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Chapter 994

994 The problem with the Seal

“You’re a doctor?”

‘Yes, in any case, since President Xia has yet to return, you can let me try . ’ Sima You Yue said, ‘Even if i can’t do anything, things won’t get any worse . ’

“Alright . ” Xuan Qiu agreed, “let’s go to the hall then . ”

They arrived at the hall, and a servant girl carried a cup of boiled tea in .

When she saw this servant girl, Sima You Yue was surprised . This was because it was actually a monarch ranked expert!

Just what kind of identity did Xuan Qiu have?

‘Please . ” Xuan Qiu placed his hand on the table as he said to Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue tore her gaze away from the servant girl, smiled, then began to examine his body .

The servant girl, Lily, stood behind after placing the tea down and watched as Sima You Yue examined her .

Since she was Xuan Qiu’s personal servant girl, she didn’t think much of Sima You Yue at all .

She had seen many doctors examine her master, all of them brimming with confidence and belief that they would be able to treat him for sure and form strong ties with Xuan Qiu’s clan . However, not a single one was able to maintain that confident expression after taking his pulse .

She watched as Sima You Yue furrowed her eyebrows, and a chill flashed in her eyes . Another person who thought too highly of himself!

Sima You Yue released Xuan Qiu, saying, ‘I still have to check your eyes and limbs . ”

‘Alright . ” Xuan Qiu didn’t place that much hope in her, but his warm personality made it hard for him to refuse her directly .

“Master!” Lily whispered softly . How could he let just anyone touch his body . That was sacrilegious!

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The moment Sima You Yue raised her head, she saw Lily’s eyes filled with malice . She was stunned, asking, “What, is it not convenient?”

“Not so . ” Xuan Qiu smiled lightly, “Lily, go downstairs . ”

“Master?!” Lily looked at Xuan Qiu with disbelief . He actually asked her to go downstairs? For a person he just met?

“You will obstruct his examination if you stay . ” Xuan Qiu’s voice was light, but it left no room for refusal .

Lily looked aggrievedly at Xuan Qiu .

“Just let her stay . There will be something that I will require her help with in a moment . ” Sima You Yue did not want the owner of the house to be caught in a dilemma, so she said .

“Then you should stand at the side and watch . ”

“Mm mm . ” Lily nodded, not daring to say anything further .

Sima You Yue went quickly in front of Xuan Qiu, stretching forth a hand to open his eyes . She probed deeply with her consciousness, only leaving after she had examined him fully .

She took two steps back, saying, “Lady Lily, I’ll have to trouble you to pull his pants up to his knee . ”

Lily knelt down before Xuan Qiu and pulled his pants above his knee before retreating to the side .

Sima You Yue stretched a hand forward and pressed on his acupoints, asked him a few questions about his current condition and stepped to the side . Lily then lowered the pants leg .

Lily looked at Sima You Yue, thinking of asking her about it but also afraid that Xuan Qiu would get angry at her again . So, she could only look at her .

“Yue Yue, how is he?” Little Seven asked what she wanted to know .

“His leg and eyes are fine . ” Sima You yue said .

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“Fine? Then why can’t he walk nor see?”

Little Seven cried out the discrepancy .

“It’s because the nerves connected to his sight and legs have been suppressed . ” Sima You Yue said, “The things in your brain, or rather, your brain has sealed these things . These things have resulted in you becoming how you are right now . ”

Xuan Qiu’s expression changed somewhat, However, it passed quickly, and he quickly regained his usual calm .

He didn’t think Sima You Yue would know about the seal . Aside from the core men amongst his clansmen, nobody else knew about it .

“Is there a cure?” He asked .

“You just have to release the seal . Naturally, that will cure it . ” Sima You Yue said, “But the seal appears to be rather powerful . Releasing it isn’t going to be an easy feat . Furthermore, since it’s a seal, releasing it wouldn’t be good for your body . ”

Just like hers . Her seal was loosened, and she was always worried that the seal was going to be released, causing her body to explode .

Xuan Qiu wasn’t too surprised by her method, nor was he disappointed .

“Is there no other way?” Lily asked .

Sima You Yue sighed, “Based on my current capabilities, there’s no other way . ”

“You are already very powerful . ” Xuan Qiu said, “Other doctors have examined me, but not a single one found out about the seal inside me . You are more powerful than they are . ”

“But I can’t help . ” Sima You Yue said, “You want to see the world so much, but I cannot help you . ”

“No, you already have . ” Xuan Qiu said, “At the very least, I know what caused this . Who knows, you may be able to help me release the seal one day . I’ll be happy as long as I can catch a single glimpse of this world . ”

Sima You Yue saw his usual apathetic countenance tainted with sorrow, and felt some pity for him .

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He definitely knew what the seal was, but he was unable to release it .

“If you wait for my medicinal skills to improve, I’ll come and see you again . There might be another way by then . ” Sima You Yue said, “But I can’t guarantee anything . ”

“Thank you . ” Xuan Qiu said gratefully .

“Didn’t you call us friends? Since we are, there’s no need to be so formal . ” Sima You Yue said, “The sect is looking for Little Seven and I . We will take our leave, first . ”

“I’ll send you out . ”

He went with them to the road, where Xuan Qin and Sima You Yue would occasionally chat . Although they didn’t say much, it was a comfortable feeling .

Once the both of them left, the smile from Xuan Qiu’s face faded away slowly .

“Young Master . ” An old man walked out from the courtyard .

“You knew it all along, didn’t you?” Pain flashed across Xuan Qin’s face .

“Before the seal, your body was normal . It was after the seal that you became this way . I naturally knew that it was a result of the seal . ” The old man said .

“Since you knew the cause, why did you keep asking me to find a way? Giving me hope time and time again, only to be disappointed again and again . ” Xuan Qin said rather dispiritedly .

“You wanted so much to see the world, I hoped that there would be another way as well . ” The old man was rather emotional, “I believed that apart from this, there would be another way . ”

“Would there be another way? If I released the seal, would you agree?” Xuan Qin sneered in his direction, “Would you dare?”

“The person just now . Since he was able to figure out the cause of it, I believe that he might find another way . It might just be a matter of time . ” The old man said .

“Do you think it is likely? Leave me time alone for myself . ” After speaking, he sat on his wheelchair and left .

The old man watched as he left, his eyes filled with heartache .

“Men . ” Once Xuan Qin was gone, he called out .

“Greatest Elder . ” Two men appeared in the air .

“Send men to keep tabs on Sima You Yue secretly . Protect him if necessary . ” The old man ordered .

“Understood . ”

“Remember not to let him find out . Do not let Young Master find out either . ”

“Understood . ”

The two men replied as their bodies blended into their surroundings, disappearing from sight .

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