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A Gate Glyph can record the coordinates of four Secret Plane locations. Luo Jie stored two while Guo Shier stored three. This means that both of them can return to the altar at any time.Guo Shier's extra coordinates was given by Li Ran.

After recording the coordinates, both of them were coincidentally relieved.

Since there is a Basic altar, then it is possible to find Intermediate or even Advanced altar. As to what role they serve, it’s not clear yet.

Luo Jie said: “I want to sleep first, Shier you take charge. Continue to copy the Sigils on the altars.
Immediately the Marked Warrior Master build tents in order for Luo Jie rest. Luo Jie is the backbone of the crowd, if he wanted to sleep, no one’s going complain.

Ying Mo realized the brat's exceptional status. He saw Guo Shier walking silently round and round the altar. Ying Mo hesitated and then finally refrained from disturbing Guo Shier.

So he won't miss a spot, he kept going around the altar. Some places are strong, some places are weak.

Involuntarily he began chanting. The sound is almost imperceptible. With continuous chanting, the pleasant and comfortable feeling returned. Guo Shier slowly sat down and chanted non-stop.

Luo Jie slept very soundly. It is difficult for an old man to get a high quality sleep but this time he slept for two days.
The rest of the team yawned one by one and sank to sleep on the altar. They fell directly on the ground and slept soundly, there was even no time to build a tent.

Guo Shier fell asleep while chanting. This is his third life and the first time he experienced such a wonderful sensation. Countless rune pattern flowed like the tides that scour his soul leaving countless traces into his soul. Unconsciously, he experienced "Legacy Rune Transference" of the altar.

He touched his belly and shouted: ” I’m starving!”
Luo Jie stayed dazed unmoving in his tent. The only thing he knew was that he woke up he felt that his being changed. Before he had the time to think, he heard Guo Shier’s big cry. Suddenly his stomach also grumbled. He could not help but smile. So he stood up and went out of the tent.

“I … I fucking advanced! Wahooo…”

Then Xiao Feng also shouted: “Hey, I advanced … Fuck … What’s going on?
His tone was full of excitement and wonder.

Then a few more Marked Warrior Masters shouted. Everyone including the four little guys like Huo Bao are no exception. They have advanced to Marked Warrior Adepts.

It seems that the whole group had a breakthrough. Although there are some people who have not advanced, nevertheless they felt that their strength went through leaps and bounds.
For a time everyone on the altar went crazy with happiness.

Luo Jie stared blankly at the sky,

Guo Shier also rushed over.

Luo Jie faintly said: “I advanced!”

Luo Jie's voice suddenly got deeper. Then his body issued a crackling sound. Then his back and waist went straightened up. You can visibly see the wrinkles of his face disappearing.

Guo Shier surprised: “Master, you are so handsome when you are young!

He has an inexplicable feeling now that he advanced. But advanced to what extent? How can he further develop in the future? What kind of path to take? There's no clear answer.

He laughingly asked : “Shier, how are you feeling?

With his usually chanting, he can only condense his soul slightly. This combined with the basic movement training; his soul would grow in strength only by a tiny glimmer. But with this incident he was able to condense his soul twice.

He asked : ” Da-Shan, how do you feel?

Everyone could not help but be stunned, a Marked Warrior Grandmaster re-advancement? How far can we go? Luo Jie advancement let everyone at a loss.

Looks like Artificer Grandmaster is the thing of the past. You can level up higher than that. What should we call it, Artificer Ultra-master?

Luo Jie was surprised a moment. He has not thought of his Innate Rune Book.

Luo Jie wondered: “If something changed … I can’t figure it out.

Well? Nothing is amiss. It seems I'll be able to increase the number of Glyphs in the Innate Rune. … … I'm looking forward to exploring it further."
He is dumbfounded but also satisfied. He has been standing at the top and found another peak. It was a great thrill to him.

Luo Jie put away his Innate Rune Book.

Da-Shan, Take charge, Ying Mo, you also go … … This time after going back, you’re going to be with me for a while. I will not only repair your Rune pattern but also give you cultivating Marks.
With the best Blood Mark … a Spirit Rune level cultivating Marks!"

Ying Mo was so happy that he almost fainted.

He turned around and ran to help with a bunch of his friends.

Guo Shier whispered: “Master, we have Gate Glyph. You can come in anytime. Why are you rushing to copy the Runes?”

Guo Shier suddenly understood the teacher’s intention. This altar is too precious, so he’s going to block the news. This Secret Plane was opened 60 years ago. After going out, no one would realize that they could come in. This is their greatest advantage.

Luo Jie laughed: “Ah fifteen days left. How fortunate it is to be able to find such an altar. I dare not expect anything more … Just stay here and wait for the Secret Plane to close. Hahaha!”

Said: “Well, the harvest of this Secret Plane is great. It's no less than the last Secret Plane trip. That’s right Master, they…… Will they keep the secret?”

Luo Jie can’t help laughing.

Guo Shier can't believe what he heard.

Luo Jie laughed: “A Marked Warrior Grandmaster is also a person. He also has needs. Hey hey! We can accept that you'll be a Grand Master level soon, and so young to boot. The attraction to him must be great.”

Said: “Master, I am not young. I was young, OK."

Said: “Who cares about your age, you’re older than an adult. Little Demon. Hahaha!”

He said: “Well, if he is willing I am also willing!”

Luo Jie said: “I intend to also let Luo Zhan follow you. Hahaha! If Ying Mo is also willing,

Guo Shier was stunned for a moment.

Luo Jie almost laughed to death. He touched Guo Shier’s head.

Guo Shier muttered: “I am afraid of being poor.”

The memory of his last reincarnation is still fresh. There is no food in the rice bowl. There’s no money in his pockets. To him that’s the scariest thing.
Luo Jie said: “Well, I’m going to go talk to with Ying Mo.

Ying Mo is abundantly Marked with Rune patterns, although he has no understanding of the Marks.

Said: “Senior, the Old Man is looking for you."

Soon came to Luo Jie.

Luo Jie said: “Sit down, let’s talk.”

Asked: “Hey Old Man, is there a problem?
Luo Jie smiled: “It’s nothing, I just want to talk to you. What, you don’t want to talk to an old man?

Guo Shier is also very curious. He wanted to know how Master is going to talk with Ying Mo. How can you be so sure that you can make a Marked Warrior Grandmaster follow a little child.

Ying Mo got confused by this action. He doesn't know what the master and apprentice duo is up to.


Li Ran - The powerful individual that gave Shier his Innate Rune Sphere. The group met him on the previous Secret Plane.

Legacy Transference - Interacting with some structures would enable an individual to absorb Rune records. In today’s term we can say this downloading a copy. *SPOILER* Guo Shier would discover more structures where he can download more Rune records.

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