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"Of course, I'm happy!" Murong Qingxue didn't dwell deeper into the topic, because she was already very satisfied with the result: "Humph, Murong Qingyan hadn't just harmed me, she had also almost ruined my marriage with elder brother Ye. I wish she dropped dead then and there!"

No doubt there was another motive she didn't say that took root in her heart. She felt threatened by Murong Qingyan's existence.

Back then, when Murong Qingyan was a waste, she couldn't care less about her, however, now her half-sister was anything but a waste and the latter's cultivation was even higher than her own.

That wasn't something she would be willing to put up with, for the thing she felt most proud of were her cultivation, her talent.

"Xue-er, rest assured, this time Murong Qingyan absolutely can't wiggle her way out of it," Liu Mei said with a smile: "Even if she doesn't die today, she will definitely become a real disabled waste."

"Mother, I must go see it for myself," Murong Qingxue got up to leave, a vicious smile played on her lips: "I have to see it with my own eyes, the look of Murong Qingyan when she falls to the depths hell and despair. Only this way the hatred in my heart could be appeased."

"You going there at this time won't be good!" Liu Mei couldn't help but knitted her brows: "If you go there and slip-up or something goes wrong, it won't be good!"

"How could I? Mother, have you not made all the proper arrangements already?" Murong Qingxue shook her head gently. As she thought of something her expression became sinister: "Before, at the Clan Assembly, Murong Qingyan humiliated me in every possible way. In front of everyone. Today I shall see her ending. Only when I see her plummeting to hell with my own eyes, will I be happy."

"Fine!" Seeing insistence in her daughter's eyes, what more could Liu Mei say? She could only try to urge her: "But later, you have to remember to keep your distance."

Murong Qingxue nodded in acquiescence and left the rooms.

She didn't need to ask in which direction to go. A huge matter like this alarmed the whole Murong Estate.

When Murong Qingxue arrived at the courtyard she discovered several family elders and both of her uncles present there. Naturally, she didn't dare to come close and could only find a remote spot to watch the ruckus from afar.

Right at that moment, Murong Qingyan was struck down by Murong Xiong's palm and flew away and hit the ground, spitting blood, even her small sword flew out of her hand.

"Humph! Murong Qingyan, even if you persist, it won't change anything," Murong Xiong looked down at Murong Qingyan battered and exhausted on the ground, not a trace of pity could be found in his eyes: "Since you are unable to tell good from bad, today, I'll directly send you to the Western heaven1."

As his voice fell, he struck with his palm towards Murong Qingyan's head. He put almost all of his strength in this palm, so one could imagine that, undoubtedly, her life would be extinguished, if it landed on her.

Sensing the approaching crisis, Murong Qingyan immediately stimulated the Earth Core flame in her body. The scorching hot flame appeared in front of her, shielding her behind the created barrier.

Seeing the suddenly appeared flame, Murong Xiong felt a scare and withdrew his strike. Due to the abrupt withdrawal of the attack, he forced a couple of steps back upon recoil.

"What is this thing?" Astonished, Murong Xiong's face broke into surprised expression when a barrier of flame popped up between him and Murong Qingyan.

Although he didn't know what kind of flame it was, he could feel a tyrannical aura emanating from it. He was positive if he hadn't retreated a moment ago and come into contact with it, the odds of a success wouldn't have been on his side.

"It's a Divine Flame!" Murong Rui, who was observing the fight from the side, exclaimed in amazement.


He said in an… inoffensive… way that he'll kill her. Sending her to the Western heaven, Western paradise, Yama King, netherworld, hell – pick on your own.

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