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Chapter 92.1
Chapter 92 (part 1): The Winner

Soon, this spiritual energy became so dense, that it seemed as if it had taken a substantial form, and then, with the speed the naked eye could see, all of it directly surged into Murong Qingyan’s body.

The audience couldn’t make head or tail¹ of this sudden event. No one knew what had actually happened. In their confusion, they focused all of their attention on Murong Qingyan, as if merely this could bring them the answer.

Murong Qingyan actually didn’t know herself, what had just transpired. She was very clear, that the xuanli in her body had been completely used up, in her dantian there was not even a trace of xuanli. Yet, despite this she still didn’t surrender to Nangong Ye, she was determined not to.

She didn’t know how long she would be able to last, nevertheless, she still refused to concede. Just as she readied herself to fight once

more, she actually discovered that the spiritual energy around her started madly rushing towards her.

Once this spiritual energy burst into her, she merely felt her whole body relax completely. Right after, she immediately steadied herself and controlled her breathing, transforming this spiritual energy into xuanli, guiding it into her dantian.

“She’s broken through.”

A booming voice erupted abruptly from above the stands. As the people in the audience followed this sound to its owner, to find out it actually belonged to Feng Fei, impressively so.

This time, Feng Fei no longer sustained his usual calmness, he slapped his thigh and stood up suddenly, looking at Murong Qingyan with astonishment.

Feng Fei’s words made the situation clear to everyone present, so as it turned out, Murong Qingyan actually made a breakthrough.

Although now they knew what was going on, many of them couldn’t believe it still. It was a common knowledge, that advancing to the next stage was not a walk

walk in the park. When xuanli reached its peak and the body was saturated with it to the limit, only then breaking through the last barrier and advancing to the next step would be possible.

Usually, when cultivators reached this step, most of them went into seclusion. Since advancing to the next stage wasn’t an easy matter, a moment of carelessness or inattention could even endanger cultivator’s life. However, at the moment Murong Qingyan was not only in the middle of a competition, she was also seriously injured. Breaking through at such time was simply impossible.

But that impossible thing had actually happened.

Seeing this in front of him, a shock passed through Nangong Ye. He hadn’t thought, that unexpectedly Murong Qingyan would breakthrough at this moment. Yet, even so, Murong Qingyan would not be able to win, he was absolutely sure. Advancement in itself was an extremely hazardous process.

It was anything but simple, and the person in question

in question had to have an abundant strength to support this process. Just now, Murong Qingyan was completely exhausted, even if she got some spiritual energy to give herself a boost, it might not work out.

While Murong Qingyan was trying to breakthrough, Nangong Ye also sat down cross-legged to restore his strength and xuanli. Actually, if he wanted, he could attack Murong Qingyan and obtain a swift victory.

But he chose not to. Not because his heart was straightforward and upright, but because all the spectators watched the happenings on the arena with full attention. If he attacked Murong Qingyan at this point, he would be scorned by everyone.

Thus, he might as well use this opportunity to recover well, so that later in front of everyone he could achieve a perfect victory over Murong Qingyan.


丈二和尚摸不着头脑 (zhàng èr hé shang , mō bu zháo tóu nǎo) – an idiom, lit.: like a three-meter high monk, you can’t rub his can’t rub his head. English version: can’t make head or tail of smth; to be at loss.

Agnie’s teeth-pulling, brain-frying corner:

Guys… I don’t know why exactly but it took me almost 2 weeks to translate this part (no, it’s not just a lack of time, which is a perpetual issue). It was just too painful. So painful I wished I could butcher it and summarize it. If you read it carefully, you surely noticed why, though. If the next part is still like that… hoho. We’re so going to have only 3 parts this week again (and the next part will not be necessarily tomorrow). You’ve been warned. If you want to see how the bashing, ehem, the battle plays out sooner, pray with me that it won’t be a teeth-grinding experience to translate. Amitabha!

And, please, if you see mistakes, let me know. I’m sure I’ve missed more than just a bunch this time.

All the happy reads to you this week!

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