of his explanation. He only said 「Because of using Suimei dono as a decoy, there are no dangers here. 」
That’s all. A detailed explanation has not been heard yet.

However as far as Reiji himself was concerned, that one sentence was more than important enough to him.

The talk was accepted, and seeing this Titania heaved a sigh of relief.

And then, regaining her composer, Titania who is normally a gentle girl, unexpectedly looked at Gregory severely and commands him.

「Gregoryー. Speak. Do you understand?」

「……Yes」(Ha ha)

Along with his answer to her, he kneel down in front of her.
Gregory who regained himself. In front of the bright piercing gaze of the girl he starts to shudder. He begins to talk again while sweat starts to form on his forehead.

「……I heard this story from the communication personnel of last time whom I met. According to him, to defeat the hero a large army led the Mazoku was heading towards the vicinity of Aster. To let the Hero dono safely escape from that army Suimei dono was used as a decoy.」

That is the rough story. But, the story more he hear more it becomes incmprehensible to him.*

Before Reiji could ask anything, Mizuki who was wearing a gloomy expression, appeared in front of   Gregory in a hurry and asked him.

「Ano’ using Suimei kun as a decoy, in the end what does it actually mean?                                      Don’t tell me it actullay means to make Suimei kun the decoy……」

「Yes (Hai)。About this matter Suimei dono doesn’t know anything」

What came out of Gregory’s mouth was in a sense expected. However to actually execute it it was quite  difficult.*                                                                                                                                               Suimei  himself doesn’t know that he became the decoy. In spite of that he was made into a decoy. Then naturally a question comes up.

「……Then how come Suimei can be made into a decoy?                                                                       Don’t tell me everything towards his trail will be attacked?」*

「About that, it seems it was matched with Suimei dono’s departutre ……」

「Matched with his departure?」

When Reiji asked back. Mizuki as if matching to it expresses a bewildered expression.*

「What?what?Why? Suimei  kun never said anything about leaving the city?」

When they  left the castle. Suimei said that he would leave the castle and live in the city as he wished. Because it was hard for him to be in Camelia. That’s why,  Mizuki’s doubt is justifiable because what they heard just now doesn’t match what they know.

Then, Gregory cleared his throat while his face was covered in sweat.*

「After we left, information about Suimei dono searching for a request to guard a business caravan came in  」

「Suimei in the adventurer guild?」(desuka? indicates question)

「Yes. According to the information, Several days after Suimei dono left the castle he already became a member of the adventurer’s guild Twilight Pavilion. From there it is speculated that, Suimei dono probably from the very beginning intended to leave the city. But I don’t know the reason why Suimei dono left the city…… and then, learning about this matter the nobles who were concerned with the demon lord subjugation decided to use Suimei dono as……」


But, what happened to Suimei? He didn’t want to go with us because he wanted to stay safe, that’s he was suppose to have chosen to stay in the castle town.

Nevertheless, he immediately left, after registering into a guild and receiving a request, without any purpose/plan he wouldn’t have done that.

「I wonder, what’s wrong with Suimei kun……? Going out of the city is dangerous, he should have known this」

「I don’t know. But since it’s Suimei, I think he must have some kind of plan」*


Seeing Mizuki anxiously moving her pupils, Reiji again asked Gregory.

「And, what is the destination of that business caravan?」

「According to the information left in the guild, it’s destination is Nelferian Empire via the city of Kurand 」

「That’s……almost the same path that we’ve taken」

It’s just as Titania said.

That’s right. On the way even though we didn’t stop in the City of Kurand, the distance Suimei traveled must be the same as the distance we’ve traveled from Nelferian toward Sadias.
If that’s the case, then there is one possibility which arises.

「Is it possible, that Suimei kun is coming chasing after us?」

「……Coming after us, that’s not totally unthinkable but.」*

It isn’t that, that possibility didn’t exist. However, even if that possibility is applied, it doesn’t feel satisfactory.

