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Chapter 990

990 You Yue’s motive

In the bystanders’ eyes, beating up Alchemist Guild’s men was equivalent to pulling the tooth from a tiger’s mouth, the action of seeking death .

How many years had it been since this had last happened? At the very least, no one present had ever encountered this before .

“Just how bold are you guys, to dare to beat the people from our Alchemist Guild!” The guard leader climbed back on his feet as he shouted at Fu Xiao Dai .

“Hmph, this Great Aunt is beating you guys!” Little Seven jumped out from the inn as her palms were placed on her hips as she confronted them .

“You Heavenly Sect students really think that this place is Heavenly Sect?” Zhan Liu’er stood up, “Hmph, just you wait and see, I’ll definitely make all of you go to hell!”

“Whether we die or not, you are not qualified to say that but I know one thing and that is if you still don’t scram, then you will die . ” Little Seven said .

Sima You Yue walked out from inside as she stood next to Little Seven and said these while looking at the Alchemist Guild’s people, “We are right here, if the Alchemist Guild is so unreasonable as to punish us, we will wait right here!”

“Who are you?” Zhan Liu’er looked at Sima You Yue . Earlier she had not seen her but from the way which Little Seven looked at her, it seemed that she looked more like the one who had the right to speak at this place .

Then it meant that this fellow came to beat them up, was all instigated by this person .

“Me?” Sima You Yue gave an evil smile, “Heavenly Sect’s Sima You Yue, you have to remember this clearly!”

“Hng, I’ll remember you, just you wait and see! Let’s go!” Zhan Liu’er led her men as they left, in a sorry state .

The people who had crowded around to watch the commotion had yet to see enough when they saw the Alchemist Guild’s men leaving gloomily as they were extremely curious .

In the past, they were all bossy and domineering, why did they give up so easily?

“Heavenly Sect’s students offended the Alchemist Guild today and they will be done for this time . ”

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“Just wait, they won’t give up so easily!”

“Heh heh, we’ll have some interesting stuff to see again . ”

These people were discussing when to leave and quite a number of them had noticed them as they were waiting for the aftermath .

Fu Xiao Dai walked next to Sima You Yue and said, “You need not do this, this matter is originally directed at me . ”

When she saw Zhan Liu’er’s glance before she left, as though she couldn’t wait to swallow Sima You Yue alive . Now that she just left like this, she would definitely find trouble for Sima You Yue later on .

“What Little Seven did and what I do has no difference . ” Sima You Yue said, “Moreover speaking, we’re all from the same academy so how could I see you being bullied and not stand up? That isn’t the spirit of our academy . ”

“Thank you . ” Fu Xiao Dai looked at her feeling touched .

“No need to thank me . If Instructor Mao is here, he will also not let all of you suffer any grievances . ” Sima You Yue said, “Alright, let’s go take a look at the other’s injuries . ”

“En . ”

Fu Xiao Dai nodded and walked in, to take a look at those students who were injured earlier .

“If Principal Yuan found out that you protected the academy’s students, he would be very happy . ” Sima You Yue hugged Little Seven’s shoulders as she said to her .

Little Seven laughed, she had been exposed .

She promised Old Yuan that she would protect the academy’s students and this time round, it was considered as fulfilling her promise .

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“Let’s go in . ” Sima You Yue wrapped her arms around Little Seven as they walked back in .

Upstairs, Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao were looking at her from the stairs .

“What’s the matter Senior Sister?”

“You’re a little strange . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

Sime You Yue didn’t love to be in the limelight usually but earlier she walked out, apparently to pull all the matters onto her .

“Really?” Sima You Yue smiles .

“Yes . ” Han Miao Shuang said with affirmation, “What are you trying to do?”

“Not going to do anything, just slightly curious about the Alchemist Guild so want to go take a look . ” Sima You Yue finished her sentence and routed past them as she walked back to her room .

Wu Lingyu had stayed in the room and not left but that didn’t mean that he didn’t know what was happening outside .

He laid on the bed and his right palm propped his head up as his left hand wiggled at her, asking her to walk over .

Sima You Yue came to the bed and sat down whereas he sat up and hugged her from behind while asking, “Why do you want to go to the Alchemist Guild for?”

“Make a guess . ” Sima You Yue leaned against him to make him guess .

“Definitely not there to do something good . ” Wu Lingyu rested his chin on her neck as his hands held hers .

Sime You Yue retracted her hand and played around with his slender long fingers, “Since when have I done anything bad?”

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“Mn, none, whatever you do at any point of time are all proper stuff . ” Wu Lingyu followed her words, “Then tell me, what proper matters do you have to do?”

Sima You Yue smiled and said, “I’m going to retrieve the bodhi mushroom before those old fellows return, to settle this matter once and for all . ”

“Bodhi mushroom? Why do you need that thing for?”

“Not something that I want, but it’s Third Mo who wants it . ” Sima You Yue said .

She narrated the incident where she met Third Mo at this place and when Wu Lingyu heard her story, he unhappily took a bite on her shoulder as he said, “Why are you so concerned about another man’s matters?”

“You talk as if I don’t place your matters in my heart . ” Sima You Yue stretched out her arm and knocked his head .

“Need my help?” Wu Lingyu asked .

“No need, just wait for me here . That’ll do, I’ll be back latest by tomorrow . ”

“You’re that sure?”

“If I’m not out by tomorrow, then come and pick me up . ” She believed that Mao San Quan would not allow her to stay there for too long but since he wasn’t assured, then just letting him handle it would suffice .

“Based on Alchemist Guild’s speed, they will still need another half an hour before they head over here . Sleep with me for a little bit . ” Wu Lingyu hugged Sima You Yue as they laid down .

The two of them laid on the bed and chatted for a moment and after half an hour, men from the Alchemist Guild had arrived .

“Where is Sima You Yue and that young lady?” Luo Ming led his men to the inn and shouted out harshly in the main lobby .

“Oh, Commander Luo is here . ” When the shopkeeper saw Luo Ming, he stood up from the counter behind and walked to the front as he said, “Is there anything that this one can be of service of?”

“Are Heavenly Sect’s Sima You Yue and that matured young girl still here?” Luo Ming couldn’t even be bothered to cast him a glance as he used his pair of eagle eyes to size up the entire inn .

“They’re here, they’re here!” Shopkeeper said, “I’ll go get them right now . ”

“No need, we’re on our way down . ” Sime You Yue left Little Seven downstairs and looked at Luo Ming as she said, “Your actions are really slow, we’ve been waiting for such a long time . Looks like the Alchemist Guild is really not very efficient!”

“Hmph, beating up the Guild’s guards, you deserved to be punished, capture them!” Luo Ming waved his hand and those guards immediately headed up to capture them .

Fu Xiao Dai and the others wanted to head downstairs but were stopped by Han Miao Shuang . “Don’t worry, they will be done . Instructor Mao and the other will be back shortly . ”

“On what grounds do you have to capture us?” Sima You Yue put up a false pretence .

“On the very reason that this place is Cloud Sea City . ” Luo Ming gave a cold laugh, “Bring them away!”

“Let go, we can walk on our own!” Sima You Yue struggled free from them as she stared at Luo Ming and said, “Today you’ve invited me but tomorrow, don’t you regret it!”

“A mere Heavenly Sect student, doesn’t have the capital to make me regret yet . Bring them away!”

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