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Guo Shier aimed at the Marked Snow Wolf that sprang into their circular formation.

This Marked Snow Wolf was very cunning—it went for the gap within the defense. It was incredibly fast.

Its goal was Huo Bao and the rest of the kids because they were the weakest (and tastiest) among their group of people. The Beast intuitively knew that they were delicious.

Two golden lines flew over.

Puff! Puff!

The Marked Snow Wolf uttered a mournful howl, coughing out blood as two small holes emerged from its body.

But those two small holes were not enough to kill it.

Infuriated, it immediately turned to attack Guo Shier.

In the eyes of the Beast, he was nothing but a little guy riding on the back of a bull.

Huo Bao shouted, "Shier be careful!"

The Marked Snow Wolf suddenly exhaled a frigid white mist, and then channeled it like an arrow shot towards Guo Shier.

Guo Shier activated the Firebird glyph to meet the white mist and neutralize it. A series of puncturing sounds pierced the air. The Firebird and the white mist dissipated.

The Marked Snow Wolf stumbled out of the lingering mist, still exuding extremely frigid air with every step.

Guo Shier jerked out the tail of the Dark Winged Scorpion, its stinger suddenly exerting force.

The Marked Snow Wolf let out a frightened whine.

Wu! Wu!

(Note: Yeah, this is the Chinese onomatopoeia for the sound of crying.)

The length of the Scorpion's stinger hit the Marked Snow Wolf's jaw, piercing into its head and coming out through the back of its neck.

The Beast hanged on for dear life but very quickly died on the Dark Winged Scorpion's stinger.

Meanwhile, Qi Nan Shan rushed to the Wolf King.

The Wolf King could not have imagined the speed of this human. Nevertheless, it tried to bite out of instinct.

Qi Nan Shan sneered and then—like a huge hammer—suddenly smashed the Beast down with lethal force.

That was not enough to kill it, though.

The Wolf King attacked back, exhaling a burst of freezing cold air and spraying it directly on Qi Nan Shan's chest.

But Qi Nan Shan was quick—his fist fell on the Wolf King's head before it could fully retaliate.


The force was so great that it pushed the Wolf King's head into the earth.

Qi Nan Shan felt the cold spreading on his chest. The chill made his movements slower. Furious, he kicked the Wolf King's huge body and made it fly. Not waiting for it to land, he chased it and gave it another kick.


The Wolf King took off again, this time even higher. It started coughing out blood.

Qi Nan Shan roared like a furious devil and kept up the constant frenzy of attacks.

The Wolf King never touched the ground until it finally died.

Concurrently, Luo Jie sent several Rings of Heavenly Thorns and directly beheaded a Marked Snow Wolf.

Lan Tian Bao commanded a swarm of bugs to bite a Marked Snow Wolf until it was riddled with holes.

Tan Laoxi sadly discovered that he was the weakest among all the Grandmasters. He hadn't even killed a single Marked Snow Wolf.

The four kids encircled a Marked Snow Wolf, but embarrassingly weren't able to get rid of it until two Marked Master Warriors joined in.

Guo Shier's Sword Glyph demonstrated its power by continuously beheading three Marked Snow Wolf one after another. The golden light blade was invincible and very fast.

But Guo Shier also realized a flaw. The Sword Glyph's potency seemed to get weaker the farther it flew away. The best distance was within 10 to 30 meters; within this range, it remained astonishingly powerful.

In less than five minutes, the pack of Marked Snow Wolves was completely wiped out.

They also caught three Marked Snow Wolf pups alive.

(Note: I'm changing 'Coyote' to 'Wolf Pups' for clarity.)

This fight was a lesson in humility for Tan Laoxi. He took a long time to kill just one young Wolf. His performance was really no better than that of the four children.

He realized the strength of this teammates, especially Qi Nan Shan, who killed the Wolf King like he was just killing a chicken.

Qi Nan Shan dragged the body of the Wolf King, laughing. "Hahaha! Shier, this is what you want right? The Wolf King's fur fully intact without any damage. I killed him with my fist!"

Guo Shier was amused. "Master, Grandpa Nan Shan had the strength to fight with a Marked Beast Variant!"

"Fuck! Our strength is very strong!" Tan Laoxi excitedly interrupted. "If we don't hunt Marked Beast Variants then it would be a fucking shame." He started talking nonsense again.

Guo Shier ignored him. "Master, we should go to where the Marked Beast Variants are located," he said.

"Hehe! I didn't expect DShan to be so fierce. Fine, we're going to hunt Marked Beast Variants!" Luo Jie replied.

Guo Shier laughed. "Master, you should purify the blood of the Wolf King. I would like to practice on the other beasts. Can you give me a hand?"

Tan Laoxi kept silent all the time and just consistently hovered around Guo Shier non-stop.

"Uncle Tan, you're following me all the time. What's up?"

Luo Jie glanced at Tan Laoxi and suddenly realized what the guy wanted. Luo Jie laughed and said to Guo Shier, "Hehe! Hey, Shier is asking you something!"

"Oh! Hehe! Shier… ah, can this Uncle ask you for one thing? Hehe!"

"Say it!" Guo Shier snapped.

"You know I am a Beast Artificer Grandmaster," Tan Laoxi sheepishly replied, smiling. "There are so many Marked Snow Wolf corpses. Uncle can use them to make several Beast Glyphs."

Guo Shier could not help but be interested.

"You want to make Beast Glyphs? But we don’t have time for this. I’m afraid it’s too late."