Yakagi Suimei is a swordsman. He wasn’t a man who change his  plans just because he was feeling lonely or anxious. Besides, if he had a reason where he had to come after us, he would’ve definitely reported it to the castle personnel directly.*                                                                                                                                               That’s why I don’t understand. First of all the motive is unclear. But, even if I trouble myself over it here there won’t be any conclusion.*

Leaving that talk aside, Reiji again asked Gregory.

「……Maa. I understand the reason why Suimei was used as a decoy. But why did the nobles do something like that? It wasn’t particularly necessary to forcefully make Suimei a decoy」

So, if the Mazoku came leading a army, since I don’t have any power to fight right now, it would’ve been wise for us to escape. Then it’s okay to escape.                                                                                                   There wasn’t any good reason for which Suimei must become the decoy.

「Hero dono. What is approaching is a large scale army of the Mazoku.  I don’t know why, hopefully the army’s pace is slow, even so the opponents are Mazoku. In relation to that marching army, the combined human army is not something that can be compared (TN- sorry little confused around here). If by any chance, Hero dono you were to get capture or somthing else were to happened to you, lord Hardias ……」

「E…… Hardias the duke!?」


To Titania’s surprised voice Gregory bows his head ashamed.*

But no matter how hard Reiji tried he couldn’t remember.

Part 02

Therefore, he asked Titania who should be knowledgeable about this.*

「Sorry Tia, who exactly is duke Hardias? 」

「……Duke Hardias is a major noble of Aster, he is the one who is in charge of the affairs related to this time’s demon king subjugation. In other words, inside Asteru he is a person who has the authority to decide strategies which will help us. The demon king subjugation won’t be easy, and if there are a lot of people involved in planning it may become disorganized, that’s why when father made the list of people suitable fort the task, he was the very first person on the list……」

「Then the person who made Suimei a decoy, is him?」

When asked again, Titania nods heavily without any proof.
And the person who knew the circumstances was Gregory.

「……Indeed. It is as you said. It was the decision of a section of nobles, who are cooperating with lord Hardias in regards to the demon lord subjugation. Of course they are not doubting Hero sama’s strength. I’m told that, it was decided that it’s still early for Hero dono to confront an army even with a properly prepared support troop, that’s why such a plan was adopted. 」

「……Still, it doesn’t seem to be a reason enough to forcibly make Suimei into a  decoy?」(TLN: narimasen yo? used as a question here)

「About that, it’s not clear why the Mazoku were able to sense the existence of Hero dono. The Mazoku captured by the underlings of lord Hardias declared rudely that he came to kill the Hero, even after interrogation the reason is yet to be found, therefore……is it possible to use Suimei dono who is also a summoned person to create disturbance? such a question aroused. So we spread false information to the Mazoko, so that every one of them target Suimei dono.」*

Certainly it may be effective. Since we did not come into contact with the Mazoku army, means that they are completely oblivious to our location, but it’s a fact that they know of our existence.

If, what if. Suppose the Mazoku side has the means to sense the hero summoning, regardless of the fact of such a thing’s existence, it’s worth taking such a measure, if the Mazoku side regards the existence called hero as a threat, like this time they sent an army based on the rough location,the possibility of defeat is not at all few.**

But first, there is a information that must be known.**

It’s called timing.

「……First time we went somewhere other than the castle was during the parade, even if the Mazoku found out during that time, things to develop this far ― is it even possible? 」

「Yeah, it’s hard to imagine. Just as mizuki said it’s too early.」


Therefore, it is possible that there are people with such power inside the Mazoku group.
If that’s is the case, it’s crating problems.

「How did duke Hardias was able to spread false information to the Mazoku group……? Don’t tell me there is an acquaintance inside the demon’s side ? 一How did he manage it?」(TLN: 一体どうやった?」confused)

Uncharacteristically Reiji gaave Gregory a hard look.
If it was between humans than spying might be possible, but if the opponent is the Mzoku is’nt it bad/impossible.**

Even if information were to be sent from the human side to the Mazoku side, it’s authenticity would be doubted. Probably before believing the Mazoku doesn’t have any reason to heaar it. In other words there is no connections. Therefore, there must be some way(plan) to spread the false information, it’s hard to imagine but there must be some secret collusion somehow or other.

