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"Mission accomplished!"

"Mission accomplished!"

"I was wrong..." The mission disciple said loudly.

The entire task palace suddenly quieted down.

Everyone was stunned by this sudden turn of events.

They all looked at the task window.

The disciple stood up and said, "I was wrong just now. The third trial of the mission of God has been completed."

His voice trembled slightly.

Because there was someone standing behind him …

Zhong Qi turned around and immediately rushed to the window, fiercely saying, "What did you say? Explain it to me? You said that he had completed the uncompleted mission? "

"What are you trying to do?"


He had an aggressive look on his face.

In the outer sect, he had never been afraid of anyone.

That disciple said: "Senior Brother Zhong, I was wrong just now. Senior Brother Long really completed the mission and obtained task reward."

Zhong Qi said: "Are you joking? Do you think I'm stupid? "

Dong Tiankui's eyes also narrowed slightly.

Zhao Dahan became excited and said, "Hahaha... "Did you hear that, boss? You've completed the mission and there's even a reward."

"We won."

"Zhong Qi, you can go eat sh * t for me." Zhao Dahan released it with all his might.

Zhong Qi glared furiously with both eyes, and said: "There is simply no standard for completing this mission, you cannot complete it, and you will not win."

He absolutely did not believe it.

Zhong Qi reached his right hand into the window and grabbed the disciple's sleeve, lifting him up in one go, he said: "What benefits did he give you? I'll give you twice the price! "

"Tell me the truth, or I will make it so that you won't be able to stay in the outer court any longer."

In the past, any outer sect disciple would have been afraid. They knew Zhong Qi's methods very well.

However …

However, he was not afraid at all right now, and said: "Senior Brother Zhong, what I said just now was the truth. Senior Brother Long has really completed the mission, I was mistaken."

"Senior Brother, I'm really sorry."

"Please come over here to receive your reward for the third stage."

Zhong Qi's pupils constricted as he said, "Impossible, this is impossible."

He looked at Dong Tiankui.

Dong Tiankui also frowned, but he did not fly into a rage like Zhong Qi. Instead, he calmly stared at the mission disciple.

Long Fei had a puzzled expression as well.

He was very puzzled about this sudden turn of events.

It was impossible for that disciple to be mistaken.

The only possibility was that someone had changed the quest.

Zhong Qi let out a fierce cry, and said: "Reward? What reward? "

The mission disciple lowered his head to look at the scroll, and said: "The third trial's task reward is ten thousand points!"

As soon as he finished.

The entire hall was in an uproar.


"Ten thousand points of task credit?"

"Am I hearing things?"

"Is he crazy?" 10,000 points? This, this, how is this possible? "

"Are you sure you didn't see wrongly?"

"10,000 points, this..." Becoming the highest score disciple in the outer sect all of a sudden. Oh my god, how many times can I take the inner sect examination with 10,000 points? "


"Could there be a mistake?"

… ….

10,000 points was without a doubt an astronomical number.

Everyone was stunned, because task credit was really too hard to earn. Baili Tianhai and Zhao Dahan had only earned around 500 points in the past two months, and that was something that they had earned by risking their lives.

It suddenly increased to 10,000 points!

It was like he was in a dream.

Long Fei was also shocked, "10,000 points?"

Baili Tianhai let out an excited cry and said: "Big Brother, we're rich."

Zhong Qi's points were always the highest in the outer sect disciples, but now that his points were in front of Long Fei, he was like a dregs.

"Elder, I am going to complain, this disciple is definitely crazy."

Dong Tiankui's eyes moved slightly.

A few outer door presbyter s immediately understood and quickly walked towards the room.


After they entered, not a single sound was made, and no one stopped that disciple.

This made Dong Tiankui even more shocked.

"Could it be that someone is controlling it inside?"


Dong Tiankui bellowed, he walked to the window and was about to speak.

An elder walked forward and said: "Sir Peak Owner, there is someone here to invite you in!"

Dong Tiankui coldly glanced at him and ignored him.

However, when he saw the command medallion in the elder's hand, his eyebrows immediately tightened and his eyes immediately relaxed, "Please lead the way."

The two King Swordsman powerhouse s wanted to follow along, but were stopped by Dong Tiankui.

… ….

Long Fei walked towards the window.

At this moment, everyone's eyes were fixated on him.

His body seemed to be glowing with a golden light.

He was like a god!

He would soon be someone with 10,000 points, and he would soon be the number one person in the outer sect.

Zhong Qi clenched his fists tightly, which made a cracking sound, as his eyes locked onto Long Fei tightly.

Long Fei walked to the window, handed over his identity badge, and said: "Senior Brother, did you really make a mistake?"

The mission disciple said: "Senior Brother Long, I'm sorry, I was wrong just now. I will pass the task reward to you right now."

Incomparable respect.

It was as if he had met his ancestors.

It was completely different from the beginning.

"Alright, I've already recorded the 10,000 points for you. Now, you have 10,200 points in total."

Long Fei said indifferently: Can I share it with my friends?

"Of course you can!"

Long Fei looked at Baili Tianhai and said: "Everyone, come over here. Everyone will get a thousand points."

He started with 1000 points.

A thousand points, many disciples would never be able to accumulate in their entire lives.

Too rich.

Baili Tianhai and Zhao Dahan excitedly walked up, and coldly glanced at Zhong Qi, and said: "You didn't think about it, right? Destroying our points, we still have our big brother, hahaha … "

Zhong Qi's face turned red.

He looked towards Dong Tiankui, but Dong Tiankui was no longer there.

Since he had already acquired the points, that meant he had truly completed the mission.

Long Fei saw that the brothers of five elements had not moved and said: "You guys come over as well. Come with us to participate in the inner sect examination tomorrow."


"Boss, we can't do it yet. If we participate in the assessment, we will only implicate you. We …"

brothers of five elements did not expect Long Fei to share the points with them.

1000 points.

Too much.

Long Fei said: "We are brothers, we will be back as soon as I call you."

brothers of five elements walked forward and handed over his identity plate, also giving him 1000 points each.

This caused even more people to be incomparably envious.

The brothers of five elements had always been mocked by others, mocked by others as one of the five great trash of the city. He had become a tycoon in an instant, and even wanted to participate in the inner sect examination!

All of a sudden, it was as if the five of them had gone to heaven.

The points were all divided.

Zhong Qi's face ashened, and he was about to leave.


Long Fei said lightly: "You want to leave?"

Zhong Qi's face sank, and said: "Do you still want to stop me?"

Long Fei said: "If you want to leave, you can do so anytime. But before you leave, do you have to fulfill the terms of the bet?"

"He won't forget, right?" Let me remind you, eat shit! "

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