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Chapter 998

998 Sima Family

Zhan Liu’er wanted to teach them a lesson, but thinking of her grandfather’s warning, she continued to suppress her anger .

Grandpa said that these people are just contemptible scoundrels . It did not matter how you wanted to deal with them . But since these people have a relationship with that person, they cannot simply deal with them .

At the thought of their startled faces, she felt a ripple in her heart, and even looked at them a little more pleasing .

Since they are friends of that person, she would not fuss over their previous offense .

Sima You Yue watched her expression change from one to another, not knowing what she was thinking, otherwise she would fell like spitting blood .

“Why are you guys here?” Zhan Liu’er squeezed a smile at them, but they didn’t buy it .

Looking at her facial expression, Little Seven couldn’t help but shivered, rubbed her arms and said, “What do you want to do? Don’t look at me so disgustingly!”

Zhan Liu’er endured and endured . She told herself not to get angry . Thinking of Xuan Qiu He’s face, she finally managed to bear it .

“Ugly woman, are you bullying others here again?” Little Seven questioned .

“You……We just came to drink tea . Who made them not have eyes, actually dared to fight with us over the private room . ” Zhan Liu’er said .

“Obviously we are here first!” said a woman in a long yellow dress .

“But I booked first!” Zhan Liu’er said .

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“You have clearly sent someone to the waiter to say that you have cancelled it . ” The other party said, “Since it has been cancelled, it will not count . ”

“I don’t want to cancel now . ” Zhan Liu’er glared back menacingly .

“What do you think: if your grandfather knew this, will he still help you deal with the aftermath?” Sima You Yue went down the stairs and walked over to say .

She had observed these people up on the stairs and saw that they were very powerful . She had been suppressing herself and did not intend to reveal her identity .

She wouldn’t care about this kind of thing originally, but the provocative person who she encountered was Zhan Liu’er . Therefore, it was okay if she said some words to her .

“You…” Zhan Liu’er looked at her and looked at those people again, really unsure of the question Sima You Yue raised . Seeing Little Seven waving her fist, she gritted her teeth and waved at the people behind her, saying “Let’s leave . ”

The guards of the Alchemist Guild stood still and were a little surprised . She was really going to leave this time?

Some of the guards followed her last time, so they knew how powerful Little Seven was and why Zhan Liu’er would compromise .

“Leave!” Zhan Liu’er gave them a fierce glance . She couldn’t deal with those people, and now she couldn’t even order her own people?

In the end, the men left .

The other party didn’t expect that a group of people who were insufferably arrogant would just leave because of these two people .

“Thank you very much for your help . ” One of the men thanked Sima You Yue .

“I was in the passing . Although hiding your identity is sometimes necessary, the most direct way to deal with people like Zhan Liu’er is to suppress her with your identity . ” Sima You Yue told that person .

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“You know us?”

“I don’t know, but I can tell . ” Sima You Yue glanced at them . She then spoke to Little Seven, “Little Seven, let’s go back . ”

She and Little Seven left the teahouse, leaving behind two silhouettes for them .

“She just left like that?” the woman in the long yellow dress said in disbelief . “They all know that our identity is extraordinary, and they don’t take the opportunity to make a conversation?”

“This shows that they don’t care about our identity at all . The Gu family should also be coming . Let’s go and wait for them . ”

“Shopkeeper, if someone comes to find the Sima family later, refer them to our private room . ” The woman in the long yellow dress ordered the shopkeeper .

“Ok, everyone follow me . ” The shopkeeper said, personally leading them to the private room upstairs .

Sima You Yue did not expect that the people she met would be members of the Sima family, so she turned away without looking back, and accompanied Little Seven to continue shopping .

Little Seven did not take a good tour of the Cloud Sea City, so Sima You Yue accompanied her for a day .

In the evening, they came to a spirit stone shop .

“Yue Yue, is this the largest spirit stone shop known as the Stone Pavilion that others were talking about?”

Sima You Yue looked at the two words “Stone Pavilion” on the shop door, which is the same as the sub-pavilion she saw last time . She looked at the crowd of people inside and said, “It turns out there are really a lot of people . ”

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“Let’s go . It’s fun when there are many people . ” Little Seven said .

She heard the fat guys say that Sima You Yue had cheated people in the spirit stone shop last time . She always thought that the spirit stone shop was a fun place . Now that they are here, they must take a good look .

Sima You Yue went in with her . It was very lively . Many people were communicating . The most lively place was the place where the stones were opened . If a spirit stone was opened, it would definitely attract everyone’s attention .

Little Seven ran to see those people choose the naked stone, and then followed them to the place where the stone is opened . Sima You Yue looked at her enthusiasm, followed helplessly behind her, and saw several stone openings at the same time .

It had to be said that the rate of stone extraction here is quite high . After watching it for half an hour, the odds of getting the spirit stone almost reached one-third, which is relatively high in the stone gambling industry .

“Little girl, I think you have been here for a while . Do you want to buy it for yourself to try?” A shop assistant watched Little Seven squat down, followed the people beside her to learn how to choose, and persuaded .

“Me?” Little Seven pointed her finger at herself .

“Yes, I saw you running around here . You should be very interested in this? In that case, why not buy it and try it?” The shop assistant continued, “We have a great chance to open a spirit stone . If you open a spirit stone, you will make a big profit!”

“What if I didn’t open a spirit stone?”

“If you open a few more, you can definitely open a spirit stone!” The shop assistant said with a smile, “In short, there will be no loss of gambling here!”

Little Seven was a little moved by the shop assistant’s words, but she had no money on her, so she could only stare impatiently at Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue looked at her with no objections . “If you want to play, choose it . ”

“Thank you, Yue Yue!” Little Seven hugged Sima You Yue excitedly, and then went to choose a naked stone .

Sima You Yue looked at the stone Little Seven chose and couldn’t help shaking her head . But she saw that Little Seven was so energetic and the stones she chose were not expensive, so she didn’t intervene and let her play .

The shop assistant was so forthright about Little Seven’s choice . He was very happy and led Little Seven to choose ten .

“Little girl, are you going to open the stones here?” The shop assistant asked with a smile .

“Open! Of course we need to open!” Little Seven said, “Since we have all come here, we obviously have to open them . ”

“Ok! Then come with me!”

People around noticed Little Seven just now, and saw that she selected ten stones in less than half an hour, so they all wanted to follow her to see if they held anything within .

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