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Chapter 983

983 Beat you till you cry out for your parents

“You want to stick with us?” Zhang Fei looked at Xu Gang from the corner of her eyes, rejecting him straight-forwardly, “I don’t want to be with people that I hate . ”

Eh, really an honest refusal .

Although Xu Gang was rather shameless, he couldn’t maintain it . He cast his gaze to Mao San Quan as he said, “Instructor Mao, are you willing to group with us?”

Mao San Quan looked at the brilliant smile that he had plastered on his face and was immediately disgusted . He shook his head, “No no no, I don’t want to see your ugly face . ”

He was even more straightforward than Zhang Fei .

“Since this is the case, we have no choice but to look for our old companions . ” Xu Gang said with a little embarrassment .

However, although he had said many of these kinds of words, they didn’t make a move . It seemed as if he was showing no intention to leave, waiting for everyone to urge them to stay .

Sima You Yue looked at Xu Gang and a sneer hung upon her lips . She came down from the valley and came to where Mao san Quan said, “Instructor Mao, didn’t you say that there is strength in numbers?”

“Hmm?” Mao San Quan raised his eyebrows in surprise . He saw the look that Sima You Yue was giving him and understood immediately . He backpedaled and said, “Mm . I have indeed said this before . ”

The moment Xu Gag heard this, his expression was one of joy, “That’s right, Instructor Mao . There is strength in numbers . If you encounter any spirit beasts, it will be easier to deal with them if there are more of us!”

“It does seem to be that way . ” Mao San Quan said, “But the numbers have to be quality as wekk . ”

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“But we can’t afford to be picky now, can we?” Sima You Yue siad, “The situation here isn’t that great, we have to beef up our numbers . ”

Xu Gang didn’t think that Sima You Yue would speak out on their behalf as he said with a smile, “This young friend is right . The situation now is unique . It would be better if everyone stuck together . ”

Mao San Quan looked at Zhang Fei, seeking her opinion .

Zhang Fei thought about it for a moment, saying, “If you want to stay, we will treat you as if you don’t exist . ”

This could be counted as tacit approval .

Since Sima You Yue wanted them to stick around, she would give her some respect .

Furthermore, after their interaction today, she had the utmost faith in her . Sima You yue would not let them stay behind for just any reason .

“Since even you’ve said so, fine . You can stay with us . But don’t think that you can hide behind our Palace whenever danger occurs . ” Mao San Quan harrumphed, as if he was displeased at them sticking around .

Xu Gang was pleased when he heard them agree as he said with a smile, “Of course, of course . ”

As he said this, he cast a side glance at Little Seven .

With such an asset, with her around, no matter how powerful a spirit beast they encountered, there was no need for them to run .

This little child really excited him! If he possessed her, he would definitely rise in ranks to a hall master . He no longer had to be this damned branch hall master .

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“Since that is the case, let us continue on our way . ” Mao San Quan said .

“On our way? Where are we going?”

“We didn’t find anything out here, so we’re going deeper . ” Sima You Yue said, “Branch Hall Master Xu, are you sure you want to come with us?”

The expressions of the osprey hall men changed . They had already encountered so many spirit beasts . If they went deeper, wouldn’t they encounter even more powerful ones? Wouldn’t it be more dangerous then for them to go with them?

“Hall Master?” A disciple urged him to retreat .

Xu Gang hesitated before gritting his teeth, saying, “We want to go along . ”

“Have you thought it through?” Mao San Quan asked, “If you encounter any spirit beasts, we might not be able to take care of you . ”

“I have . ” Xu Gang asserted . He believed that, as long as Little Seven and Mao San Quan were around, nothing would happen to them .

However, everything that happened later was completely out of his expectations .

Ever since those from the osprey hall were with them, they would occasionally encounter spirit beasts . The spirit beasts would always attack them, and a few would cause trouble for the Sea Star Palace, and even less would attack those from the sect .

Little Seven just stood behind Sima You Yue and she didn’t involve herself at all .

“Instructor Mao, how could you just ignore our plight?” Someone cried out .

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“We aren’t ignoring you . We have our own spirit beasts to fight . ” Mao San Quan said very innocently .

Xu Gang was so angry that he was about to explode . What did he mean that he had his own spirit beasts to fight? Did the ones who were looking at Little Seven with wide eyes count? Did they?! Did they?!

They shouldn’t think that they didn’t notice things while they were busy fighting their spirit beasts . Their sect members were just standing around ignoring their plight!

Even those from the Sea Star Palace had two to three people dealing with a single spirit beast each time . However, their own people were fighting one or even two at a time .

Just what in the world was happening? Why did those spirit beasts keep going after them and not anyone else? Did these spirit beasts not attack humans?

Sima You Yue and her group stood at the valley, watching the exciting field below .

“Is it a bit too shameless for us to do this?” Su Xiao Xiao scratched his head, but he had no intention to go down to assist them .

“We didn’t do anything, okay . We just added something to our bodies . ” Han Miao Shuang hugged both hands to her chest as she giggled .

“Because those from the Sea Star Palace walked closer to us, they carry a bit of our scent too . Those spirit beasts naturally won’t attack them . ” Wei Zheng said, “But it’s so puzzling . How did you find out about this kind of medicinal powder that the spirit beasts hate?”

“Master loves inventing these kinds of strange things . ” Su Xiao Xiao replied .

Wei Zheng shrugged, “Alright then, I should have thought of him sooner . He always has his own strange way of thinking . ”

“A medicinal powder that the crazy spirit beasts hate . Master does indeed have interesting ideas . ” Thinking about Xu Jin, Sima You Yue smiled helplessly .

Most people would research medicinal powders, and some would research about spirit beasts in their normal calm state . Who would focus on research about crazy spirit beasts?

“No matter what, this medicinal powder is really useful for us . ” Mao San Quan said, “Alright, do we have that item? Give me a little of it . I want to use it later . ”

“I do . Master made a lot of it . ” Sima You yue took out a few bottles and handed it to Mao San Quan .

Mao San Quan beamed as he took the item . Xu Jin never gave it to them before . Who would have thought that he would give so many to his disciples .

“Teach those people a good lesson . Let them fully taste what it’s like to be a meat shield . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Those from the Sea Star Palace will definitely love the result . It really feels a lot better than forcing them to get the hell out of here!” Han Miao Shuang said .

They just knew that Sima You Yue didn’t have pure intentions when she let those from the osprey hall stay behind . They didn’t think that she would end up doing this, though!

“Who asked them to be so hateful . ” Little Seven cleaned off that spirit beast as she turned around and said .

Sima You Yue’s expression suddenly changed as she told everyone, “The bees have sent back news . They found some traces of the president . ”

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