「From the story of the communication personnel, a soldier was sent to the Charlotte dock as a messenger. The soldier who was unaware of the Mazoku group was made to remember false information, that the summoned hero was presently hiding his identity heading towards the city of Kurand with the business caravan」

「Wha…!?」(TLN: Confused with this one 「なっ!?」)

「That, don’t tell me that……*」

Mizuki’s trembling voice caused horrible imaginations to stirred up. She seemed to have accurately understood what Gregory was trying to say. Her face went blue with an expression of unease. To such Mizuki, Gregory with a bitter face answered with a voice filled with regret and disgust.

「……The soldier who only knew false information were to be caught by the Mazoku group, then he would spill the false information to them. Therefore, if the soldier were to be only told of false information, then if he were to confess then only those false information would come out of his mouth. If the Mazoku learned this information, then this plan would succeed, that’s why this plan was passed at the very beginning……」

「What a thing……」

「It’s awful……」

It seems both of them got a really great shock. Titania with her hand in front of her mouth stopped talking halfway, and Mizuki face seemed like she would start crying at any momment.
In front of such girls Reiji pointed his resentments toward Gregory.

「A soldier……to treat a human like that……isn’t that too unreasonable!What do you think a person’s life is !」

「He, Hero dono and the soldier’s lives can’t be compared on the same scale. To save a few soldier or Hero dono who will save everybody, if you look at  the big picture there is no need think about it ……」

「Like that Suimei was also……!」

「Even the people in the business caravan doesn’t have anything to do with this. Despite that……」

Gregory who heard Reiji’s angry voice filled with fury and Mizuki’s grieving voice, didn’t say anymore than that and kept silent.
Towards such him, who confessed everything Reiji felt a sour feeling in his stomach, he dropped his manner of speech and asked a question.

「……Other than that, wasn’t there any other way?」

「By the time I heard the story, the Mazoku army was already halfway into the Charlotte dock’s territory and approaching the mountains near the border. By then no other plan could be used……」

「If you knew all that for a long time (for a while) why didn’t you say anything up until now!」

「It couldn’t be helped Hero dono!                                                                                                   I was ordered not to tell anything until the time came, a mere knight such as myself doesn’t have the authority to disobey such  an order ……besides, by the time I heard this story the plan was already  ……」

So nothing could be done , Gregory who said that, towards him Mizuki who was seized worry told.

「Su, such……then Suimei kun is」
Part 03

「……Most probably they have already came in contact with the Mazoku. In the information regarding Suimei dono it included only that he wears strange clothes since he doesn’t have special features, also only the rough location of the business caravan was told, there was no definite information, If someone were apply these information to find someone on the route from the imperial city Meteru to Kurant city then……」

「Bu, but!If he run away and hide himself somewhere……」***************************

「It will be difficult, somehow hands of the Mazoku extends till the Neruferia empire. If you think about that, then the scale of the Mazoku army must be considerable. If there is a specific location, it is thoutht that they will search it thoroughly. If that happens then the people of business caravan who knew nothing……」

「That sort of……」


Hearing Gregory’s conjectures, each individuals were attacked by a hard express felling. There was no words , was it sorrow, despair or perhaps both. Both Mizuki and Titania thought since it was like that, there is no way Suimei is safe.

Suimei is definitely an astute person, but that doesn’t mean that he will be able come out of this situation unharmed.

No, perhaps he won’t be able to come out. No matter how much he knows kenjutsu, after all Suimei is just a normal high school student, he doesn’t have the divine protection from being summon, neither does  he know how to use magic. It’s better if it’s a small monster, but there is no way he can stand up to the Mazoku.

……It’s vexing, however the situation is already hopeless, I ask as if spilling the words.

「……Why now?」

「Now meaning……?」

「Telling us about this.」

Gregory at that time murmured that the timing was good. Then it means that he surmised that it’s perfect timing to speak.
一What on earth fulfilled the conditions to speak?

