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Chapter 946: 946

Wang Mou’s actions after insanity, became even faster and his strength was much more powerful as his moves were much swifter and this made You Yue started to feel a little strenuous especially after having gone through so many consecutive battles .

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 But that was merely just making her use her energy .

 Ten minutes later, Sima You Yue grabbed the opportunity and threw a punch onto Wang Mou’s chest, directly flinging him onto the ground and with swift and non-falling short of concealment to unhitch both his feet to stop him from standing up and as they continued to battle, she unhitched both his hands .

 Therefore, the outcome of the battle was apparent .

 Sima You Yue placed a metal attributed long sword on his throat and if it moved just a little more, Wang Mou would definitely die on the spot!

 “You’ve lost . ”

 Wang Mou looked at her straight in the eye and fell silent for a minute or so . Finally he had no choice but to admit his defeat .

 “I will abide by the agreement . ” He said .

 Sima You Yue dispersed his Spiritual Strength and squatted down next to his body as she grabbed his arms and feet, re-joining back his limbs then taking out a pill for him .

 “Come up and help him down . ” Sima You Yue instructed Hu Yang who was standing below .

 “Si Yue, why don’t you just throw him down directly . ” Big Beard whistled as he spoke out .

 “That’s the way I treat my enemies . He’s now one of us . ” Sima You Yue replied .

 Hu Yang went into a blank and immediately jumped up, helping Wang Mou down .

 Sima You Yue took out a pill and swallowed it . Including this round, she had already engaged in twelve battles, killing three and recruiting nine people . Moreover they were all Kings of Tenth Floor and above .

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 “Anyone else who wants to head up here?” She looked at the rest of the people below .

 Even the King of the Seventeenth Floor was defeated, who else dared to say that they were able to defeat her?

 After a few minutes, no one went up and Sima You Yue thought for a moment then retrieved another pile of top graded crystals .

 “Upping the stakes to three thousand . Those who want it can come and have a try . ”

 Still no one moved .

 “Looks like no one is willing to head up . ” Bi Sheng said, “But just as well . He has such strong battle power and every single match he won was against experts so the others naturally wouldn’t dare to go up . ”

 “Then Yue Yue won’t be able to recruit anyone . ” Little Seven said .

 “Boss, since you’re tired, let me handle the remaining eight battles . ” Bi Sheng said to Sima You Yue .

 Sima You Yue looked at Bi Sheng and nodded, “Alright . ”

 She flew up to the second floor and at the same time, Bi Sheng headed onto the stage .

 Bi Sheng wasn’t wearing any wristbands so some newbies totally don’t know his prowess .

 But to those people who had been here since long before, they fell silent when they saw Bi Sheng .

 “Old Bi, have you followed him too?”

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 “Old Bi is not talented, I accept my loss . ” Bi Sheng replied, “I’ll be taking on the rest of the eight battles . I think I should be able to deal with these crystals . ”

 “You decide on the regulations . ” Sima You Yue unconditionally gave up her authority .

 After Bi Sheng cupped his hands in obeisance to Sima You Yue, he turned around and said to the others, “Anyone willing to have a battle with me?”

 His words had just fallen when a feminine looking man jumped up, the exact same person who raised the question earlier .

 “Situ Cheng, here to ask for advice from Master Bi . ” Situ Cheng said .

 “Situ Cheng, King of Fourteenth Floor many years ago, I remember you . ” Bi Sheng said, “Are you willing to abide by our rules?”

 “Although I don’t like taking part in this kind of competition to decide the things which will happen in future, but if this is the only way to have a battle with you, then I can only acknowledge it!” Situ Cheng finished his words and charged towards Bi Sheng .

 Sima You Yue had engaged in many battles earlier and now that she finally sat down to rest, she indeed felt slightly tired .

 “I’ll leave the rest of the matters to Bi Sheng, I’m going in to readjust myself . ” She told the trio .

 “Go on Yue Yue, we’ll keep watch here for you . ” Little Seven waved her hand at her .

 Sima You Yue went into the room and started to adjust her breathing and the next moment she reopened his eyes, the battle downstairs was already nearing the end .

 “Yue Yue, killed one and recruited six . There’s one left who is still fighting . ” Little Seven saw her walking over and immediately reported the results .

 Sima You Yue took a look at these people, Situ Cheng was indeed in the group .

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 “Old Bi’s power is indeed not bad . ” Sima You Yue exclaimed in admiration as she saw him still in tip top condition after so many battles .

 “Boss, how’s the condition of the poison in Old Bi’s body now?” Feng Kai asked .

 “I’ve given him a check-up in the day time and it’s a little thorny but not totally incurable . ” Sima You Yue said, “But we have to settle it before we leave Bloodbath City . His current condition does not allow him to leave this place . ”

 “Thank you, Boss . ”

 “What’s there to thank, he’s now one of us! If we want to borrow his strength, we naturally need to set him up in tip top condition . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “It’s almost finishing . ” Little Seven said .

 Sima You Yue and the others gazed downstairs and happened to see the other party admitting defeat .

 Henceforth, tonight’s twenty matches had all ended completely .

 It was at this moment when the people from Blood Arena walked out to announce the completion of tonight’s competitions .

 “Tomorrow Little Seven will be up, those who want to see or want to challenge her, don’t miss it . By the way, tomorrow’s stakes will also increase . ” Bi Sheng finished his sentence and turned to leave the stage, leading the group of people out .

 When they came earlier, they were only a small group of five but now when they were returning, the group had increased to a total of twenty one people .

 Right now it was already early morning and the air was still slightly chilly as the eastern part of the sky was already slowly turning bright . A ray of sunlight shot past the clouds and shone downwards, illuminating the path in front of them .

 They returned to Bi Sheng’s guesthouse inn and Sima You Yue immediately went into a round of understanding her new men .

 “Since you’re all my subordinates now, then you must naturally listen to me in future . As a member of our own people, I will not treat you unfairly . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “I want to understand, what’s your motive in recruiting us?”

 “Very simple, I want to establish a force and I need manpower . Whereas you guys happen to be my best candidates . ” Sima You Yue replied .

 “Why?All of us here have our own foes . Have you thought about this when you sought us out?” Situ Cheng asked .

 “Naturally had . ” Sima You Yue continued, “To tell you the truth, the main reason why I’m establishing my own force is for revenge . So I need a group of runaways . ”

 Whereas they happened to be these kinds of people .

 When everyone heard what he said, their expressions underwent a change .

 “Relax, I’m doing these all for revenge but not to let you guys go die . So I won’t ask you to go kill that person right now . ” Sima You Yue said, “I will supply you with pills, spirit weapons, spirit beasts and everything else that you need to strengthen yourselves . By the time we have accumulated enough certainty then we will take action . Furthermore, I will also give you the just and honourable life that you want . Towards all those foes of yours, one person might be strong but if everyone of us stayed united together, there was nothing to fear about them . You can take your time to ponder over this question carefully . ”

 The crowd fell silent .

 “You’re all now on this ship so it’s impossible for you to leave . But you can slowly digest this matter and weigh the pros and cons . Shi Chen, I still have some matters to deal with so I’ll leave the rest of the situation for you to explain to them . ”

 “Alright Boss . ”

 “I hope by the time I come out, you’ve already all thought it out clearly . ” Saying that, Sima You Yue turned around and headed upstairs as she headed upstairs to nurse Shui Qing Man’s health .

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