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Translation Notes:

Luo Jie – Guo Shier’s Master. He is an Artificer Grandmaster.

Ying Mo – A vagabond Warrior Grandmaster that they met in the great grassland. He gave Shier a Space Glyph in exchange for some grilled BBQ.

Marked Warrior – Soldiers who has Runes carved into their body to enhance their strength

Casters – Mages who casts spell using Runes
Artificers – Talented individuals who has the proficiency to be a rune smith and a caster.

These are the alternative words that I use to describe runes.

Glyphs – portable runes. runes that enables spell casting. to differentiate a physical Rune Sword to a spell conjured Sword Glyph.
Sigils – runes on structures like altars.

I still use the word ‘runes’ on the things described previously but I use it mainly on miscellaneous objects (ex Rune Sword).

See the for more info.

With a sharp squeak, Luo Jie's team and Ying Mo's team all tensed up.

There are a few Marked Insect, each one have strengths and weaknesses. Let's determine what are the characteristic of the Marked Insect, in order to fight effectively.

Luo Jie is not nervous at all.

"There are two Marked Warrior Grandmasters leading the formation against the Marked Insect, plus we have a remote attack from Guo Shier [mc].

We are enough to get rid of two Marked Insect. Others are not decorations.

If there are three Marked Insect that emerge, it would not be so terrible."

He calmly said: “ShiEr, take charge! ”

Ying Mo has never seen this before. He almost fell down from the horse. Are you kidding? Let a child command? Are your brains broken?

Not waiting for him to speak, Guo ShiEr has started to dictate.

To prepare for battle, Qi NanShan is assigned to detect. YingMo is assigned to the right side of the forest, the rest was spread out to create a battle formation.

Guo ShiEr and Luo Jie standing on the side and front respectively. The two where only two meters away from each other.

Other Marked Warrior Masters are 10 meters away in front of Luo Jie.

It’s a weird way to do it. It is strange that no one is questioning.

YingMo is in doubt, but the sight of Qi NanShan and Luo Jie not hesitating to execute the command, he abruptly suppressed his doubt.

Guo ShiEr [mc] was alerted to a specified location. A moment later, Qi NanShan returns.

Qi Nan Shan said: “I can’t find it!”

Guo ShiEr [mc] can’t help but get a little nervous. That powerful shrill cry, made his soul slightly quiver,

This Marked Insect is certainly not simple. He secretly prayed, it was not be Rune Insect Variant. That thing is too scary,

Even if there are three Grandmaster here he was not very confident. The Earth Dragon left him with a deep impression. Variant Creatures are very Tyrannical.

Guo ShiEr [mc] said: ” Nan Shan Grandpa, go in front of my master. Be careful! ”

Qi NanShan nodded and run at forefront of the Marked Warrior Master formation.

For a time everyone is silent. Luo Jie already took out his Innate Rune Book.

Guo ShiEr [mc] also exhaled out his Innate Rune Orb.

Stand ready to fight.

Ten minutes!

Half an hour!

Everyone is motionless.

Ying Mo is getting impatient, he was also a man who likes slugging it out.

Half an hour was enough to make him aware of Guo ShiEr's idea, that is to sit back and wait.

Gracefully waiting, is better than being attacked halfway.

In particular, he arranged himself and Qi Nan Shan, two top Grandmaster in front.

Once the Marked Beast emerge, the strength of the two can effectively contain the Marked Beast once it emerges.

But the wait is really boring.


Guo ShiEr [mc] shouted: “Ready!”

The woods were swaying not far from the Ying Mo’s body.

The sound of a clatter, mixed with the sound of heavy footsteps, and the sound of the broken trees.

The sound is getting louder.

A shrill cry, shocked the crowd for a while.

People stared wide eyed towards the woods

Guo ShiEr's heart is still praying, do not be a Rune Insect Variant! Pray for nothing to come.

This point Guo ShiEr [mc] finally understands, and also know that they really have the potential of the crow’s mouth.

A huge triangular head from the woods stuck out, followed by a huge sickle-like forelimb.

Guo ShiEr [mc] looked stupidly.

What the hell is this Marked Insect?

“Rune Insect Variant!”

Ying Mo's whole body hair stood up, he couldn’t help admiring Guo ShiEr [mc].