「Yes. We must have you Hero dono  reach a safety zone before the main force of the Mazoku army apear. It mustn’t be too late to speak, but if revealing came too early……with due respect hero dono I don’t know what actions you would have taken. Tha’s why――」

「Does that mean now there isn’t anything that can be done!」

「Indeed!I’m sorry.」

Understanding the infuriating powers from the words, Gregory curled up prostrate himself.

To such him Titania asked.

「Gregoryー。Does otousama knows about this?」

「……Supposedly he doesn’t know. It seems his Majesty specifically took a liking to Suimei dono, most probably lord Hardias fearing he would anger the king didn’t tell him……」

「Is that so……」

Tiatania whose heart was rapidly beating heaved a slight sigh of relief. When you think your own father took part in something so cruel, one would be really worried.
Did the uneasiness of a certain one cleared a little even if it’s only a littlle.

There it seems Titania heard something for the first time. She asked Gregory.

「Nevertheless, what did you mean by otousama took specific liking towards Suimei?」

「Yes. During the conference the talk about Suimei dono’s departure came, the duke and the others vehemently opposed it, his Majesty pressed it and made it so Suimei dono has freedom. In addition the funds were also prepared, ……it may seem rude, it was a bit too much to give such treatment to a man who ran away such a rumor was circulating inside the castle it seems, after we departed it seems to have became a small uproar.」

「Such a thing happened……!」**

Titania’s surprised voice was filled with astonishment. The king of Astel Almadius thought of Suimei to that extent. The king is a kind man. That I honestly think.

There Mizuki unexpectedly expressed her doubt.

「But why the nobles of Astel be against Suimei kun leaving? 」

To such a doubt of Mizuki, Reiji also suddenly recalled it.*

「That is , for the purpose of making us do what we are told to do if we ever were to disobey. 」


The surprised look of Mizuki was something which Reiji expected.

Here I’m also a human. There can even be a change of heart. The other side may feel uneasy about it.

May be can’t prevent such a change of heart, however they can prevent the cancellation of demon king subjugation.


「――Taking Suimei as a hostage, they wanted to make us against our will subjugate the demon lord, isn’t that right? 」


「……And now, it became impossible to do it, since it became impossible for them to control Suimei by themselves, so they decided to make him a decoy. Since they don’t know what Suimei will do, it’s better to get rid of him as soon as possible. 」

Gregory nods again.
And Mizuki who saw him nod, had tears welling up in the outer corners of her eyes.

「Heartless. Such a thing is too heartless……」(TLN: hidoi yo. hido sugiru yo sonna no)*

Undoubtedly that grieving voice and those tears are Mizuki’s honest feelings. Even though she  has the resolute strength to come to subjugate the demon lord, even so she is after all a single young girl.

…… Summoned for help, but such treatment towards those who are cooperating. Hearing such a thing, just like Mizuki, I feel like express those feelings which are welling up inside me through my mouth.

There Titania.

「…… ……The  country’s, say, what happened to the defense of Meteru and Kurand city」


「That’s right……!」

By Titania’s question two of them suddenly remembered. Because their heads were full of Suimei, that they completely forgot about that matter. If the Mazoku are targeting Suimei’s group than it’s definite that the Mazoku have infiltrated the country’s territory.

There wasn’t the slightest possibility that they rampage after they attacked the business caravan. Then when thought carefully, isn’t it inevitable for the city nearby to be in danger.

Titania as a princess of Astel it was a matter of distress for the country. It was  something which one mustn’t forget to hear.

「Yes. For every city’s defense it seems people from the local mercenary groups and magicians guilds are recruited, from the adventurer’s guild secretly through the back powerful people are called, regarding Meteru there is the defense corps as well as the corps for attacking the Mazoku army. Each and every nobles directly controlled armies, the royal order of knights were called as well as there are powerful selected people from the magic division, right now they are in the middle of organizing. 」

「If there are so much preparations so why use something like decoy……?」

「The time for organizing the force was too little, there simply wasn’t much time. Messengers were sent to each nobles of city of Kurand to mobilize their forces. For that reason Suimei dono and the business caravan were marked and they have to become the sacrifice……」

Wasn’t there any? To save many people sacrifice a small number of people. Although it makes sense, but isn’t it too much to do to a person who didn’t wish for it.
When I think about Suimei who doesn’t know anything, the feeling it’s giving is too much for my heart to bear.

