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Super long chapter! More than twice as long as the previous chapter… and yet only about 2/3 the length of a typical LN chapter. LN translators, I salute you. Anyway, here’s the chapter . Even though it’s a chapter about Reiji, it’s a pretty good one and the chapter that heralds the beginning of all the real plot development in this series.

On the matter of translation notes, I’d previously made a mistake when translating Lefille’s full name. The last part of her name, Noshias, is taken from the name of her country, which fell to the Mazoku before the story’s beginning. I’ve now reconciled those translations. (Let me know if you notice that I missed one.)

The final item I’d like to address is altogether unrelated to the topic of translation, but one that might be of interest to some of you – I’ve prepared a list of published, Western fiction that I think would greatly appeal to all fans of LN-dom. If you’re interested, hit the jump.

The following are my recommendations, listed in order (from top to bottom) of how much I like them.

, by Brandon Sanderson: If you’ve ever read the Wheel of Time series, then you’ll recognize this author as the one who finished the series on Robert Jordan’s behalf. He’s also well-known for the Mistborn series, but in my personal opinion, his one-off works are his best, and this novella is one of my favorite reads of all time. , by Anthony Ryan (Book 1 of 3): Originally a self-published work, it was later picked up due to its incredible popularity. A simply fantastic example of modern Western fantasy with my favorite protagonist of any story, who I imagine will also become a huge favorite of anyone who is a fan of Isekai Mahou. , by Daniel O’ Malley (Book 1 of ???): Not exactly fantasy or scifi, it’s modern fiction which takes place in the setting of our current world (albeit one where magic is a secret, but real part of society). It features a female protagonist who follows none of the typical tropes and is all the better for it. Another wonderful read. , by Katherine Addison: The story of a boy who became a king… but this isn’t the story of your typical action hero who marries a princess or anything like that. This story follows a protagonist who doesn’t possess any special abilities at all, but who manages to win support in a hostile environment through sheer will. , by Pierce Brown (Book 1 of 3): Western scifi that might well have been an LN or WN in another life. The narrative is entirely focused on how cool the protagonist is. , by Will Wight: Many stories begin with the fabled hero of legend, whose coming has long been foretold. This time around, our protagonist is not that guy, but rather an acquaintance of his. , by Brandon Sanderson: Another one-off novel by Sanderson. Not much to say except that it’s another great read with yet another example of the innovative magic systems that Sanderson has become so renowned for. , by Douglas Hulick (Book 1 of 3): A story of a thief’s rise in the underworld, but this isn’t one where he’s some sort of combat genius. Instead, our protagonist has to rely on his wits and connections to get ahead. Its sequel, which came out last year, is, in my opinion, even better. , by Dean Koontz: A long series of books which are rather hit or miss, but the first book is great. The protagonist of this series, the eponymous Odd Thomas, has the superpower of being a genuinely fantastic human being; it can be a very heartwarming read. (Dauntless, Fearless, Courageous), by Jack Campbell: Military scifi, from the perspective of a commander. Great series.

Anyway, those are the ones that stand out to me the most! If any of you read any of these at some point down the road or have already read them, let us all know what you think in the comments!

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