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Chapter 985

985 Spatial Transformation

The guards of the Alchemist Guild and the Pill Subdivision immediately hid those two in the centre, preparing to hold back the attacks .

Resolve even in the face of death was shown clearly in their expressions . They were prepared for whatever outcome faced them today .

They had so many opponents, each of them with an abundant amount of spirit energy . They were also incredibly spirited . As for them? They were all grievously injured, had close to no spirit energy left . Although pills were sustaining them, they couldn’t combat their safety in numbers .

It would be enough for them if they could buy their leaders some time to escape .

However, why did the attacks suddenly stop when they got close to them?

Those people were clearly fine and no attack was done to the spirit skills so how did it suddenly stop?

Those people realised as well, that something was off . Their attacks were clearly about to land, so why did it suddenly feel as if those people were far away? So far that their attacks couldn’t reach them?

“President? What’s going on?”

“Spatial lock . ” Red cried out with joy, “Someone came to save us!”

“Spatial lock? Who is able to halt such a big amount of space?” Gao Zhi Hong frowned .

Based on what he knew, there wasn’t a single person in the central region who was able to control such a huge amount of space . If it was someone from the inner regions then who would appear here at this timer? What motives did they harbour?

“No matter who it is, they definitely aren’t on the same side as them . ” Xia Zhang Tian siad .

At this time, an icy voice sounded from the back of the group .

“Spatial transformation, switch!”

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By the time they heard that voice, everyone appeared on a mountain top a hundred metres away .

“Who are you?”

The black clothed man didn’ tthink that the people in the centre would suddenly disappear . When he sensed their presence, he turned around to face them .

It was a pity that before he had even figured out what was going on, ten little balls of fire fell from the sky .




Explosive sounds rang out in twos and trees, stunning those from the alchemist guild and the Pill Subdivision . This sudden turn of events left them bewildered .

Sima You Yue supported Halcyon, asking, “How are you doing?”

A line of fresh blood trickled down the side of Halcyon’s mouth as he waved his hands weakly, “I’m fine . I just need to take some pills and rest . ”

“Then you should go back . ” Sima You Yue handed him some pills .

Halcyon ate the pill and muttered the order to break, and the spatial lock surrounding the alchemist guild was released .

He nodded towards Sima You Yue, who then kept him away .

Those from the alchemist guild had long since noticed the things happening here . They didn’t think that the one who used the spatial lock to rescue them would actually be a divine beast .

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“The scent of a golden snake fruit!” Xia Zhang Tian could smell the remnants of the pill from far away, and he looked at Sima You Yue with a fervent gaze .

Zhao Xiang Qi smelled it as well, and he pulled on the guy who was about to drool, saying, “Don’t focus on this yet . We haven’t even settled the issue here!’

Xia Zhang Tian tore his eyes away to look down below and was struck dumb by what he saw taking place .

“This, just what is going on?” He blinked stupidly, not daring to believe what the saw .

The little metal balls had exploded half the people into smithereens . Some of the more powerful ones had quicker reactions, managing to protect themselves with spirit energy at the last moment . They initially thought that they could get away, but they all fell to the ground with the legs towards the sky . Otherwise, they landed with a mouthful of dirt .

“Just what is going on?”

There were so many of them, but they were killed off in the blink of an eye . There was a hundred-and-eighty degree change .

“Junior Brother, I didn’t think that your poison would be that useful . Even monarch ranked experts can’t hold on . Do you have any more of it? Give me a little I can use next time . ” Han Miao Shuang smiled when she saw what happened to them .

“No more . But I can teach you the method later on . ” Sima You Yue said .

The medicinal powder was what remained of the ones she gave Wang Si Miao . She had been busy as of late, so she had no time to refine more of them .

“The method is good too . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Have we killed them all?” Zhang Meng looked at the gory battlefield, and he felt a bit unsettled .

They had already been here for a while, but because the opponents were so vast in number and they were quite a bit stronger than they were, they couldn’t immediately come out to rescue them .

Just as everyone was at their wit’s end, Sima You Yue called out Halcyon . Then, she took out many Thunderbolt Bullets . She put quite a bit of medicinal powder in it, then got Halcyon to toss it in once he had taken their own people out of there .

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In the beginning, they didn’t think that this method would be that useful because they felt like being able to get them out of there was rather impossible . These tiny metal balls weren’t that formidable either .

However, what transpired later on deeply convinced them that Sima You yue was highly intelligent . She also became interested in the little metal balls .

“I remember now, these are the extremely powerful thunderbolt bullets going around outside!” Shui Qin cried out, “That’s right, these are definitely the thunderbolt bullets . I didn’t think they would be that powerful!”

“Now that you mention it, I’ve thought of it as well . The thunderbolt bullets truly look like this . I didn’t think that we would be able to use them personally!”

The disciples from the starfish palace were still in a heated discussion of this by the time Zhang Fei and Mao San Quan walked down the mountain valley . They came to where Xia Zhang Tian and the others, bowing before him .

“Subdivision Leader . President Xia . ”

Zhao Xiang Qi looked deeply at Sima You Yue before waving to them, saying, “Rise . ”

“Thank you, Subdivision Leader . ”

Sima You Yue wordlessly looked at Han Miao Shuang . She used her eyes to communicate her question: We have to bow when we meet the Pill Leader and Subdivision Leader?

Han Miao Shuang raised her eyebrows in return: Don’t you know the rankings between them?

Sima you Yue was speechless . She had always thought the Heavenly Sect was an independent power . It seemed like that wasn’t the case!

“Thank you for rescuing us . ” Zhao Xiang Qi said to Mao San Quan and the others, but he looked at Sima You Yue .

The moment Mao San Quan saw this, he waved to Sima You Yue, urging her to stand here .

“Sima You Yue greets Subdivision Leader . ” She cupped her fists towards Zhao Xiang Qi, but she did not bow .

“You are called Sima You Yue? Xu Jin’s disciple?” Zhao Xiang Qi appraised Sima You Yue and saw the surprise in her eyes . He explained, “Your Master told me that he had accepted a disciple whose talents were good . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t think that Xu Jin would actually spread her name here, so she was rather shocked .

“Didn’t you know that your Master studies under the field of crazy devils?” Zhao Xian Qi looked smilingly at her .

“Eh, I didn’t . ” Sima You Yue shook her head . She really didn’t know about Xu Jin’s hobby .

“Is your contracted beast the Halcyon Bird?” Although it was a question, Zhao Xian Qi’s voice was certain .

Sima You Yue nodded . It was a spatial spirit beast, so apart from the Halcyon Bird, she had never encountered another .

“Help to send my thanks . ” Zhao Xiang Qi said with a smile .

“I will . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

She had always thought that the leaders of the Pill Subdivision and the Alchemist Guild would be sloppy old men . The fact that these two were handsome and charming was a little surprising for her . Especially when they smiled at her . Mm, it truly caused a certain someone to feel uncomfortable . Even from so far away, she could feel the lowered pressure .

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