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Little White didn't place his thoughts on these people either, he was wholly preoccupied with the deliciousness of the meat.

When Murong Qingyan was done eating, Little White was still doing his best. The chunk of meat that Murong Qingyan cut for him had long disappeared in his stomach. At this time he was devotedly holding and just as happily munching another one.

Murong Qingyan had already come to terms with White's voracious appetite, so she didn't care. However, looking at Little White's small body she was actually very curious, just where did all the food he ate go. It was obvious that all the roasted meat he ate if put together, would be much bigger than his whole body.

However, when Murong Qingyan recalled Little White's true form, she finally understood and relaxed.

Only when Little White felt fully satisfied and full, he was able to remember an important matter.

"Master, I just found out something very important," Little White seemed quite embarrassed when he brought it up. Just because he felt so hungry, he actually placed all his attention on the roasting meat and such an important thing skipped his mind.

"Oh, what's it, ah?" Murong Qingyan responded carefree with a glance at Little White: "Have you not eaten your fill yet?"

"Oh, no no," Little White shook his head hastily and continued to communicate with Murong Qingyan mentally: "These Chen Xianbin and Chen Wenwen, they are… How do I say it? Their blood is similar to yours."


Hearing such a thing out of the blue, Murong Qingyan was shocked enough to suddenly jump up from her seat. Her dilated as if she received a scare.

Instantly, all the eyes swept to her.

Even Huangfu Jue, who didn't have any unnecessary expressions all year long, glanced at her. However, he didn't say anything, nor did he ask anything, only looked deeply at Little White in her embrace.

Murong Qingyan also realized her lack of manners, took a deep breath and sat back down. By now, she had already calmed down.

"Little White, what do you mean?" Murong Qingyan inquired: "You said that their blood is similar to mine, what do you mean by it? They shouldn't be my long lost siblings, should they?"

Just thinking of this possibility, Murong Qingyan couldn’t fight a cold shudder running down her spine. Such a dog drama¹ should not happen to her!

"Master, where did your thoughts run off to?" Hearing Murong Qingyan's guess, Little White didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "What I meant to say is that they are likely to be your relatives on your mother's side. Have you forgotten, what your mother's family name is?"

Chen Ruoshui.

The name instantly appeared at the tip of Murong Qingyan's heart: "Are they relatives on her side? But how can that be? Wasn't she always alone²?"

"Master, in this world, no one can just come out of thin air," Little White felt speechless: "It's just that your mother has never mentioned anything about her birth family."

"Is that so?" Murong Qingyans squinted her eyes with doubts: "I don't know what happened between mother and her family, however, looking at these two, they are definitely not people who any common family could cultivate. At least, on this continent, there's no such an accomplished family."

"Master, are you going to feel them out?"

"No need," Murong Qingyan denied without hesitation: "It doesn't matter why my mother has never brought up her family. Since she didn't, it means something must have happened there. Now I'm too weak and if I go to that family in such state, I'm afraid I won't be able to protect myself. If there's an opportunity later, we'll go there."

Little White nodded and didn't say more.


Dog thing – you might have noticed in other Chinese novels, that Chinese LOVE abusing dogs (metaphorically speaking). Single dogs, dog food (being forced to watch PDA), and another whole slew of wonderful things to do with poor dogs: dog biting, step on a dog (luck), dog biting, dog blood (our case), etc. Here Murong Qingyan means that she ain't willing to be a part of dog (blood) drama – contrived, melodramatic, and just UGH – scenario. It's not really clear whether she says she was an orphan or without (good) family, lit: she was a lone person.

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