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"Shier how do you come up with things like this? Hha!" Qi Nan Shan said, marveling at Gui Shier's ideas.

"When we return to the North Rune Sect, make dozens of these Rune Javelins. It would be great if we can use these things to kills Marked Beasts or even the Savages," he continued.

Guo Shier nodded then turned to the group. “Everybody, pay attention," he whispered. "The moment Master and I move, shoot the Rune Javelin immediately."

He used a branch to draw a model of the Mammoth Beast Variant on the ground and pointed at it. "Grandpa Nan Shan, use your Rune Javelin to hit these places—the eyes, neck. The others should concentrate their firepower to attack its belly."

“Unfortunately, I'm still not familiar with the Javelin or the Beast. I can just try," Qi Nan Shan said, worried.

“Master, I'll use the Sword Glyph and you use the Ring of Heavenly Thorns," Guo Shier said. "Everyone—wait for us to make contact with our attack first before shooting the Rune Javelin. Uncle Tan, release the Marked Snow Wolves immediately and flee towards the east direction. Remember to keep the Snow Wolves running behind our team. Otherwise, I'll finish you off."

The group tried to muffle their laughter.

Everybody readied themselves.

Guo Shier and Luo Jie sneaked nearer towards the Mammoth Beast, then suddenly stood up. Guo Shier shot two golden lines from his eyes. They moved together and rose straight up into the air. He had to shoot from a distance, so the power of the Sword Glyph was weakened by at least half.

Luo Jie took out his Innate Rune Book, flicked his fingers three times on a page, and shouted, "Fight!"

Three Rings of Heavenly Thorns flew out.

They started out as small rings on the page and quickly grew bigger, becoming huge light rings. They whistled as they moved.

Guo Shier activated the light blades as they rose higher in altitude. He brought the two together. As they turned into golden shooting stars, they thundered their way down, falling rapidly towards the ground.

The Mammoth Beast Variant sensed danger. It suddenly opened its sharp eyes and roared.

The light blade of the Sword Glyph arrived first, opening a bloody hole on the Mammoth Beast's back. Guo Shier realized that it didn't do much damage; it only made a half-meter wound.

The Mammoth Beast reacted fast and shattered the light blade.

Qi Nan Shan shouted and shot three Rune Javelins. The other Grandmaster Warriors were alerted and shot their own Rune Javelins, too.

The Rune Javelins whistled through the air.

The Ring of Heavenly Thorns arrived and made loud noises when they landed on the Mammoth Beast.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Mammoth Beast let out a terrifying roar. Its eyes became crimson, staring at Luo Jie's team.

"Run!" Guo Shier shouted without hesitation.

Without saying a word, Ying Mo flung Guo Shier onto his back and ran away.

The Rune Javelins arrived, but only two out of the seven of them hit the target. They were thrown from quite a distance, and by the time they arrived, the Mammoth Beast was already on guard.

With its big nose, it removed the two javelins that hit its body and flung them away. It started pounding over to them, roaring with rage.

While on Ying Mo's back, Guo Shier shouted, "Tan Laoxi! Release your Marked Snow Wolves! Uncle Luo Jing, if he doesn't do what he's told, drop him!"

"That's great!" answered Luo Jing.

Tan Laoxi was scared shitless. He hurriedly replied, "Don't drop me! Don't drop me! I'll take out the Marked Snow Wolves!"

Tan Laoxi scrambled to release the Marked Snow Wolves. He listened to Guo Shier's screaming, "Use the Marked Snow Wolves to lure the Mammoth Beast Variant!"

The Mammoth Beast Variant rushed towards them like crazy.

Guo Shier urged everyone, "Run! Come on! Holy shit! This guy is too powerful we only damaged some of its fur."

Guo Shier noticed the Marked Snow Wolves following closely behind everyone.

"Tan Laoxi, you fucking idiot! Make your Marked Snow Wolves pester the Mammoth Beast."

Tan Laoxi was about to cry. "That's fucking death!" he said.

“Idiot!" Guo Shier yelled. "I'm not making you use the Marked Snow Wolves to fight a losing battle. Just let them entangle the Mammoth Beast to make it run slower."

The group—despite the extreme tension—can't help laughing when they heard Guo Shier shouting. One Beast Artificer Grandmaster was being scolded by a child with a temper.

The footsteps of the Mammoth Beast variant thundered as it ran to them. It was moving faster than anybody expected, covering a hundred meters with a dozen steps.

Even with tall trees blocking its way, it was not slowing down. It smashed into trees, easily turning them into powder and splinters.

Tan Laoxi ordered the Marked Snow Wolves to entangle the Mammoth Beast. But the Beast just mercilessly smashed them into the ground with its nose. It continued to run like an armored train. The Marked Snow Wolves cannot stop the Mammoth Beast at all.

Tan Laoxi was going crazy. He just got 10 Marked Snow Wolves, but he already lost two of them instantly once they made contact with the Mammoth Beast. He was swearing from distress.

"Into the trap area, quickly!" Guo Shier ordered the group. "Watch where you step!"