Tan Laoxi continued, "I'll make it in time! I already have a ready-made semi-finished Beast Glyph here. I just need to extract the spirits of the Marked Snow Wolves."

Guo Shier pondered on the idea. "No. If you just want to extract the spirit of the Snow Wolves you didn't have to discuss this with me," he said. "Spit it out, there must be something else you're hiding."

Luo Jie, Qi Nan Shan, and the rest of the group laughed.

Tan Laoxi was trying to fool Guo Shier—and that would be almost impossible.

"Hehe. The spirit and blood of a Marked Beast are interlinked," Tan Laoxi explained. "If I want to extract the soul of the beast, well… the blood will become useless."

Guo Shier won't allow for Tan Laoxi's nonsense. In addition to the fur, the blood is the most valuable material on the Marked Snow Wolf. Once Tan Laoxi draws the spirit, the essence of the blood will be lost.

"Impossible!" Guo Shier barked back. "You can only make a Beast Glyph on the Marked Snow Wolf that you killed. I can't give you the materials on the beasts that others have killed."

Tan Laoxi got frustrated. "Fuck! Motherfucker! Uh…"

He suddenly remembered that he must not curse and quickly changed his tune.

"Oh Shier, you are my little ancestor. Please, please just say yes to little Grandpa! What do you say?"

(Note: Age is important in Chinese/Korean culture. You kinda automatically win if you are older than someone, so addressing someone as an 'ancestor' is the ultimate praise.)

"I'm just a child," Guo Shier retorted.

"No! You are not a child, you are my ancestor."

The crowd roared with laughter. Tan Laoxi was exhibiting his impressive rogue skills.

"I AM a child," Guo Shier said sharply. "If anyone wanted to grab a kid's belongings, what do you think will happen?"

Tan Laoxi was dumfounded.

If Guo Shier was a normal child without strength, of course he will get robbed. However, Guo Shier possessed strength more than he had himself. The consequences of stealing from this child won't be good.

Having solved this little brain teaser, Tan Laoxi now understood this situation.

"I get it, I get it," he finally said. "So how many Beast Glyphs do you want?"

Guo Shier smiled. "Hehe! Uncle Tan finally got it! I am not asking for too much. I want the Beast Glyph of the Wolf King's spirit. How about you, Elder Sister Lan? Do you want a Marked Snow Wolf Glyph? Choose one for yourself. Master, do you want one also?"

Luo Jie shook his head. He was not interested in any Beast Glyph. Lan Tian Bao, on the other hand, will not refuse. This was a great opportunity to acquire a Rune from another Sect Faction.

"Thank you Shier. Hehehe!" she said.

She did not thank Tan Laoxi—she only showed gratitude to Guo Shier.

Tan Laoxi couldn't wait to kill this little bastard. This Wolf King was a Marked Beast Variant. Its spirit should be mighty and must be sealed using a Spirit Level Beast Glyph.

"So do you agree to the condition?" Guo Shier asked him. "Hurry up! If not, I'm going to ask Master to start purifying its blood.

Tan Laoxi was reluctant to act. He wanted the Wolf King for himself. But he couldn't do much alone. He already had a hard time dealing with a regular Marked Snow Wolf and had no chance of winning against a Wolf King—and a Marked Beast Variant, at that.

"I'll do it," he finally said, gnashing his teeth. Of course, I'll fucking do it. I can't fuck this up this time, he said to himself, mourning losing the body of the Wolf King.

Tan Laoxi took out a Silver Glyph and then cast a Rune Spell to cut a small incision on the Wolf King's body. "This Wolf King is a Marked Beast Variant. What a strong body. What beautiful fur," he said as he worked.

When the body began to bleed out, the Glyph quickly absorbed the blood into itself. He cast a dozen more Rune Spells to pierce the wolf's body.

He then pulled out a Beast Glyph and began the process of creating a Spirit Level Beast Glyph. This Spirit Beast Glyph was only one step away from completion. It was specifically prepared for use in the field, for absorbing the spirit of Marked Beasts.

He placed the Beast Glyph beside the Silver Glyph and skillfully started casting Rune Spells on them.

Suddenly, the Wolf King's blood started to rise up and its visage gradually appeared on the Silver Glyph. It desperately struggled. With its huge mouth, it bit and growled but no sound came out. The whole sight was eerie.

"Receive this spirit!" Tan Laoxi shouted.

The scarlet colored spirit of the Wolf King rushed into the Beast Glyph like water.

"It's done!" Tan Laoxi announced, sweating profusely.

Guo Shier decided not be polite—he and immediately grabbed the Spirit Level Glyph.

"Uncle Tan, make another Beast Glyph for Elder Sister."

Guo Shier was being very generous—it's just that Tan Laoxi would have to pick up the bill.

Tan Laoxi finished making the Beast Glyph for Lan Tian Bao.

"This is not easy. Fuck!"

He brought together the bodies of a dozen Marked Snow Wolves and took out a larger version of the Silver Glyph. He then started bleeding all the dead wolves all at once. He was planning to turn a dozen Mark Snow Wolves into a single Beast Glyph.

Guo Shier realized this guy’s plan. "Uncle Tan, you are very cunning."

"I dare not. I am nothing compared to you," Tan Laoxi replied while continuously working on the Beast Glyph.

"Interesting," Luo Jie remarked. "It's a pity you are wasting so much blood."

Translator: Glasses TangGu
Editor: M

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