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Chapter 979

979 Poisoning

Because the disciple in the Sea Star Palace got injured, they talked very little along the way, and touched those things even less .

Only Sima You Yue and Little Seven still took notice of whatever they were interested in, and the wanton way they went around it made them incredibly envious .

They hadn’t met a spirit beast for most of the day, and every time a spirit beast was far away, Sima You Yue would lead them away long before they encountered it .

“Senior Sister, look at this . ” Sima You Yue picked up a plant and handed it to Han Miao Shuang who was standing behind her .

Han Miao Shuang took it with her glove-protected hands and said, “This is a little different from the ones outside . ”

“Why can’t I see the difference?” Little Seveni looked at it, it was as smelly as the one outside .

“Look here . ” Sima Youyue pointed to the middle of the stem and leaves that were broken off . “There are a few red patches here . ”

“It seems like there’s a bit . ” Little Seven said .

Han Miao Shuang squatted down, picked up a little of the dirt and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger . She said, “Xiao Xiao, let’s research here for a bit, maybe we can find an antidote . ”

Su Xiaoxiao walked over and started to study it together with Han Miao Shuang .

Sima You Yue came over and said, “Instructor Mao, Senior Brother and Senior Sister will stay here to research . Let’s make camp here . ”

Mao San Quan looked at the dark sky and said, “Okay, we’ll camp here for tonight . What do you think?”

Zhang Fei nodded . She waved her hands and the disciples began to make camp .

Seeing this, Sima You Yue went back and joined Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao .

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Zhang Fei came to Mao Sanquan and said, “Instructor Mao, I also studied the plants here and found nothing . The three of them are just three young people, will they be able to find an antidote?”

Mao San Quan looked at the three of them and replied, “Since they say that there is hope, it should be no problem . We’ll know the result tomorrow . ”

“Are they that powerful?” Zhang Fei couldn’t believe it .

“Do you know Old Xu?” Mao San Quan asked .

“Xu Jin? Of course I know him . If he were here, this problem definitely wouldn’t phase him . ” Zhang Fei knew about Xu Jin’s well known reputation, “Why didn’t he come this time?”

“He has something on . ” Mao San Quan said, “It doesn’t matter that he’s not here . Those three kids, his apprentices, when working together are equivalent to one of him . ”

“They are Xu Jin’s apprentices?” Zhang Fei looked at them with some surprise .

“Yes . Just watch, they will give us a surprise . ”

Zhang Fei looked at the backs of Sima You Yue and the others as they discussed, hoping that they would really be able to find an antidote .

The three of them studied it until the middle of the night and finally found some revelation from the mud . They successfully developed an antidote .

Their cheers drew everyone’s attention, and Mao San Quan came over and said, “Did you find the antidote?”

“Hmm . ” Han Miao Shuang handed him a fiery red antidote and said, “If she is not afraid, she can give it a go . ”

“Shui Qin, come here . ” Zhang Fei called .

Shui Qin got up, and a woman beside her held onto her, saying, “Their antidote was only created just now . If it is not an antidote…”

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Then she might be in danger!

Shui Qin pulled her hand away, looked at her festered right hand, and said, “If I have to chop it off, I’d rather give it a try . ”

Shui Qin walked over and bowed to Zhang Fei, “Princess . ”

Zhang Fei took the antidote from Mao San Quan and handed it to her, asking, “Are you willing to give it a try?”

“This disciple is willing . ” Shui Qin took the antidote without hesitation and took it .

She had already given it a lot of thought today . If it were not for her own curiosity, her own instability, and her own failure to listen to the palace master, it would not have happened today .

If she was asked to cut off her right hand, she would not want to . It was better to die than to live as a cripple . She didn’t want to!

She knew that she had a chance of success if she ate the pill and hugged her right hand . If it was not, she might die or nothing would happen .

No matter what the result was, she was willing to bear it .

People in the Sea Star Palace saw her taking the antidote and looked at her nervously, afraid that something would happen to her .

After waiting for a while, she still didn’t respond and the injury on her hand had not changed at all . She was not uncomfortable, either .

“Did it fail?” Little Seven asked after seeing no response for so long .

The others felt the same way . Because the general antidote would take effect the moment it was eating . The slower ones would also take effect a few minutes later . It had already been more than ten minutes now, and nothing had happened yet . This showed that it was a failure .

“It seems that we have to continue our research . ” Even Han Miao Shuang said so . She also thought that this antidote was a failure .

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“Wait a few minutes more . ” Sima You Yue said, “Maybe a miracle will happen . ”

Han Miao Shuang looked at how confident Sima You Yue was and nodded, “Let’s wait then . ”

After a few more minutes passed, there was still no response .

When everyone was going to give up, Shui Qin suddenly cried out: “I feel it ! I feel it!”

“Little Junior Sister, what do you feel?” Zhang Meng asked nervously .

Shui Qin opened her hand, and everyone saw that the rotten flesh was scarring, peeling off, and growing new flesh at a speed that was visible to the naked eye .

After more than two hours, her palm was completely new . If you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t be able to see that she had been injured .

“It’s healed! It’s really healed! Thank you!” Shui Qin looked at her newborn hand and excitedly thanked Sima You Yue and the others .

“It’s really useful!” Little Seven took her hands and poked the flesh of her palm to make sure it was true . “Yue Yue, why didn’t it work just now?”

“Some antidotes take longer to work . ” Sima Youyue said, “I have seen the surrounding plants, and the appearance of the red spots are very slow, so I guessed that this antidote would take longer to work . ”

“No matter what, thank you . ” Zhang Fei nodded to Sima You Yue .

“Yue Yue, since you managed to research the antidote, did you find out the cause of it?” Wei Zheng asked .

“If our guess is right, this is not caused by a ghost race or a demon race, but a man-made one . ” Sima Youyue said .

“Man-made? They poisoned this place?”

“It should be . ” Sima Youyue said .

This can also explain why only this place with the mountains looked like this .

“But why? Why did those people poison this place? Poison these flowers and plants?” Everyone was puzzled .

Sima You Yue shook her head . They only speculated that it was artificial, and were not very sure, let alone be able to guess their purpose .

“Now that we have a clue, then we will follow this trail and we should be able to find out why . ” Zhang Fei said .

“I’m afraid it won’t be that simple!” Mao San Quan sighed .

Zhang Fei also nodded in agreement .

The pill competition was about to begin, but someone was messing around here, causing the death of so many a result . How could something like this be that straightforward?

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