Fortunately, the formation was ready. Otherwise it is likely to destroy the team, it can rush out to the few Grandmasters.

He couldn’t get though. How could a Rune Insect Variant emerge? This thing is really troublesome. This Marked Insect is a Variant Ancient Creature. What weird ability does it have?

The most common and most unbearable is poison.

He hoped that this was not a poisonous Rune Insect Variant.

Isn’t this a mantis? What a big mantis! ”

It was Guo ShiEr's first time to see such a huge insect,

Full five meters long, slender body. The whole body is emerald green.

Looked carefully at all the Rune pattern.

There is a pair of very beautiful compound eyes.

It turned its triangular head, seemed to be looking at everyone.

The two forelimbs are like two blades, closing and opening, issuing a slight click sound.

This gave the crowd a creepy feeling.

Guo ShiEr [mc] mumbled: “Master, why is it a Marked Insect Variant? Not a simple Marked Insect? ”

Luo Jie showed a bitter face,

Luo Jie Said: ” Marked Insects are not big, only Variants will grow a lot. This is Mantis Blade, is a Variant Emerald Blane Mantis."

Guo ShiEr asked: “Is it hard to handle?”

Luo Jie said: “Yes Ah, the good news is that its weaker than the Earth Dragon."

That Emerald Blad Mantis didn’t attack, but it kept turning its head back and forth.

A pair of compound eyes from its triangular head stared at the crowd.

Guo ShiEr realized something.

He whispered: “Pass it down. Nobody Move! "

Later he whispered : ” Master, do you want to kill this Emerald Blade Mantis? If you're not interested in it, we should all not move!"

Luo Jie wondered: “Do not move? Will it not attack?"

Actually Guo ShiEr [mc] was gambling. He vaguely remembered in his past life the habits of a mantis. But he is not sure if the mantis stalks a living prey through movement. If you don't move, the mantis will not find you. He is betting that the Emerald Blade Mantis also have such a habit.

Whispered: “I guess …”

Luo Jie Suddenly silent.

Just then, the steeds behind them suddenly ran away. They were either frightened or unnerved.

The Emerald Blade Mantis gave chase.

Guo ShiEr emphasized: “Do not move!”

The running steeds did not notice the Emerald Mantis Blade in front of them. When two green lines flashed, the horses were instantly cut into three parts.

Guo ShiEr gasped.

The green light flashed multiple times. Even the tall horses were split into three sections.

This attack power is a bit scary.

Luo Jie has made up his mind,

He whispered, “Kill!” ShiEr [mc], You command! ”

There’s no reason to let go of a Rune Insect Variant.

As long as it is and Rune Marked creature, whether it is a beast or a insect, it’s precious treasure. Especially if it's a Variant Insect, its value is immeasurable.

Ying Mo and Qi Nan Shan are waiting for Guo ShiEr's signal.

Guo ShiEr pointed towards the Emerald Blade Mantis and then slid his palm across his neck.

Qi Nan Shan and Ying Mo slowly nodded.

Guo ShiEr passed a message down and alerted every one of the impending action.

He showed a thumbs up and motioned the two Grandmaster Warriors.

Ying Mo was 70 meters away from the Emerald Blade Mantis while Qi Nan Shan was 200 meters away.

Ying Mo attacked first with his long handled Rune Blade. He sprang violently out.

Qi Nan Shan rushed behind him.


Everyone wanted to cover their ears.

Is this the call of the Emerald Blade Mantis?

Why is it so harsh?

Ying Mo targeted the triangular head of the Emerald Blade Mantis with his Rune Blade. Ying Mo slashed with his sword, but two emerald line flashed out to meet it. The forelimbs of the Emerald Blade Mantis blade intersected the sword.

The two brilliant emerald light suddenly chopped and hit the Rune Sword. This issued a loud brittle noise.

Following this action, the Emerald Blade Mantis moved forward, faster than lightning.

Qi Nan Shan yelled: “Come on!”

Boom! Boom!

The Emerald Blade Mantis' two forelimbs are too fast. Two emerald lights hacked out and hit Qi Nan Shan's Rune Sword.

The eyes can't simply follow the speed of the attack. You can only see two emerald lights flashing.

