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Chapter 94.1

Who are you after all?” Murong Qingyan narrowed her eyes, looking at the man in front of her, uncertainty clear in them.

Although it was only their second meeting, she could sense that the black-robed man was not ordinary. The handsome and bright appearance, unfathomable cultivation base, mysterious and imposing bearing, indifferent eyes, all of this pointed to the fact that his status was insurmountable.

“Me?” In response to Murong Qingyan’s interrogation, the black-robed man suddenly drew closer to her and softly whispered in her ear: “Huangfu Jue is my name. You’d better remember it well.”

At the time, Murong Qingyan had no idea, that this name will be entangled with her throughout her whole life.

“Huangfu Jue?”


Qingyan was positive, she had never heard of any famous person with this name on the mainland. Yet, this man’s cultivation was inscrutable, there was no way he could be some nameless youngster.

“Remember this name,” suddenly Huangfu Jue smirked at Murong Qingyan, before he turning around and departing with his guard.

Staring at the back of leaving Huangfu Jue, Murong Qingyan knitted her brows. This Huangfu Jue gave her some extremely bizarre feeling, but she was sure this man didn’t harbor any ill-will towards her. Otherwise, he would have never helped her in her dire straits.

“Master, are you alright?” While Murong Qingyan was still lost in her thoughts, Little White, all of sudden, jumped into her

her arms, tears, and snot dripping down his cheeks: “Master, you’re fine! That’s really great! You know, I’ve been so scared then. If anything happened to Master, I wouldn’t know what to do!”

When Huangfu Jue left, he also lifted the enchantment that was suppressing Little White. Or else, considering the power Huangfu Jue displayed, it would have been impossible to tell, when Little White would be able to break free on his own if he could at all.

The first thing Little White did as soon as he regained his freedom was to throw himself into Murong Qingyan’s bosom and cry out his grievances.

“Now, now, be good, don’t cry,” watching the undignified crybaby of a legendary Baize

legendary Baize in her arms, Murong Qingyan could only helplessly shake her head. “Am I not perfectly fine now? Moreover, see, even this misfortune turned into a blessing, as I’ve directly advanced to the peak of Harmonization period.”

“Master, I’m so sorry I’ve let you down and caused you to suffer,” Little White eventually stopped sobbing and drooped his head, full of guilt he opened his mouth as to blame himself: “If it weren’t for me being unable to recognize the true origins of the flame in Qiuyuan Yi’s body, you wouldn’t have been put in such danger and wouldn’t have to suffer through this ordeal.”

“This matter… you haven’t done it intentionally,” Murong Qingyan didn’t blame him and gently him and gently patted Little White’s head to comfort him. “However, talking about this, Lil’ White, how could you get it wrong?”

Little White, after all, wasn’t just some common beast, he was actually an ancient divine beast, Baize. How could he mistake a true Earth Core Divine flame for a child-flame?

“To tell you the truth, I actually don’t know how it happened either.” Little White grabbed the fur on his head, his expression vexed: “When it was in Qiuyuan Yi’s body, I clearly sensed that it was just a gestating Earth Core flame. The difference between the two is immeasurable. I’m absolutely sure, that the flame I sensed in Qiuyuan Yi was a child-flame.”

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