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Chapter 984

984 Die or scram!

When they heard the news of the president, Mao San Quan and the others immediately looked over .

This piece of news wasn’t considered abrupt . There were bees all over the place, so finding them was only a matter of time .

“We have to quickly find out where that place is . Based on the news that my bees sent back, the situation over there isn’t great . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What’s going on?” Wei Zheng asked .

“The bees said that they have been surrounded . There is someone after them . ” Sima You Yue said, “Based on the current scenario, it’s not that they don’t want to go back, but that they can’t . ”

“Someone actually dares to go after the Assassin Guild’s President and Pill Subdivision’s Leader outside the Cloud Sea City? Han Miao Shuang cried out with shock .

“There will always be those deviant ones . ” Sima You Yue said, “Once we’ve cleared the spirit beasts in this area, we’ll head over there . ”

“Do we not need to head over there to rescue them immediately?” Wei Zheng asked .

“They can still hold on a little more . ” Sima You Yue said, “We first have to get rid of those behind us . Taking them with them is an eyesore . ”

Since they’re an eyesore, why did you take them with you for such a long time?

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Those from the Sea Star Palace were working in twos and threes to defeat a single spirit beast, and they very quickly got rid of them . Soon, only the osprey hall was left fighting the spirit beasts .

“Instructor Mao, we can’t hold on any longer . Are you still going to stand there without helping us?” Xu Gang saw that those from the Sea Star Palace had already exited the battle, and that they were the only ones left fighting, so he cried out to Mao San Quan .

“Don’t you love letting others tank for you, letting them be your meat shields? Now that you know how it feels like, what do you think?” Zhang Fei sneered .

“Princess Zhang, I have never said those words . Why do you have to slander us?!” Xu Gang cried .

“You know the best, whether or not those words were said . ” Zhang Fei said, “You have abandoned the others, and you can now feel what it is like to be abandoned . ”

“You knew?!” Xu Gang’s pupils shrank . They clearly weren’t around at that time, so how could they say it as if they had seen it with their own eyes?

“Of course . ” Zhang Fei said, “I also know how you guys trapped them . I know that you used them as meat shields . Xu Gang, you have done all these things before . Did you think that you would be able to do it again?”

“How did you guys find out?” Xu Gang dared not believe it .

“We naturally have our ways . If you can stand here yelling at us, why don’t you spend that time clearing up those spirit beasts? Who knows, this may be your final time here . ”

Xu Gang almost spit blood at her words . In the blink of an eye, a spirit beast attacked him and sent him flying . He happened to land in front of a high ranking sacred beasts . It stretched out its huge legs and stepped on him heavily . By the time it took its leg away, he had turned into a meat patty .

A branch hall’s hall master had died just like that . If word got out, it would be extremely shameful .

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Those from osprey hall saw that their leader was already dead, and their will to fight died . Those spirit beasts very quickly exterminated them all .

When the spirit beasts finished killing all in the valley, they charged towards those standing higher up .

Little Seven released her aura, causing every single spirit beast to fall on the ground, quaking .

“Die or scram!”

Although those spirit beasts were crazy from the poison, they did not completely lose all of their intelligence . After Little Seven had scared them like that, they all escaped with their tails between their legs . The moment Little Seven released the pressure, they all turned tail and ran without looking back .

Sima You Yue set all those bodies on fire and ensured that every single one was turned to ash before calling Halcyon out . She turned to everyone, “Let’s go . ”

Those from Sea Star Palace didn’t know what happened in the beginning, and finally knew about news of the president on the way .

They flew towards the depths of this area, encountering many spirit beasts along the way . However, with little Seven around, those restless spirit beasts got the hell out of there .

The president of the alchemist guild, Xia Chang Tian, and Pill Subdivision’s leader, Zhao Xiang Qi, were currently leading their men in battle in a mountain range .

Every single one of them sustained heavy injuries, and were running low on spirit energy . It was a good thing that they still had many spirit pills, allowing them to replenish their spirit energy over and over .

“President, Subdivision Leader, we can’t keep going on like this . You guys should leave first!” The leader of the guards of the Alchemist Guild, Xia Zhang Tian’s personal guard, Gao Zhi Hong said .

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“Ha ha, thinking of escaping? With so many of us, can you even?” A black clothed man laughed out loud, “There are so many of us that you wouldn’t be able to escape even if you had wings!”

“Just who sent you?” Zhao Xiang Qi said as he clutched his chest . His complexion was pallid as a lady dressed in red supported him . He appeared unsteady, and seemed like his wounds weren’t light at all .

“You’ll know who sent us once you arrive in hell . ” That black clothed man said, “You really can hold on well, but who asked you not to be obedient!”

“You’re from that place!” Xia ZHang Tian immediately reacted when he heard his words .

“I always said that President Xia was a pill-fool . I didn’t think you would be that smart! Since you already know, then just obediently go to hell!” That black-clothed person released a dense killing intent, “Once you’re dead, nobody will stand in our way . ”

“So you’re the one who’s been causing all of this!” Xian Zhang Tian was injured, and his blood rolled in his chest as he spoke . However, he forcibly held it back .

“That’s right . ” That black clothed man pulled off the mask covering his face, saying, “That is why you should have quickly agreed to our leader’s demands . Then, you wouldn’t end up in this state today . That way, you would have also received supreme honour and glory! It’s a pity that you have no opportunity to regret!”

“Pui!” Xia Zhang Tian spat at them, his childish antics causing those who were hiding nearby to snicker .

“Don’t look at me like that . Want me to do your bidding? Impossible!” Zhao Xiang Qi looked at their disdainful expressions .

“Hmph, we no longer need you to do anything for us . ” A loaded smile hung on the lips of that black clothed male . “As long as you die, someone will rise to take your place and make decisions on your behalf . ”

“I just knew that you were in cahoots with those people . Otherwise, you wouldn’t always know about what we were doing . Song Chang Jie, you scumbag, see if I don’t kill him when I’m back!”

“Ha ha ha, you’ll have to be alive to do that!” The black clothed man smiled widely, “it’s a pity that these are just fantasies . We’ll send you to hell now! Attack!”

“Subdivision Leader, escape with President . I’ll hold them back!” The red clothed lady who was supporting Zhao Xiang Qi let go of him and handed him to somebody else .

“Red, don’t . You go! Based on your abilities, you can escape on your own!” Zhao Xian Qi grabbed onto her, not wanting her to rush to the front .

“Hmph, not a single one of you will be able to escape today . ” Black Clothed Man said, “Attack, don’t leave a single one alive!”


Ten divine Paragons attacked Xia Zhang Tian, and the situation turned incredibly dire .

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