That I think is true for both Mizuki and Titania.
I look down in vexation towards my feet, also feeling of disappointment/despair starts to mix in

There Gregory prostrated himself again.

「I’m extremely sorry.」(TLN: moshiwake gozai masen)

What’s the point of apologizing more than this. It can’t overturn the fact that Suimei is falling into a crisis. Thus I didn’t have any words to say. My anger is exhausted. Only the ill feeling of depression which can’t be cleared remains.

――Still, in front of my eyes is the figure of the middle aged knight who is bowing his head so hard that his head his rubbing against the earth.

Either way, I feel sick into my stomach, all these speculations and brain racking is causing in me a feeling of self loathing.


Suddenly as if hit by a lightning Reiji was able to understand.

If it was so. Entrusting myself to my fury/passion without thinking anything, throwing my anger and words towards him, without even looking at his mental state or true motives. If I were to cool myself down and think carefully, it was something that was easy to understand.

「Reiji kun?」

Mizuki is puzzled seeing my appearance who came to an understanding.
But right now isn’t the time to explain it to her.

「Gregory san, that’s enough. 」

「He,hero dono?」

I grab both shoulders of Gregory and draw the curtain to this long long apology.
Right, he didn’t need to apologize. Rather here it is necessary to express our thanks no matter what.


「Gregory san. Actually when you heard this story, you should have told us everything clearly. But you only said that the Mazoku are approaching us, you ought to said skillfully guiding somewhere else」 (TLN: Probably he is referring to Gregory’s previous dialogue I’m a bit confused here)


Titania and Gregory both stared with wide eyes. There immediately Mizuki raised a question.

「Reiji kun, what do you mean?」
Part 04

「If Gregory san only did as told by the duke Hardias then, there was no need for him to tell us about Suimei. Because Gregory san only needed to let us run away, there was no need for him to expressly telling us all this and creating distrust towards himself. 」


Mizuki’s such a hard to notice small voice was more prominent than any other sound in the area.
To provoke distrust. That’s right. Thinking again, it was an odd confession. If Suimei’s present condition was to be told to us , it was inevitable that it will incur our wrath. While knowing that, there is no reason for a superior to create distrust towards himself, if it was the subordinate of the person who adopted this plan, it was all the more reason to hide everything about Suimei.

Besides if he were to keep quiet about this without telling us about anything, then there would be no reason for him to lower his head to such children.

And then, it was one thing to bow one’s head but to make sense it was his whole body. (Dogeza probably)

「I’m sorry. I finally realized. I shouted at you, without any consideration towards you, I’m extremely sorry. 」

「Hero dono……」

When Reiji with his honest feelings bowed his head, Gregory who couldn’t withstand the feeling let out his voice.
To such him Titania came near.**

「Gregoryー.  I’m extremely sorry. Before listening to Reiji sama even I too thought of you with distrust. 」

When he heard those words Gregory lowered his head as if his head was hanging.
And then he, as if confessing, put together words falteringly.

「……I wasn’t able to do it. Without any connection to this world, summoned only to defeat the demon king, the people who kindly undertook such responsibility, I couldn’t deceive them. And right now even though their friend is in danger, still pretending to ignore such a thing wouldn’t that be the act of an ungrateful person? 」*

Gregory who without hiding anything, frankly expressed his opinion, at the last moment slowly bowed his head.

「I’m extremely sorry. For I have no power. 」

To this Reiji shook his head.

「It’s ok. After all――」

That’s right, if someone were to be at fault, it should be all my fault. It was only me who was suppose to be summoned, even after involving two of my friends, I didn’t refuse as my friend said, so it became like this.

「……Reiji sama?」

I who has started to walk, hear Titania’s voice right behind me.
Hearing it I turn around, once more Titania, this time very impatiently call out.

