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Five pure steel javelins came flying out, flashing and whistling across the air.

This continued for four more times until a total of 20 javelins were thrown.

The Marked Warrior Masters are very experienced, they did not shoot just one spot but provided covering fire.

Guo Shier shouted: ” Uncle Ying Mo attack the Emerald Blade Mantis' joints! Grandpa Nan Shan, attract Emerald Blade Mantis’ attention!”

Qi Nan Shan and the Emerald Blade Mantis attacked each other. Qi Nan Shan was knocked away while the Emerald Blade Mantis is forced a step back.

The Insect uttered a frightening hiss.

Qi Nan Shan cursed: “This thing’s shell is too damn hard!”

Kicking from the ground, Qi Nan Shan sprang again. This time he changed to a pure steel Rune Spear.

Dang! Dang!

Two Rune Javelins opened two holes on the Emerald Blade Mantis.

Qi NanShan roared loudly and threw the Rune Javelin. The Javelin flew like lightning and went straight to the Emerald Blade Mantis' slender neck.

Everybody was throwing the javelin over and over.

Only six or seven javelins pierced the Emerald Blade Mantis, the rest fell to the ground.


The steel Javelin was not only heavy but was reinforced with the power of a Runes. This finally pierced the hard shell of the Emerald Blade Mantis. The Javelin stuck about a foot deep into the Insect, not too deep but green blood is splashing everywhere.

The Emerald Blade Mantis suddenly got crazy.

Cha! Clank!

Qi Nan Shan dodged and avoided an attack, but the Rune Javelin he was holding was severed by the Emerald Blade Mantis.

“Watch out!” he exclaimed. It’s furious! ”

Luo Jie did not dare to continue to test. He activated Ring of Heavenly Thorns.

A bluish band of stinging light whistled towards the Emerald Blade Mantis.

The Emerald Blade Mantis was alerted to the sound and issued shrill sound.

Two forelimbs are moving crazily. Countless emerald shadows flashed, forming an emerald light curtain against the fierce attacks of the Ring of Heavenly Thorns.

The Emerald Blade Mantis incredibly used its forelimbs like a sword, quickly chopping the Ring of Heavenly Thorns. Crackling burst of chaos that climaxed into a crashing big earthquake.

The Emerald Blade Mantis was not left unscathed. If you looked closely the Emerald Blade Mantis’ forelimbs are covered with fine cracks.

Ying Mo attacked while the Emerald Blade Mantis was preoccupied. Listening to Guo Shier's command, he slashed the Emerald Blade Mantis' hind leg. The Rune Blade cut off the leg.

Although he cut off a joint, unfortunately the Emerald Blade Mantis has six legs. It did not affect its movement.

The Emerald Blade Mantis' wings suddenly sprouted out, starting a high speed vibration.

Just then, Guo Shier acted.

He shouted: “Be careful!”

A golden Light Blade suddenly appeared when he swept his fingers. He was waiting for this moment.

The Light Blade swept over the Emerald Blade Mantis' wings and cut it off. The huge impact tumbled over the Emerald Blade Mantis.

Guo Shier was surprised by the power of his Sword Glyph which managed to cut off the Emerald Blade Mantis' wings. The translucent emerald wings now has a big hole.

Luo Jie shouted loudly: “Good!”

He was amazed of the timing.

Guo Shier slightly lifted his fingers up, then made if fall down. The Light Blade from the sky shot straight down.

The Emerald Blade Mantis screamed and quickly dodged the attack.

The Light Blade fell beside it with a thud, drawing a trench.

The Emerald Blade Mantis seems to be aware of the danger of Guo Shier. It moved like lightning towards Guo Shier.

Luo Jie yelled: “Block it!”

Ying Mo brandished his blade on the Emerald Blade Mantis's hind leg, but missed.

Qi Nan Shan shouted. With a huge Rune Shield in hand, he crashed into the Emerald Blade Mantis.

Luo Jie attacked with two consecutive Rings of Heavenly Thorns. There was cold sweat on the elder's face.

This Emerald Blade Mantis is too tough.

Guo Shier calmly commanded the Light Blade again to attack the Emerald Blade Mantis. However, the Emerald Blade Mantis has been prepared. It was able to dodge the chopping Light Blade.

The Emerald Blade Mantis Body although large is not cumbersome, it dodged the attacks nimbly.

That speed is really a headache.

The two Ring of Heavenly Thorns attacks also failed and only managed to hit the ground.

The surrounding is a mess.

“Master, use an Ice type Glyph… Freeze it fast!”

The Elder anxiously tore off a page from his Innate Rune Book and threw it off. The Rune Page flew and smashed on the Emerald Blade Mantis' body.


Suddenly, an arctic atmosphere spread out freezing the body of the Emerald Blade Mantis. The lightning fast Emerald Blade Mantis slowed down and become unresponsive.

Guo Shier yelled: “Everybody attack!”

The Light Blade went up and came smashing straight down on the triangular head of the Emerald Blade Mantis.

Everybody swarmed and violently attacked with their weapons.

This is an opportunity. Losing this chance will make the fight harder later.

Luo Jie tore off another Page of his Innate Rune Book making his whole body sluggish.

A Rune Blade fell, piercing the Emerald Blade Mantis' stomach. This was followed by Qi Nan Shan's blade slash. Smashing and jarring the Emerald Blade Mantis' triangular head.
Ying Mo neatly cut off the third leg of the Emerald Blade Mantis.

