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Chapter 999

999 Little Seven’s luck

Little Seven made the waiter carry the stones to the stone carving zone with the least number of people, which had only three to five people waiting in line .

“Young Lady, let’s wait here for a little while . ”

Little Seven looked at the other areas and there were quite a number of people queuing in line so she nodded .

“This Young Lady bought so many?” The people queuing in front of her said in a slightly astonished tone when they saw the pile of ten stones piled right beside Little Seven .

Generally speaking, most people would choose two or three pieces each time and at most five to six pieces . So no one expected her to actually choose ten of them .

“That’s right, this is my first time playing this, so I bought a few more than usual!” Little Seven’s mood was very good as she actually chatted with the other people in the queue .

“Young Lady is really courageous!”

“Since this is your first time playing this, then I’ll let you go first . ” A burly man said smiling .

“I’ll also let you go first . ”

“Since they’re all letting you go ahead, I’ll do so too . ”

This time round, everyone who was queuing in front all said to let her go first so she was originally the last and now became the first .

The person who was shaving the stones turned back and took a look at them then continued to fix his stare at the master shaving the stone .

Little Seven leaned closer in curiosity, hoping to see what kind of spirit stone could it possibly be carved out .

Stone cutting master used his cutter to strip off the most outer layer and the stone which was originally around the size of a child’s brain was shaved into the size of a fist but yet there was no detectable activity at all .

That buyer became more and more anxious as his forehead started to profuse dense sweat beads .

“It’s so small already and still no activity, it’s probably a white stone . ” Someone said softly .

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The master who was opening the stone was calm as he stripped it off layer by layer until the stone became the size of a walnut and he finally said something, “Still want to continue carving?”


Master picked up a small knife and took out a piece of sandpaper as he started to sand it carefully .

It was until that stone became the size of a peanut when that man stood up in disappointment and retreated to one side, thinking of seeing how Little Seven did .

“It’s my turn, it’s my turn!” Little Seven hugged a stone and placed it on the platform, watching in anticipation at the stone cutting master .

That master brought Little Seven’s stone over and took a look as he said, “How do you want to cut it?”

“How to cut it? Little Seven scratched her head and said, “Hmmm, I don’t have any understanding in this, well we’ll cut however you say how to then . ”

That master lifted his eyes to take a look at Little Seven as he lowered his head and prepared to cut it .

“Just cut it right down in the middle in a single stroke . ” Sima You Yue said .

Little Seven looked at Sima You Yue and said, “Alright then, just cut it down in the middle . ”

That master took out his cutter and followed according to what Sima You Yue said, as he cut it down right in the middle .

When the knife cut past the stone, it revealed a marble white stone .

“White stone . ” Master said in a composed tone .

“Continue cutting . ” Little Seven said .

Master took one half over and cut it into another half again but it was still white stone .

Master continued and divided into two halves but the result was still the same .

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“Cut this, in this way . ” Little Seven hugged another one over and left it on the platform as she casually drew out a line .

Master took over the bare stone and cut it according to what Little Seven said, but it was still a white stone .

“Again . ” Little Seven was not resigned to the result .

One after another, stones were cut open but all revealed white stones, making the surrounding people sigh incessantly .

This luck was really something which no one had .

Ten stones were all cut open, but other than the last one which had a little bit of green colour, the rest were all white stones .

“Yue Yue . ” Little Seven looked at Sima You Yue with a shrivelled pout .

“Go choose yourself . ” Sima You Yue shrugged .

Little Seven walked over and pulled her hand as she said, “Yue Yue, you go choose!”

“Let’s go take a look . ” Sima You Yue was unhurried as she brought her to another place to stroll about .

The fact that the ten stones which Little Seven bought were all white stones had long attracted the other shop assistants’ attention . Every single place she went to, there would be someone trying to introduce it to her affectionately, hoping that she would buy a little .

Little Seven looked at the bare stones excitedly, especially when she saw someone carving out a spirit stone and was especially excited, jumping around even more than others .

Sima You Yue saw her look and shook her head helplessly as she gave her some money and let her go on to continue playing .

Little Seven took the crystal card and skipped happily over and after a short moment later, she hugged another ten stones back .

Sima You Yue looked at the stones which she chose and was speechless . Counting the earlier ten, a total of ten, she actually didn’t manage to pick any better ones .

“Heh heh, I’ll go open the stones . ” Little Seven made the shop assistant carry the stones to the stone carving area .

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Sima You Yue didn’t want to take a look hence she proceeded to the ore mine zone and began to observe those ores .

“It’s you!” A crisp voice sounded from behind and Sima You Yue felt that it sounded a little familiar as she turned around to take a look . It was actually those bunch of people whom she had met at the teahouse .

“It’s you guys . ” She nodded her head towards them .

“You’re here to choose spirit stones too? Where’s that little sister of yours?”

Sima You Yue pointed towards the stone carving zone and there, Little Seven was looking at the master opening the stones anxiously .

“You let her open the stones alone? That’s right, my name is Sima Qi Qi, this is Sima Xin Shu, Sima Yi Fei, Sima Yi Yun . ” That lady dressed in the yellow long dress introduced the rest to Sima You Yue .

When Sima You Yue heard their names, her eyes flashed past a smirk of astonishment . But it was immediately suppressed in that one instant .

She knew that their identities shouldn’t be too lowly but she had not expected them to actually be Sima family’s people .

“I am called Si Yue, and that is Little Seven . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What have you guys chosen?” Sima Yi Yun looked like a tranquil girm and when she smiled, it made one felt comfortable .

“She’s playing over there . I haven’t chosen yet . ” Sima You Yue said, “Are you guys here to choose spirit stones as well?”

“We’re just casually browsing . ” Sima Qi Qi said, “This is also our first time at Cloud Sea City so we’re here to take a tour . Since Little Seven is over there opening stones, let’s head over to take a look . ”

Little Seven was feeling extremely melancholic because she had already opened six bare stones but yet to give any spirit stone at all .

She looked over towards Sima You Yue and happened to meet her gaze .

“Yue Yue, there’s still none again . ”

Sima You Yue walked over and said, “You’re not done yet isn’t it? Wait till the rest are all opened then we’ll see . ”

“Mn . ” Little Seven took another bare stone and placed it on the platform and without any surprise, it was still a white stone .

“Don’t be disheartened . ” Sima You Yue consoled .

“What kind of luck do I have, so many stones and I didn’t manage to get even one spirit stone . ” Little Seven said dejectedly .

“Don’t worry, you won’t leave empty handed . ” Sima You Yue touched her head .

When Little Seven heard what she said, her eyes shone and said excitedly, “Yue Yue, are you saying there’s spirit stones here?”

“What do you think?”

“Haha, I have motivation again!” Little Seven ran over excitedly as she continued to stare at the master opening the stones for her .

Sima Yi Fei and the other three walked over as they saw the white stones beside Little Seven and said in surprise, “All these are bought by her?”

Sima You Yue nodded .

“So many? Just how many spirit stones have been opened from here?” Sima Qi Qi asked .

Sima You Yue looked at the white stones on the floor and her expression explained everything .

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