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Reminder: These are the alternative words that I use to describe runes.

Marks – runes on living creatures.

Glyphs – portable runes. runes that enables spell casting. to differentiate a physical Rune Sword to a spell conjured Sword Glyph.

Sigils – runes on structures like altars.

I still use the word ‘runes’ on the things described previously but I use it mainly on miscellaneous objects (ex Rune Sword).

There was a surprised look on Luo Jie's face.

He said: “Emerald Rune Beads!” Immediately look again. Definitely, there should be more than one! This thing is a valuable treasure.

12 pigeon sized eggs were dug out of the Emerald Blade Mantis’ body. They found 12 small Rune Beads from the body and 1 large Rune Bead from the head. They acquired a total of 13 Rune Beads.

Guo Shi-er smiled: “What do you call these? What are their uses?"

(Looks like the author had a brain fart and forgot to answer this question)

Luo Jie saw the the two cracked Mantis Blade forelimb.

Luo Jie said: “What a pity. Were they cracked by my Ring of Heavenly Thorns? Hahaha! Shi'er, take these to your Hidden Space, maybe you can exchange these items with people of South Rune Gate later."

Four translucent wings were also removed. Two of these have been damaged by the Sword Glyph.

It took three days to completely dismantle the Variant Emerald Blade Mantis. There is no waste. Because the flesh was far better than a Marked Beast, even the meat of Emerald Blade Mantis was carefully collected. It was high quality meat.

The next step is to distribute the results. Surprisingly, Ying Mo turned it down.

He said: “My friends and I do not use these materials; it’s a waste to us.”

Luo Jie is also very straightforward.

Said: “In that case, I'll repair the Rune pattern in your body after we go out of the Secret Plane. Hahaha! I guess … there's very few Rune Smith Master that can mend the broken Mark pattern in your body.”

Ying Mo is overjoyed. For those who roam the grasslands, the most painful and troublesome thing is the Cultivation Marks on the body. Rune Smith Masters not only asks for a high price, but the level of skill is ordinary. It is quite exasperating that they also pocket most of the hunting harvest. He cannot imagine the amount of money required to have an Artificer Grandmaster willing to mend the broken Marked Pattern and upgrade their Cultivating System. This kind of blessing is simply priceless.

With the amount of broken Marks that Ying Mo have, his appearance looks nothing like a Marked Warrior Grandmaster. A Normal Grade Rune Smith Masters will have a difficult time mending his broken Marks, after all he is a Marked Warrior Grandmaster. A Rune Smith Grandmaster will just ignore people like him. He simply is unable to find a skilled Rune Smith to repair his broken Marks.

“Thank you… thank you pops."

Following Ying Mo, those Marked Warrior Masters also gave their thanks.

Luo Jie laughed: “This is to my advantage. Everyone, no need to thank me."

Luo Jie was feeling gracious, so he made everyone feel good.

After three days of rest, Luo Jie's body is no longer in any serious condition. When he returns and fill in the missing pages, it will be as good as new. What were destroyed were only some precious materials, the new collection of materials in his hidden space would more that make up for this loss.

Luo Jie said: “Well, we have been delayed for three days, let’s start at once.”

They safely arrived at the altar. Luckily, they didn’t meet a second Rune Insect Variant.

The location covers a large area. One large altar was at the peak of the mountain, located around the mountain foot was 18 smaller altars.

Luo Jie didn't rush to the top and with a few people inspected the smaller altars first.

A small altar looks like a green square platform 3 meters from the ground with an area of around 10 square meters. In the middle stood a white pillar engraved with Sigils. They are all made out of stone.

Luo Jie cautiously stroked a bit of the Sigil.

Said: “What a wonderful  Rune pattern.”

Guo Shi-er stared at the Sigil for a moment and recognizes only a few basic Runes. He realized that his foundation is bad.

Asked: “Master, what do these Sigil describe? ”

Luo Jie touched a Rune.

Said with emotion: “This is an ancient Rune. There is a big difference between the past and present Runes. You should be able to feel a desolate and ancient aura with this one. It's really full of charm."

Looking at the Sigil, Shi-er was reminiscent of the cold snow and icy world, an arctic world. It seems to be an Ice related altar. This altar … is not to be used on a person, but on a Glyph.

Guo Shi-er said: “Uh, a Glyph manufacturing altar? We don't seem to have this kind of production tool."

Luo Jie bitterly smiled: “A Spirit Glyph is the highest level of Rune that we can produce. We can't even make an Ancient Glyph. This altar is one of the tools to make an Ancient Glyph. Pity … Even if we figure out the use of this altar, it's impossible to guess the rest of the production process sequence."

This reaffirmed Guo Shi-er's belief that there would be worlds with more powerful individuals and more developed Realms of Artificers.

Luo Jie cried: “Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng … Come here! ”

Xiao Feng ran over and asked: “Pops, what are your orders?"

