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Chapter 996

996 Concentrating on refining pills

The two of them saw that Wu Lingyu didn’t say anything and were guessing what his identity was . He was actually able to discover them under this kind of circumstances . He was even able to lock on to their specific location .

“Why are you following him?” Wu LIngyu asked, “If you don’t tell me, then…”

His gaze was icy, allowing them to feel his dense murderous intent .

“We’re protecting him . ” One of them said, showing that they were not enemies .

They saw the way that they interacted earlier on, and it seemed like their relationship was not the average . If they did anything to him, Sima You Yue would definitely find out about them .

“Who asked you to protect him? Xuan Qiu He?”

“No, Young Master does not know that we have come . We came on the orders of our Great Elder . ”

When he heard that they weren’t sent by Xuan Qiu He, Wu Lingyu sighed in relief . It seemed like these guys didn’t realise that You Yue was a girl .

“Go back and tell Xuan Qiu Lai that you do not have to protect him in secret . ” Wu Lingyu said, “If he really wants to do so, then do it in the open . If I see you again, don’t blame me for acting against you . ”

The both of them exchanged glances with each other before disappearing into the sky . They went back to report to Xuan Qiu Lai .

Wu Lingyu recollected himself before returning to the inn .

In a little house in the corner of the Xuan Qiu clan, Xuan Qiu Lai was listening to the report of his two soldiers .

“He was able to lock on to your positions, which proves that he is very powerful . ” Xuan Qiu Lai pondered, “He doesn’t want you to follow him?”

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“He said that we should protect him in the open if we truly want to protect him . We should not do it secretly . ” A guard said .

“Hmph, he wants to borrow the strength of the Xuan Qiu clan? He wishes!” Xuan Qiu Jia spat angrily, “He’s just a tiny little alchemist . Does he think that he is that important?”

“Then what shall we do?”

“Since they do not allow us to follow him secretly, we will retrieve our men . ” Xuan Qiu Lai said, “Since an expert accompanies him, we will not have to worry . Right, have those who have gone to scout for information about him returned?”

“Not yet . The only information we got before that was after he arrived in the Cloud Sea City . ”

“Once you’ve found out more information, send it to Young Master . Send news to me as well . ”

“Yes, Great Elder . ”

In the later days, Sima You Yue would go to the spirit pagoda to refine pills in her free time . She refined quite a few seven ranked pills . After a few tens of days that were equivalent to a year’s worth of time, she spent most of it instead .

Combined together, this was considered to be the longest time that she had spent refining pills within the past few years . After refining all the pills that she had on hand, she could feel that she was one foot in the door of becoming an eighth ranked alchemist .

During this one year, Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao were inside as well . They did their own cultivation and would occasionally gather together to talk .

Wu Lingyu was also always with Sima You Yue . Since he had some of Mo Sha’s soul, he was able to give her some pointers . This was the reason why she almost managed to reach the eighth rank .

On this day, Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu were refining in the room . One was refining while the other was watching .

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The sound coming from the pill furnace, coupled with the dense smell wafting in the air was a hint that the pill refinement had failed once again .

Another failure! This was already her third time today .

“Are eighth ranked pills that difficult?” She sighed, “Is there anything I missed out?”

“You are already familiar with the skill and can attack the eighth rank . ” Wu Lingyu said, “The reason why you keep failing should have something to do with the pressure on your consciousness . You’ve already been cultivating for more than half a year . The prolonged cultivation must have stretched your mental state . Why don’t you take a good rest . ”

Sima You Yue felt the same . It wasn’t always a good thing to keep on practicing .

“How much time do we have till the pill competition?”

“We still have three days . ”

“So quick!”

“Yes . Quite a few people have already come, so the place is becoming increasingly bustling . ” Wu Lingyu said, “You can come out and watch the fun . ”

“Where are you going?” Sima You Yue looked at him and asked .

“Those from the Sage Pavilion have come . ” Wu Lingyu said, “That old man wants to come this time as well . I’m just afraid that the substitute wouldn’t be able to deceive him . ”

He initially wanted his substitute to help cover for him . However, he didn’t think that the old guy would come as well . Although his substitute looked very much like him, a fake was still a fake . It was still good for deceiving others for a while, but if he wanted to deceive that old man, it still wasn’t good enough .

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“He wants to come as well? He won’t do anything to you, right? Sima You Yue was a little worried . That guy watched his body like a tiger watched its prey .

“He naturally won’t be able to do anything . You can relax . ” Wu Lingyu came beside her and hugged her, planting a kiss on her lips .

“So I won’t be able to see you for the next few days?” Sima You Yue wrapped her arms around his neck, “When will you be able to finish settling things at the Sage Pavilion?”

“Once I no longer need this identity . ” Wu Lingyu said, “I still have to walk around the continent, so I need this . ”

“The disciple of the Divine Devil Valley can be your identity as well . ” Sima You Yue pouted .

“There are some things that will bring trouble to the Divine Devil Valley if I use that identity . ” Wu Lingyu explained, “That old man isn’t around . I can’t bring that kind of trouble to you . ”

“Speaking of Master, have you heard any news of him?” Sima You Yue recalled Old Man Mo . He left once he found out about Feng Ru Yan and she hadn’t seen him all these years .

She was talking about her own master, but he always just made her do the work without doing anything himself .

He wasn’t the only one . Xu Jin and Feng Zhi Xing too . Probably every master felt that she was able to self-learn . They tossed her a few books and left . None of them really taught her properly .

If it were not because of the Spirit Pagoda, she wouldn’t be where she was today!

“Although I don’t know where he is, I have his life jade with me . It’s still fine, so he is as well . You don’t have to worry too much about him . It’s been all these years, but he’s never been reliable before . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“That’s good, then . ” Sima You Yue said, “This master’s life jade is with you while the other master’s life jade… sigh . I wonder how Master Xu and Principal Yuan are doing . ”

“Sigh, you . You’re already so busy yourself . Why are you worrying so much . ” Wu Lingyu said, “If anything happens to them, those from the sect will naturally settle it for them . ”

“But Master’s life jade isn’t with me . ” Sima You Yue siad, “When Eldest Senior left, he took Master’s life jade with him . ”

“Those from the Jiang clan are coming to participate . I believe that Jian Jun Zhe will come as well . Who knows, your eldest senior might be coming as well . ”


“I’m just making a guess . ” Wu Lingyu said, “Go out for a spin . You’ll encounter quite a few people . Who knows, something fun might happen . Take a good break then have a good competition . ”

“Alright then . ”

Sima You Yue wasn’t all that interested in going for a spin, but she really did need to rest . As such, she took Little Seven with her and went on a walk .

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