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Chapter 3677 – 18 Levels of Hell

Jiang Dacheng jumped in fright. How on earth did the man before him obtain Lord Gui Chi’s token?!

He might not have seen Lord Gui Chi’s token before, but he had heard of it! Looking at the token in his hand, he had a feeling that it had to be the legendary artifact.

“Alright. It doesn’t matter if you know. Gui Chi is currently my subordinate.” Huang Xiaolong explained.

“?!” Jiang Dacheng couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

The news was too damn shocking!

Wasn’t Lord Gui Chi serving Lord Green Ghost?! How on earth did he become someone else’s subordinate?!

Huang Xiaolong looked at Jiang Dacheng and he didn’t bother explaining further. Soaring into the air, he disappeared into the horizon.

Jiang Dacheng stood rooted to his spot, and he only snapped back to reality after some time. In a daze, he returned to the city.

After Huang Xiaolong had left, he brought out the Universe Boat. As he traveled to the Fengdu City, he took out his transmission symbol and contacted Gui Chi. From Gui Chi’s response, he learned that the entire Unknown Lands had already received news of the Reversal Sword. Even the Dragon Overlord and the God of Death were alerted!

Gui Chi mentioned that countless experts were rushing over to the Green Ghost Lands as they spoke. There were several region lords among them, and the most prominent of those were the Dragon Overlord and the God of Death!

The Dragon Overlord was leading his dragon army, and the God of Death had also mobilized his great Death God Army!

A suffocating pressure descended on the Green Ghost Lands.

However, they needed some time to actually get there. To put things into perspective, even Huang Xiaolong took several years to arrive while traveling on the Universe Boat.

“Dragon Overlord… God of Death…” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

It was great that the two of them had come. Along with Zhu Chen and the other region lords, he would take care of them all at once!

Huang Xiaolong asked Gui Chi several more questions. Half an hour later, he ended the connection and brought out the Reversal Sword. Sitting on the second layer of restrictions in the Universe Boat, he started to cultivate.

Since he obtained the Reversal Sword, he hadn’t found a time to truly refine it.

With his grand cosmos energy close to the 27 billion units mark, refining the Reversal Sword was a piece of cake. Especially with the help of the Star Dragon Divine Tree and Universe Boat.

When he arrived at the Fengdu City several months later, he had already successfully refined the sword!

The Fengdu City was the most prosperous city in the Green Ghost Lands!

Yin spirit qi was everywhere in the city, and practically everyone who lived there was a yin spirit. Humans would only enter the city when they had things to do. After entering, they would leave as soon as their business was conducted.

Huang Xiaolong felt a gust of icy qi battering against him before he could even enter the city. He felt goosebumps all over his body when the cold air brushed against him.

After entering the city, he felt as though he had entered an icy hell. There were extremely few people on the streets, and those who were were floating above the ground!

It was clear that all of them were yin spirits!

Humans could leave the city as they pleased after entering, but those yin spirits would never be able to leave!

“Lord, do you wish to buy some ghost flames?! I have all sorts lying around!” Someone asked Huang Xiaolong not long after he entered the city.

The ghost flame was something that was only sold in the Fengdu City. It was extremely useful for those cultivating in the ghost arts.

It was difficult to gather ghost flames, and naturally, the price of it was sky high.

An ordinary ghost flame the size of a thumb cost hundreds of thousands of dao coins! As for those peak-grade ones, one wouldn’t be able to get them unless they had billions of dao coins!

“Nope.” Huang Xiaolong paused for a second. “I need spiritual veins. Ghost Soul Spiritual Veins. Do you have any?”

Ghost Spirit Spiritual Veins were a type of universe-level spiritual vein. They were also only found in the Fengdu City.

The peddler was visibly stunned by Huang Xiaolong’s question. “Lord, you must be joking. How can I sell something like that? They can only be found in the Xiuluo Chamber of Commerces from time to time!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

The Xiuluo Chamber of Commerce was the largest cooperation in the Green Ghost Lands, and it was the biggest Chamber of Commerce in the Unknown Lands!

“Lord, if you really wish to look for them, I can keep a lookout. I know a manager in the Xiuluo Chamber of Commerce.” The peddler said all of a sudden and a grin appeared on his face. “But… You know… All this costs money!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled before tossing over a spatial artifact. “Is this enough?”

When the peddler opened the spatial artifact, he was so shocked he nearly dropped it. The amount of dao coins in there could build several mountain ranges!

“This… This is too much!” He stammered.

However, Huang Xiaolong laughed casually. “You can have everything that is left over. Also, I need you to listen around for something.”

Search for the original.

The peddler nodded obediently and bowed, “I will report to you the moment I hear of it.”

“Two million years ago, Zhu Chen came to the Green Ghost Lands. However he disappeared ever since. Do you know where he is?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Lord Zhu Chen?! Of the Zhu Lan Lands?!” He never expected Huang Xiaolong to ask about one of the five overlords.

“That’s right.” Huang Xiaolong replied.

Sometimes, peddlers on the street had much more knowledge compared to those large chambers of commerce. After all, they were out there listening to rumors everyday.

The peddler started to hesitate.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback by his reaction. From the looks of it, he might actually know something! He was asking for fun, but who would have thought that he actually hit the jackpot?

Huang Xiaolong threw out another spatial artifact. When the peddler caught it, he felt his heart leaping out of his throat. There was a huge amount of grand dao level herbs in there!

“Tell me where he is and this will all belong to you.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he whispered, “I… I learned about it by accident several years ago. I heard that Lord Zhu Chen went to the eighteenth level of the netherworld!”

“Eighteenth level of the netherworld?” Huang Xiaolon frowned.

The netherworld was located right under the Fengdu City! The eighteenth level was the one located right at the bottom, and Huang Xiaolong had no idea why Zhu Chen would go there!

“I have no idea why he went…” The peddler continued, “As for whether or not he left, I have no clue.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded before leaving.

“Lord! How do I contact you if I come across news of the Ghost Soul Spiritual Veins?” He yelled hastily when he saw Huang Xiaolong’s leaving figure.

Huang Xiaolong tossed a transmission symbol out without turning back as he went towards the northern region of the city. That was exactly where the entrance to the netherworld was!


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