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Chapter 960: 960

One after another vow started ringing and bursts of silver light descended from the sky as it individually poured into the person who took the vow and Sima You Yue’s body .

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 The previous light ray had yet to disappear when the next began to shoot down . From the start to the end, Sima You was being enveloped by silver light .

 “This scene is really spectacular . ” Feng Kai sighed with emotion .

 “Yue Yue gives off a really saintly feeling!” Little Seven said excitedly .

 “So much of the rules of heaven, I wonder if there will be any changes happening . ” Shi Chen looked at Sima You Yue whose eyes were tightly shut as she was wrapped up in silver light, indeed giving off an extremely saintly feeling .

 This kind of aura was much more intense than Sage Pavilion’s so called Holy Son or Holy Daughter .

 “I was thinking, perhaps it might…” Bi Sheng said indistinctly .

 Twenty over thousand people all vowed simultaneously and very soon it was all completed but Sima You Yue’s silver light did not disperse after a very long time .

 “What’s the matter with him?” Hu Yang returned and asked everyone .

 “The silver light didn’t disperse, there will definitely be some abnormalities occurring . ” Wang Mou said .

 “Should be . ” Miao Lian Xin added, “Just that we don’t know what it is . ”

 “Let’s wait and see . ” Wang Mou said, “I get this feeling that he’s not just what we see . There are a lot of secrets on him which we do not know about . Moreover if he doesn’t die prematurely, his future will be limitless . ”

 Sima You Yue felt that her body seemed to be soaked in a light hot spring and was extremely comfortable as all the tiredness from her body was totally swept clean . Even her soul was rinsed and became even intangible .

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 This feeling lasted for quite a while before it slowly disappeared and the silver light reached every last corner in her body before it slowly withdrew back into her body .


 She let out a mouthful of impure puff feeling that the gust of energy in her body made her body feel entirely free from worry .

 “Boss, someone’s coming . ” Feng Kai said loudly .

 Sima You Yue immediately tried sensing and found that there were indeed a lot of people heading towards this place, as they assumed an encirclement trend while surging towards this place .

 “I’ll bring you to a place, Shi Chen, Old Bi, please explain to everyone . ” Sima You Yue nodded to Bi Sheng and the rest, and took out the door to the Little Black Lotus Realm . Opening its door, she led everyone inside and retrieved a temporary array then activating it and left this place .

 When those people outside reached this place, it was already deserted with no one around .

 “What exactly happened here? Why have so many people all gone missing?”

 “The severity of the damages of these houses are very serious, doesn’t seem like something that is man-made . ”

 “Of course it’s not man-made, haven’t you noticed the huge lightning tribulation earlier?”

 “This isn’t caused by the lightning tribulation . ” A man with a white robe draped over his shoulders stood on the rubbles and took a piece of charred tree root out as he add, “The light tribulation should be trying to strike this thing . These houses should be damaged by this thing . ”

 “What is this? A tree root?”

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 “Should be a tree root . ” That white robed man threw the tree root onto the ground as he patted his hands lightly .

 “Tree root? The lightning tribulation is to strike these tree roots?”

 “Should be . ”

 “What kind of tree root is this, to actually attract the lightning tribulation!”

 “No matter what it is, it’s no longer important now . What we should be focusing on now is where have all the people here gone to?”

 “That’s right . When we were just getting nearer earlier, we obviously sensed someone around . The aura here also showed that there were a lot of people here not too long ago . But now there’s no one at all, this is just too strange . ”

 “Actually there’s nothing strange about this . They’ve all disappeared, most probably they’re using the transportation array to leave this place . ” Someone said .

 “Impossible . ”


 “According to the aura left behind, there should be at least ten over thousands of people here . Just how large is the transportation array that it could simultaneously transport to many people at the same time? Have you seen that before?”

 “I’ve seen it before but that kind of transportation array is especially scarce and moreover it’s extremely valuable . Only very few inner region’s forces had this, moreover they usually wouldn’t dare to use it often . Whereas this Blood Fiend City would definitely not have it . ”

 “Then how did these people disappear?”

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 The crowd turned silent, no one knew what was going on .

 “Elder, there isn’t a single person in the entire city and all the shops’ stuff have all been emptied . I think this is a one-time premeditated diversion… . . ”

 Just a few thousand miles away from Blood Fiend City, Sima You Yue and Little Seven were seated on Halcyon’s back as they flew towards the opposite direction .

 “Yue Yue, they were telling me while we were inside that before they left, Blood Fiend City’s stuff had all been emptied . ” Little Seven giggled as she said that .

“Things have been emptied?” Sima You was a little astonished, “Those stuff in the shops?”

 “That’s right . ”

 Sima You Yue as slightly speechless . Under such a situation, these people still had the inclination to go move the things away? If it was Fatty Qu, that would be highly likely .

 Thinking of Fatty Qu, she wondered how their situation was after they entered the little realm .

 “Right, how are the people inside doing?”

 “Initially they were very shocked but subsequently they were excited saying they were willing to stay inside to live . But they also wished that they could be released occasionally to have a breather . ” Little Seven said, “Old Bi and Brother Shi Chen told them about our plans to establish our Sect and some of them are willing to join in . Mn, a large portion of them are willing but there are some who aren’t too willing, only wanting to lead a peaceful life inside . Of course, these people are the minority . ”

 “These sort of things must obtain mutual consent first . ” Sima You Yue said, “We can’t coerce them to do things which they don’t like to do . ”

 “That’s right too . But they’re still fine, at least they haven’t expressed that they want to come out . ” Little Seven said .

 “In the past they could only hide in such a small place like Blood Fiend City but now they can roam about freely in the entire little realm without worrying that there would be anyone to pursue after them, this kind of lifestyle is already considered very good to them . If they come out, they have to face the pursuit from their foes . Those would need to hide in Blood Fiend City, their foes would probably not be very… . . ”

Sima You Yue’s voice became softer and softer and she collapsed onto Little Seven .

 Little Seven thought that Sima You Yue just wanted to lean on her as per usual but upon sensing her strengthless look, she turned around and saw Sima You Yue’s eyes shut tightly as her face was extremely pale and she had already fainted .

 “Yue Yue, Yue Yue what’s the matter with you?” She helped You Yue lay down on the ground as she asked anxiously .

 “Little Seven, how is Mistress? I sensed that her condition isn’t very stable and her breathing is disorderly . ” Halcyon asked anxiously .

 “Don’t know, she suddenly fainted!” Little Seven looked at Sima You Yue in this state and was totally helpless on what she should do .

 “We must think of an idea quickly, her condition has turned for the worse!” Halcyon shouted .

 “No good, Yue Yue’s body is splitting up, she’s losing a lot of blood!” Little Seven cried out, “The speed of the splits are very swift, Yue Yue’s body seems as though it’s about to explode! Halcyon, Yue Yue she… . . ”

 “What should we do?!” Halcyon was extremely anxious and looking at the terrain below, he stooped low and flew over to the mountain summit and immediately transformed into human as he caught hold of Sima You Yue .

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