Guo Shier smiled and said: Good! That’s it! ”

Guo Shier heaved a sigh of relief and retracted his Sword Glyph.

Suddenly he saw Luo Jie's pale and trembling body. He rushed to his master's side.

Repeatedly asked: “Master, master … you, what happened to you?”

Luo Jie comforting: “It's nothing, just torn a page in my Innate Rune Book. I'll recover in two days."

Guo Shier hurriedly took out an animal skin mat, assisted Luo Jie to sit down.

He said: “Master, you sit down. Xiao Hong, give me some water."

(Xiao means little)

Guo Shier took out a Rune Pill and put it in Luo Jie's mouth.

Said: “Master, take a break."

Luo Jie sighed: “Ugh! We still lack a big powerful Attack Glyph. That was close."

Guo Shier was secretly scared. If master met an accident, the gain would not be worth the loss.

He comforted: “Master, your Rune is already very powerful.”

Luo Jie shook his head.

Said: “It may be enough for us, but inside the secret realm … it is obviously inadequate.

I know now, I'm…… I'm afraid our strength and creatures of this Realm … the difference is very far.”

Looking at Guo Shier's worried little face, Luo jie gave a bitter smile.

Said: “Don't worry Shier, you are different from me. There’s still a chance. I hope you can study somewhere else, to see …"

Guo Shier started to get watery eyed.

He nodded: “Yes Master, I'll do it!"

Luo Jie gratified, nodded.

Smiled and said: “Shier, the Sword Glyph that you have is not worse than Master's."

Guo Shier shook his head.

Said: "Master, I'm dependent on the Glyph strength and can't be compared with master."

In his mind, Guo Shi'er understands this clearly.

Ying Mo excitedly ran back.

Smiled and said: "I'm really fucking happy! I have never battled with such a powerful Marked Insect Variant before. The support of an Artificer Grandmaster is really something else. Hey Old Man, what happened?"

Guo Shier said: “Master was injured.”

“What?” exclaimed the Ying Mo.

Luo Jie smiled: “It's nothing, don't make a fuss about it. I'm fine, I just need a break."

He said to Guo Shier: “Go and see the spoils. Ha! Ha! Variant Marked Insects are rare. The whole body is a treasure. If people from the South Rune Sect saw this, they're going to be crazy.”

Guo Shier shook his head.

Said: “I'll go with master later.”

Luo Jie know Guo Shier is just worried about him.

Luo Jie said: “Shier, help me up. I assure you master is not so weak. I just tore a page in my Innate Rune. It's no big deal.”

Ying Mo enviously looked at the two

Said: “I'll help. Old Man, you’ve got a good apprentice.”

Luo Jie face suddenly smiled.

Guo Shier and Ying Mo, helped Luo Jie stand up.

Luo Jie said: “Ying Mo stop your envious words. Hahaha!"

Qi Nan Shan ran over to check what was wrong.

He saw Luo Jie being supported by Guo Shier and Ying Mo

He hurriedly asked : ” Elder, what happened to you?”

Luo Jie smiled: “It's nothing. Just a bit tired and getting older. I'm no longer as young as you. Hahaha!"

Qi Nan Shan and Ying Mo are suddenly speechless. Who's still young? They're all hundred year old fossils. But it's true that Luo Jie is qualified to say so since he is more than 200 years old.

Guo Shier said: “Uncle Ying Mo, I can no longer walk today. Let's stay here for three days."

Luo Jie said: “Stop it, let's go quickly. The Variant Marked Insect's blood is more precious than Variant the Marked Beast. Let's hurry up and collect it. Don't waste it.”

The Emerald Blade Mantis is quietly lying on the ground. The natural scythe-shaped, two meter long forelimbs were covered with fine cracks. You can see countless Rune pattern in light emerald shades even if it's dead. This Emerald Blade Mantis still reveals exquisite body lines.

Guo Shier murmured: “It's really beautiful …”

Luo Jie said: “Yes. Ah, the more beautiful the more dangerous. If we were not prepared, we probably would have died from this beautiful Emerald Blade Mantis scythe. Luckily, we saw it first. Hahaha!"

Ying Mo has been completely impressed by Guo Shier. Although young, he performed calmly and intelligently. No wonder Luo Jie let him command the battle.

Guo Shier said: “Master, I'm afraid I'll waste the blood of this Variant Marked Insect. I only know how to do a four Rune Purification Method."

He didn’t want master to be tired, but this Emerald Blade Mantis is really too rare.

Luo Jie laughed: “No problem. I’ll purify the blood. The rest is yours to deal with.”

Guo Shier worriedly said: “Master, if you can't do it, don't force it. Your health is more important. We'll have another chance later."

Luo Jie smiled, his disciple’s care made him feel warm in his heart.

Said: “Don’t be a sentimental. Get ready. I'll purify it."

The 16-Rune Purification Method is currently the best way to purify.

Luo Jie Heart was very excited. The variant Marked Insect's blood is extremely valuable material, not worse than the blood of variant Earth Dragon. He signaled Guo Shier to prepare a Rune Bottle and started the purification.

An hour later, they got a few big bottles of purified blood, close to a hundred pounds. No matter what Marked Insect they are, their blood volume will not be too much.

Luo Jie said: “Well, I'll let you do the rest. I'll be here on the sidelines guiding you."

Guo Shier with a few Marked Warrior Masters, began dismembering the Emerald Blade Mantis.

“Master, what is this thing?"

Guo Shier takes an emerald bead the size of a fist from the head of Emerald Blade Mantis.

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