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Chapter 959: 959

“What do you think?”

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 “The commotion from Blood Fiend City is so huge, it must have definitely attracted the attention of others . ” Bi Sheng said, “The others know clearly that before they are clear of what has happened here, those people will probably not make a rash move but after these two days, those foes will rush over here . Hence I believe an alliance will be formed pretty soon . ”

 “But this kind of alliance is very difficult . Shi Chen said, “Those who came to Blood Fiend City as refugees, their foes are definitely not simple . Although collaborating together is a way to strengthen their power, but similarly, the risks will also increase . Many people know this clearly hence there are very few people who go out together . ”

 “Unless this city’s people are all bound together . ” Feng Kai added .

 “In the past this might pose a difficulty but now, it might not be so . ” Bi Sheng said, “In the past everyone found it difficult to bind into an alliance because Blood Fiend City is always here as a retreat route but now that this retreat route is no longer around, everyone would naturally think of other ways . ”

 “But what use does it have for us?” Little Seven queried .

 “I’m thinking, not everyone would want to follow us and those who are not willing can form an alliance to leave this place whereas we can accommodate the rest of the others left behind . ” Bi Sheng said .

 “What if there are a lot of people left behind?” Feng Kai asked, “After all there are ten over thousands of people here and everyone adores Boss so much, it is natural that there are many who want to follow us . ”

 The others nodded their heads .

 “If it was really true, then we will look for a place to accommodate those who stay behind . ” Bi Sheng said, “As long as it’s a stable life, they wouldn’t mind no matter where that place is . ”

 “You mean?” Sima You Yue seemed to have guessed his mind .

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 “That’s right . The little realm . ” Bi Sheng said, “You can keep those people who want to follow you into the little realm and in there, they totally don’t need to worry about their foes pursuing after them . ”

 “If the little realm is exposed to a lot more people, it might attract trouble . ” Wang Mou said .

 “Solving this is very simple . ” Bi Sheng pointed towards the sky .

 “What kind of solution?”

 “As long as they all take a vow, to never do anything against You Yue, then we will provide them with a stable life . I think quite a number of people will be willing to do so . If they’re not willing, then just let them leave . ” Bi Sheng said .

 Everyone’s eyes lit up .

 “This is a great idea!”

 “With the constriction from the Rule of the Heaven, they need not worry about these people telling others about the situation about the little realm .

 “For those who are willing to join the Sect, we can slowly bring them out and they can become a part of the Sect’s strength . Those who are not willing to be coiled into the dispute, leading a quiet lifestyle in the little realm is not a bad choice . ” Shi Chen said .

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 “Can consider . ” Sima You Yue said, “Old Bi, you’re more familiar with this place so I’ll leave the matters to you to handle . ”

 “No problem about this . Old Bi still had some standing in everyone’s hearts . ” Shi Chen added .

 Sima You Yue nodded . From the reception that Bi Sheng enjoyed at the Blood Arena, she would tell the admiration he received from the audience so letting them handle Blood Fiend City’s matters was a much better choice than doing it herself .

 Following that, they delved into the fine details of the concrete plan and after half a day, the proposal was out .

 Bi Sheng, Wang Mou and the others left while Sima You Yue brought Little Seven to wander about freely in the ruined city to see if there’s anyone buried alive .

 After turning one round, they indeed found several people who were buried or abandoned who were almost dying .

 Sima You Yue gave them pills and after they regained their consciousness, she asked them to go look for Bi Sheng .

 They were all people who were injured when the Blood Demon Tree went into a rage and had not seen the matters which happened later so when they saw Sima You Yue, they felt very distant . After thanking them, they headed to Bi Sheng’s guesthouse inn to look for him . Those who had reached there, upon meeting other people, found out about the things which happened later on and when they were informed that the person who saved them was Sima You Yue, shocked expressions were left on their faces .

 Whereas those who were still hesitating, upon hearing that it was Sima You Yue who saved them from the ruins, they immediately made a decision .

 By the time Sima You Yue spun a round and returned, Bi Sheng had already settled everything .

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 “How is it?” Sima You Yue questioned .

 “Those who want to leave had already left but there are still twenty over thousand people who stayed behind . ” Bi Sheng said .

 “There’s still so many people left?” Sima You Yue was a little astonished . Twenty thousand, this figure was rather scary .

 “Indeed a little out of our expectations . ” Bi Sheng was rather surprised by this figure initially but later on, he began to accept it . “But it’s a good thing that we have so many people . You want to help your family exact revenge and if we have a lot of people, our strength will rise up hence we can lessen the number of years to develop . Moreover, you must believe that those people who could escape to Blood Fiend City while being pursued, their abilities aren’t too bad . ”

 “I understand that . ” Sima You Yue replied, “But have you told them about the matter regarding taking the vow?”

 “If it was any other vow it might be slightly difficult but this is only to make them vow that they won’t do anything to let you down so it’s still something which they can easily accept . ” Bi Sheng said .

 Indeed, if it was to make them swear their allegiance to anyone, they would probably hesitate but if it was a vow for them to not let her down, that would be much simpler .

 “Since it’s already agreed upon, then let’s go and settle it right now and leave with them . The outside people would probably be on their way here anytime . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Alright . ”

 There were a lot of people standing on the rubble and when they saw Sima You Yue approaching, all of them turned their gazes onto her in excitement .

 “Young Master Si Yue!”

 Sima You Yue leapt upwards onto a higher pile of rubble as she looked towards the people below and said, “These matters, I believe Old Bi and Shi Chen had already explained clearly to you . As it’s slightly more urgent right now, those foes of yours should already be on the way, so I won’t bother with the nonsense . Now, those who are willing to leave with me, make a vow . After all there are so many of you and I don’t know you very well . I have to think about my own safety as well . Of course, this is all voluntarily . I won’t force anyone who isn’t willing . You still have a quarter of an hour to decide on this . ”

 Saying that, Sima You Yue looked towards them and didn’t say anything more .

 Those people below thought about it and in the end they still decided to follow her . Not for anything else but because Bi Sheng said that they would be able to gain a stable lifestyle . If they’re willing, they could live in seclusion and would absolutely not suffer the pursuit of their foes .

 Everyone witnessed Sima You Yue riding on the tribulation cloud and naturally believed what she said .

 After a quarter of an hour, Sima You Yue found that practically no one had left and continued speaking, “Since everyone chose to stay behind then we shall begin . I’m called Sima You Yue and Si Yue is only my pseudonym . The remaining stuff will be done by you all . ”

 No one was surprised with Si Yue using a pseudonym when she came to this place and all started to make their vows .

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