Qi Nan Shan was the fastest. He was carrying Luo Jie across the trap area. Everybody else quickly followed.

The Mammoth Beast Variant entered the zone, stepping into a trap with its huge paw. The hidden javelin thrust deeply into the soles of its foot.

Because of its speed, the Beast wasn't able to stop running immediately. The trap made it lose its balance, and the momentum flung its huge body off track, like a derailed train.

The crash was loud. The Mammoth Beast smashed into trees and left a long 100-meter ditch on the ground. The rest of the pitfall traps were rendered useless.

"Good, it worked!" Guo Shier shouted. "Don't stop, come on!"

The Mammoth Beast Variant roared wildly. It struggled to stand up so it can continue chasing the group, but the javelin pierced deeper into its fat paw. It didn't seem to care about pain and continued to chase them—but it has slowed down remarkably.

Guo Shier said, "Hha! It's becoming sluggish!"

The running speed of the Mammoth Beast was still amazing. Fortunately, the traps were successful at crippling the big guy. The team gained some breathing room and they don't have to run like hell.

Tan Laoxi continued trying to harass the Mammoth Beast with his Marked Snow Wolves.

Qi Nan Shan suddenly sensed something and stopped abruptly. "Everybody, towards the left," He shouted to the group. He ran to the left with Luo Jie.

The group didn't ask why and followed him towards the left side.

Countless flames flew in like a Rain of Fire. Then, they heard multiple humming sounds—the tremor of Rune Bow bowstrings being released.

Several arrows flashed and shot the surrounding tree trunks.

Guo Shier was startled, "What's that?"

Qi Nan Shan shouted, "It's an ambush!"

“How is this possible?" asked Guo Shier. "Tan Laoxi, take out the rest of your Marked Snow Wolves and make them run ahead of us. I know you still have a few more."

Tan Laoxi was sobbing without tears and wanted to answer back. But he knew if he didn't agree, Luo Jing would throw him out. It would be impossible to run away from the Mammoth Beast alone.

The ambush was set up by Hu Feng's group, although they hadn't planned it. They just happened to walk by this area. They didn't even realize that the team they were ambushing was Guo Shier's.

Tan Laoxi took out the rest of the Marked Snow Wolves and made them run ahead of the group.

A Secret Realm is an especially dangerous place; the one taking the lead should possess enough strength.

Aside from Qi Nan Shan's advancement in terms of physical power, his eyes and ears were now more sensitive than before. He noticed this improvement during their encounter with the Mammoth Beast, but he didn't dare start a head to head fight. The monster was just too strong.

Meanwhile, Hu Feng also sensed that something was wrong. "Elder Du, whose group is it?"

"I don't know," Elder Storm Du said. "Who cares who they are? Just kill them! We have so many Grandmasters in our team. Who dares to fight with us?"

Elder Storm Xie suddenly noticed something. "Wait. Eh? What's that sound?"

The chaos caused by the Mammoth Beast's running was earth-shattering. The earth was trembling. Every tree on its path was directly crushed. The huge soles of its feet were like pile drivers that reverberated noise with each step.

"Guangheng, go and explore the situation," ordered Hu Feng.

With just several jumps, Guangheng entered the forest and bolted back in less than a minute.

"Big…big…boss…fast. Quickly run," he stammered talking to Hu Feng.

Hu Feng steadied Guangheng, "What the fuck?!? Stop panicking! Make it clear."

Xu Guangheng was now covered in cold sweat.

He started to talk again. "Great…big…everyone…"

He was not able to finish his thoughts.

The silhouette of the Mammoth Beast Variant came out of the jungle. The trees in front if it scattered like scrap paper. Its crimson eyes stared at Hu Feng's group.

The beast's presence was so oppressive that Hu Feng couldn't help but be scared. He was so frightened that his legs went soft. He started to curse. "Da…damn. Elder Xie!"

Elder Storm Du calmly raised his hand and held Hu Feng and Xu Guangheng under their ribs.

"Old devil, what are you doing?!?" Hu Feng shouted.

"Don't say a word," replied Elder Storm Du. Then, he palmed Hu Feng and Xu Guangheng's back and suddenly bolted away.

Elder Storm Du was trying to save his own ass.

Hu Feng and Xu Guangheng effectively bought Elder Storm Du enough time to escape.

Although Hu Feng was also a treacherous person, he was nothing compared to the three Storm brothers who spent their entire lives in the grasslands.

This was an unexpected turn of events that made Hu Feng roar with rage.

The Mammoth Beast Variant finally found something to release its anger onto. It rammed Hu Feng like a tank.

“Stop! Stop!” Guo Shier shouted.

Luo Jie turned to him. "Stop? Why?? What's wrong?"

“There is no sound from behind us,” Guo Shier said.

Everyone stopped and listened.

Soon, there was a faint sound of vibration from the distance.

“I know what's happening," Qi Nan Shan said. "The Mammoth Beast Variant and the people who attacked us are fighting. Strange—who are these people?"

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