Ying Mo is Marked Warrior Grandmaster with enormous strength. He abruptly blocked the two slashes aimed at him.

Two Warrior Grandmasters exchanged attacks with the Emerald Blade Mantis multiple times.

Ying Mo shouted: “Old Qi! Attack its stomach!”

When Luo Jie saw this he was relieved.

Although the Emerald Blade Mantis was powerful, it did not have any special skills.

As long as Ying Mo and Qi Nan Shan can hold it, then they can win.

Guo ShiEr said: ” Master, we should move. They cannot last long. This guy is too fast! ”

He suddenly thought of a problem, and it was too late to tell his master.

Pointing his finger in his Innate Rune Orb, a golden line lifted towards the sky.

Then said: “Master, be careful, the Emerald Blade Mantis is going to fly!”

The face of Luo Jie changed greatly.

From his Innate Rune Book, a group of little flames started to rise.

He yelled: “Everyone, clear out!”

Guo ShiEr can't help but smile, his master actually want to use fire to burn Emerald Blade Mantis' wings. In fact, he felt Ice Attribute Attack sufficient enough, insects are afraid of the cold the most.

The flame was very powerful. But in order to hit something, the playmate should not move.

Before the flames fell down, the Emerald Blade Mantis moved to the side faster than lightning.

Guo ShiEr did not immediately attack. He controlled his Sword Glyph hovering in the sky. It maintained its gold line appearance and not turned into light blade.

The golden thread did not turn into a light blade to consume little power. Unless you look closely, you will not notice it.

“Master, quickly use an Ice attribute attack to freeze it.

Luo Jie cursed himself for being old and confused. He even needed the reminder of his apprentice.

Fingers moving, a series of ice lances flew out.

The attack was not aimed directly towards the Emerald Blade Mantis but on top of it.

The ice exploded and turned into ice mist that sprinkled down the Emerald Blade Mantis.

Luo Jie exhibited his strength. Hundreds of ice lances were flying out, and quickly turned into fog on top of the Emerald Blade Mantis.

The temperature dropped sharply and immediately slowed down the Emerald Blade Mantis.

Qi Nan Shan and Ying Mo were both slightly relieved. There was great pressure applied by the Emerald Blade Mantis on the two them.


Like a sharp blade across glass.

Ying Mo and Qi Nan Shan can't help but get terrified of the horrible sound.

Listening to this is affected the courage of the group.

Qi Nan Shan held his breath.

Roared: “Yeah!”

This stabilized the everyone’s mind.

Luo Jie shouted: “Do not let it run out of the ice fog!”

Guo ShiEr said: “Uncle Luo Zhan, try the guy’s defense with the Rune Bow!”

As long as you can limit the speed of variant Emerald Blade Mantis, Guo ShiEr can slowly find its weaknesses.

As long as you can find its weakness, the Variant Emerald Blade Mantis is dead.

Luo Zhan took out the Rune Bow and Arrow.

He asked: “Where do I shoot?”

Guo ShiEr said: “Belly!”


Luo Zhan followed and shot an arrow.

Guo ShiEr also said: “Chest!”

Following Guo ShiEr's voice, Luo Zhan shot an arrow after another.

Guo ShiEr felt helpless. Luo Zhan shot very accurately, but no arrow can

shoot through the Emerald Blade Mantis' shell.

The Variant Emerald Blade Mantis simply ignored the Rune Arrows.

“Uncle Luo, stop."

Luo Zhan: “Really fucking hard!” If this layer of shell cannot be broken, we can't win!"

Guo ShiEr said: “Uncle Luo, prepare the Javelin!"

Guo Shier organized two groups, of five people.

Listen to my orders.

Shoot the javelin in turn!

The javelin they used was not the last one they saw in the secret realm. This time the javelin contained local Runes.

It won’t explode.

But there is a strong ability to penetrate.

It's a good weapon to fight.

Since the last time they saw a powerful javelin in Secret Plane, Guo ShiEr and Luo Jie customized their own.

They distributed the Javelin Rune to the Marked Warrior Masters.

Luo Zhan convened their man power.

Guo ShiEr shouted: “Fight!”

Book 005:08-B Emerald Blade Mantis

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