「Whe, where do you intend to go Reiji sama!?」

「……Isn’t it obvious? We are going to rescue Suimei right now.」

Those words were given half impulsively.
It was decided. It’s already a settled matter that we will go to save him. When I told that without a slightest bit of hesitation, again Titania expressed her bewilderment.

「Such a, going now what can we do ! ?」

Following that was Gregory’s voice.

「Hero dono! I can guess your feelings, but going now, we won’t make it in time! There isn’t any horse anymore!」

It’s certainly as he said. The horse was killed in the earlier fight. Without any foot we won’t make it in time. (TLN: How many horses were there again? I don’t remember at all.)
But, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t even one left.

「If it’s a horse then there is one. It’s Rofuri’s horse.」

「It, it’s certainly as Reiji sama says, but going now what do you plan on doing ! Even if you manage to make it in time to meet Suimei, going there is the Mazoku army. As you are now you will only die in vain! 」


Titania’s such admonition stopped any objections from this side. What she said was certainly correct, no objection was allowed. And it stopped, and then she started to press for an answer? **

「Reiji sama, please reconsider it. Reiji sama if something were to happen to you now, who on earth will defeat Nakshatra?」

That’s right. It’s just as Titania said, after coming here I accepted their request, but before that I am the hero.
Forgetting that, dying because I was  driven by my personal feelings, in a sense it can be called as betrayal.

――But still, there are things I can’t agree with.

「……Reiji sama. About Suimei, it’s painful for me too, but for now please――」


「No way!」

「Re, Reiji sama? 」

「I don’t want to abandon Suimei! He is my friend! That’s why! 」

I was gnashing my teeth and clasping my fist from frustration, but I couldn’t give up.

I wanted to go and save him. To me, just like Mizuki he is also an irreplaceable friend. That’s why I don’t want to lose him. I may lose him, but not doing anything, I don’t want that.

There, I run into Titania’s worry.**

「There is no gurranty that you will be able to save Sumei from the Mazoku !?」

「Even I understand that! Even so, even so I」

「Reiji sama……」

Running out of things  to appeal with, panting Titania shakes her eyes in perplexity. I am worried, still I have the duty as the princess, even so the worries inside my heart is it selfish? (TLN: Sorry confused here a bit)                                                                                                                                              There is no confidence in defeating the demon lord, the proof of  this are the words which were able to shake oneself.**

Reiji averted his eyes from such her and face Mizuki. She who was also from the same world should also be able to understand.


「I, me……」

「Mizuki! Let’s go! We are going to go and help Suimei!」

Grabbing Mizuki’s shoulders Reiji appealed to her . Going to save their friend. Obstinately. He belived that if it was her she would give her approval.


「Ah, that……」**

Without noticing it, Mizuki tremble slightly.


Mizuki shakes and quiver her eyes, which are pitch black like darkness.
That’s right she, just a little while ago finished her first battle. It was her first fight and it was the first time she fought with the Mazoku. And at that moment she surely felt the terror of battle. Then is it a good thing to force such her to fight against the Mazoku army.

No, it isn’t.
And I asked her who was trembling such a impossible thing, that was completely wrong.**

In an instances those self satisfying words rushed into my head. If all the feelings that I showed here are same, again I look around myself, everyone there has the perplexed expression.

「I’m sorry, Mizuki.」

「Re, Reiji kun?」

I turn my back on the call which came in reply to my apology. I understand it’s to satisfy oneself. But, I don’t want give up.

I have such mixture of feelings, Therefore.

「It’s good enough for only me to go. Everyone wait in a safe place. Rofuri! 」

I give a loud call to Rofuri from afar, who is just returning from patrolling.  Rofuri who doesn’t know any of the developments till now, puzzled came hurrying on his horse.

「Huh, e? What is it,  Hero dono?」

「Lend me the horse?」

「Wha? I don’t mind, but why on earth ……」

Rofuri who got down from the horse’s backー. Two voices obstruct his words.

「Please wait, Reiji sama!」

「Wait Reiji kun!」

Running at him hurriedly from behind, at that time Reiji――



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