Luo Jie said: “Bring a couple of people and copy the Sigils on the altar. Be thorough. Be careful in handling the altars, they are priceless treasures."

As an Artificer Grandmaster he was aware that this is a treasure of mankind.

Every altar on the foot of the mountain was explored one by one.

There are ice, flame, wood and metal type altars. There are even insect, beast, plants and body cultivating marking altars. There is also an altar for Hidden Space Runes.

There are six unidentifiable altars. Luo Jie felt helpless because, he has no idea what type of altar they are.

Guo Shi'er is silent like the Marked Warrior Masters. There is a look of incomprehension in his face while looking at the Sigils. Let alone the other altars, even the simplest Runes on ice and flame type altars are beyond his comprehension. His lack of knowledge is making him eager to study even more.

Xiao Feng, the four children and the rest of their team took their time rubbing the Sigils on the altar. The altar is a priceless treasure. The exquisite Runes are rarely seen even in the Secret Plane. They paid their utmost attention to copy every minute detail.

After going through the 18 altars, Luo Jie shook his head in frustration.

Luo Jie heaved a long sigh: “Alas, it’s just a basic altar! For beginners! I didn’t know it until just now.

Guo Shi-er wondered: “This is just basic altar?”

Master, where did you see that it was only a Basic altar?

Luo Jie said: “It seems … We’re lagging behind! Alas Shi-er, the bottom of the altars has a Rune record. It tells us very clearly … that this is a basic altar! Nevertheless, even the basic altar is very profound. I can't fathom the strength of the man who built this altar."

Guo Shi-er face was flushed. He simply cannot understand the ancient Sigils.

Ever since they left the North Rune Gate, he has been busy. Unable to settle down, he was not able to carefully study the books that he has acquired. His strength is rising too fast, his basic Rune knowledge if lagging far behind.

Ying Mo on the other hand faced Luo Jie with a flattering smile on his face.

He said: “Pops don't be sad. You're already a top expert. Hahaha!"

Luo Jie smiled: “I am a little frustrated. But hey, I still have time. I’ll find a way to keep improving.

He is old and stable. He will be more tenacious the older he gets.

Guo Shi-er said: "Master, you're great!"

Guo Shi-er started to act young and started spewing flattery without hesitation.

The strange thing is that Luo Jie also accepts this jovially, his face is full of smiles.

Luo Jie said: “Shi-er, you're great too!"

This is the first time Ying Mo seen the apprentice and master pair touting each other. Ying Mo shuddered from the undisguised flattery of the two. This apprentice and master pair is a perfect match. Ying Mo was nauseated but dared not laugh.

Ying Mo casually praised away: “Well, Shi-er is very powerful."

To praise the apprentice, is to praise the master. He was clear about that. It’s just that he can’t say anything more.

Luo Jie laughed.

Guo Shi-er was stirred that Ying Mo was coaxing Luo Jie to be happy.

Guo Shi-er said: “Master, let ‘s go and see the big altar!"

Luo Jie smiled: “Let’s see the big altar that can break the bottleneck! Da-Shan, Da-Shan …. bring someone to help us climb!"

Nan Shan (南山) means South Mountain. Luo Jie call him Da-Shan (大山) which mean Big Mountain.

Guo Shi-er said: “Leave a few people to watch over the horses!”

It would not be fun if everybody went to the altar and then all the horses run away.

Compared to the surrounding mountains which were filled with trees, the only vegetation on this mountain is grass. It is very steep without any stairway.

Qi Nan Shan carried Luo Jie.

Luo Zhan was supposed to take Guo Shi-er but Ying Mo carried the child first.

Ying Mo has clearly seen that Shi-er is Luo Jie's life blood. To curry good favor from Luo Jie, he must take care of the disciple first.

Ying Mo knows that this is a very rare opportunity. He has to take care of Guo Shi-er in order for Luo Jie to be more inclined to repair his Marks. Having an Artificer Grandmaster handle the repair and improve his Cultivation Marks would greatly enhance his strength.

A group of people swiftly climbed up the mountain. Even if they are Marked Warrior Masters, they had difficulty climbing the cliffs. Soon, everybody has climbed to the top of the mountain.

The whole top was the altar, still rectangular in shape with a much wider space. The altar was carved out from the dark brown rock. 18 pillars erected in the middle, filled with intricate Sigils.

Guo Shi-er felt a burst of tremor when he came close to the pillars. It was a very serene felling, as if back to a mother's womb. It was a joyful sensation.

Luo Jie is more surprised. When he fought with the Emerald Blade Mantis, it caused him a lot of damage when he tore off a page of his Innate Rune. He understands that he has damaged his foundation. But only a few minutes on the altar, he sensed that the injury was getting better.

Luo Jie immediately determined that the Ying Mo has said the truth. Not only can it help you advance your cultivation, but also assist you in healing.

This place is amazing. He did not hesitate to take out his Glyph Gate and record this magical place.

Guo Shi-er did the same thing and placed the coordinates on his Glyph Gate.

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